Ty Bollinger Outside the Box, Sunshine Vitamins, Tryptophan, Gardasil, Joni Cox Homebirthing, Burzynski Wins, Coffee’s Bright Side & More!

The Robert Scott Bell Show November 21, 2012

Do you know the real story of Thanksgiving? The socialists and collectivists don’t particularly like it, because it reveals the reality that humans achieve more when allowed to own and control the fruits of their own labor. It’s where true charity comes from, not state coercion and forced redistribution of wealth. No, Thanksgiving is not an endorsement of crony capitalism or corporatism. It’s about a celebration of the richness and abundance of life when you are free to put everything you have into it – and equally free to share in such abundance should you CHOOSE to do so! Be grateful for free will. I am. What else might we cover on this wonderful Wednesday? For sure, we’ll go way Outside the Box with Ty Bollinger and more!

  • Which Rock Star donated to the Gerson Institute?
  • Did you hear about Dr. Burzinski? TX Medical Board drops all charges!
  • Why do turkey cost extra if they have no added antibiotics?
  • Obamacare, GMOs and slavery
  • HIV tests for everyone 15-65?
  • Home Birth Controversies
  • Rife Energy for scar tissue
  • More Gardasil Dangers
  • What substance may help you look on the Bright Side? Just for Super Don!
  • Twinkies saved? Good news for drug doctors, I suppose.

Joni Cox of Homegrown Health drops by to respond to the medical dunderheads who badmouth homebirths. Could there be any economic conflicts-of-interest going on behind the scenes? Joni updates us on the one billion dollar medicalization of hospital birthing centers that do not want competition from midwives and other homebirth providers. What else is involved in the business of being born? PKU, vaccinations, footprints, birth certificates and social security numbers. The state does not want you to leave its medical grasp. Don’t worry, Joni will help set you free! http://www.facebook.com/HomegrownHealth

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http://www.robertscottbell.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/ty-headshot.jpgWhat day is it? It’s the pre-Thanksgiving Day Outside the Box Wednesday with Ty Bollinger! We’ll share some tips for Turkey/Tofurkey Day – including the most critical danger to avoid on this day of indulgence. Might it have something to do with gluttony? Do you remember the modern story of L-tryptophan? It’s time to revisit the reason that the FDA attacked this critical amino acid in order to aid and abet dangerous psychiatric medicines under new patent. Was the FDA on Prozac? Are they still? A new study links Vitamin D deficiency with Type I Diabetes. What’s the connection? Praise sunshine and pass the seaweed, raw milk, salmon, cod liver oil and food-based supplementation! Do you know any teenage bodybuilders? Ty has a special message for them about the unreasonable body image that drives them to dangerous synthetic supplementation. Finally, we have got some more bad news for Gardasil and the vaccines proponents promoting shots for HPV, which has never actually been proved to cause cervical cancer! How might this relate to the contaminated polio vaccination of yore? Or now? Get ready, it’s time to go outside the box! Ty’s websites include www.CancerTruth.net and www.SurvivalHerbs.com. Would you like to “Work With your Doctor” – Ty’s new book with Dr. Michael Farley at http://medicaldreamteam.com/ is on sale! Special thanks to Better Way Health and their Beta 1,3D Glucan for making this possible!

Listener Question of the Day: Hi Robert, Can the Rife machine or cold laser restore energy flow where there has been a scar trauma for a tail bone injury, broken leg or appendectomy or other scars? Thanks, Anonymous

More stories:

How cool is that? Texas Medical Board drops charges against Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski!

How can you tell if a rock star is really cool? He donates to The Gerson Institute. Kudos to Phil Collen of Def Leppard!

Who on earth would be against home births? Perhaps the hospital birthing centers that would lose customers?

Super Don has got to be way happy! It turns out that coffee may help you see the bright side of life!

Task force of experts rife with pharmaceutical conflicts of interest say everyone should be tested for HIV, the phantom retrovirus never caught in the act of doing anything.

Twinkies are saved? The American boobus is doomed. Long live the Twinkies.

Boys with muscular body/gym obsessions could be harming their health. Ya’ think?

Gardasil genetic fingerprints found in postmortem samples of girls given vaccine…

What is the link between Vitamin D and Type I Diabetes?

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