Sen. Rand Paul, Debt Ceiling, FBI 9/11 intell, Liam Scheff, CIA bin Laden DNA Vaccines, Gates Foundation Toilets on The Robert Scott Bell Show July 20, 2011

Sen. Rand Paul

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) returns with a special interview in support of his father, Congressman Ron Paul, as he heads into the Ames, Iowa Straw Paul next week. We discuss the Debt Ceiling negotiations and philosophy, government shutdown, the danger of pure democracy, inflation, the Patriot Act, Ron Paul’s candidacy, health freedom and more. Also, Why did Senator Paul write a letter to the head of the FBI, Robert Mueller? You may be surprised by some of the questions, some going back to suspicious activity prior to the attacks of 9/11. and

Why is the GOP threatening to hold up the confirmation extension of FBI Head Robert Mueller?

If you have to be in the hospital, would it be better to have an older, more experienced doctor take care of you, or would it be riskier to have a younger, less experienced doc? The answer may surprise you and RSB will endeavor to explain why the counter-intuitive findings make sense.

Challenging Scientism

Investigative journalist Liam Scheff returns to break through the news on the Gates Foundation going right into the toilet. At least it’s not another vaccine? Also, what do the CIA, DNA, Pakistan, Osama bin Laden and vaccines have in common? Can you say Counterintelligence Propaganda? This is some serious news we’ll have to decipher… and

Bill Gates, with all his money (actually, with a tiny fraction) wants to reinvent the crapper. Why?

The CIA, bin Laden and the future of vaccine programs have something in common – but what? This is an amazing story that reveals a propaganda campaign that is not sure what it wants to be. It may have backfired. We’ll explain…
“Controversial Cholesterol Drug Might Lower Blood Sugar Levels in Diabetics” – so says the headline. But what this drug really does is far more shocking!

How does Big Pharma find new uses for old, dangerous drugs? Could they be using a shotgun approach? We’ll discuss why the FDA is being urged to suspend trials for a Novartis drug…

The beef in Japan is showing up with radiation levels 250 times allowed by law. Are you doing what you need to be doing to protect your family wherever you are?

Why is there a controversy about a new doll for children coming to America? Maybe because it encourages breast-feeding? Is that really considered wrong?

Maybe its time for some Food Security? Be Prepared, Not Scared!

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