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Ready to detox EVERY organ of your body?

Dr. Cowden’s 7 Day Rapid Detox is going to
Prescott, Arizona*
April 12th-20th, 2019

Take Advantage of This New Opportunity!

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Join W. Lee Cowden, MD, Jack Miller B Sc., CTN and LifeTribe Retreats for an exclusive life-changing retreat and powerful healing experience.

You may be familiar with different types of detox, but very few have incorporated the type of full-body, organ-specific cleansing that Dr. Cowden has designed which originally was developed to remove microscopic silicone after breast explant surgery, a once
near impossible feat.

His 7-Day Rapid Detox Protocol has proven to be expansive into other facets of health and wellness aiding in overall organ health, mental function and in effect a higher quality of life. It is so powerful that through the detox one can remove not only plastics and silicone, but also environmental toxins, parasites, inflammation, heavy metals, and significantly reduce allergies. It has even removed asbestos from other patients and is fantastic for detoxing many cancer patients. This detox is not illness-specific, it can be integrated for preventative health measures.

Completely detox the body from toxins at a cellular level removing the root cause of disease.

It is our goal to provide this hands on comprehensive cleansing program giving each client an overall health toolkit.

Gain control of your wholeness. Learn to detox yourself.


This powerful program includes:

  • • Personal access and one-on-one coaching with Dr. Lee Cowden – one of the Top Integrative Physicians in the World
  • • Highly individualized full-time care with Jack Miller B Sc., CTN and his team
  • • Limited to 6 Guests for the Ultimate Healing Experience
  • • Your own equipment and natural remedies to take home and repeat the 7-Day Rapid Detox if needed:
  • • Ozone Generator
  • • Intestinal Cleansing Board
  • • Intestinal Cleansing Bucket and Bath Bubbler
  • • Red/infrared LED Light
  • • Lymphatic Detoxification Chi Machine
  • • Over 50 Herbs and Supplements
  • • Much More!

In addition, you will receive*:

  • • Energetic Evaluation with
  • • Electrodermal Screening
  • • Lymphatic Massages
  • • PEMF Therapy
  • • Sound Healing
  • • EVOX Emotional Detox
  • • Energy Healing Sessions
  • • Biofeedback
  • • Continued Support Post-Retreat

*Offerings subject to change

W. Lee Cowden, MD is a USA board-certified cardiologist and internist who is internationally known for his knowledge and skill in practicing and teaching integrative medicine. He has co-authored many books and articles on integrative medicine and has pioneered successful treatments of cancer, autism, Lyme disease, silicone-implant disease and many other illnesses.

He is Dr. Mercola’s personal physician. You can see his interview with Dr. Mercola here

To purchase Dr. Cowden’s books from Amazon click here

Jack Miller, CTN strives to
offer the same type of natural medicine and holistic support that he received from Dr. Lee Cowden – that powerfully assisted him into making a full recovery from a prolonged and nearly-fatal bout with Lyme disease

After being Dr. Cowden’s patient, Jack became his trainee in many areas of integrative medicine including evaluative kinesiology, Electro Dermal screening, homeopathy, natural detoxification, Bio Energetic medicine, and herbalism as well as many other modalities. You can read Jack’s full bio here

We hope that you will take advantage of this unique opportunity and join Dr. Cowden, Jack Miller and LifeTribe Retreats for an unforgettable week to reboot your life!

This Detox is very involved and it requires speaking in person to determine if you are a candidate. We hope you understand.

Please text, call or email Michelle to schedule a call.

Michelle  PH: 305-458-5284

Reserve your Spot Today – Limited to Only 6 Guests

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Wishing you the Best of Health