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Apr 22nd, 2020 3-5PM ET

Wednesday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Georgia governor defies CYA to be beacon of good coronavirus leadership Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp is taking a lot of heat for daring to go where no other state has gone before — by gasp! opening his state back up for business, even as the rest of the country’s political leaders sit on pins and needles, waiting for word, any word, any word at all that says it’s safe to get back to work, that the coronavirus won’t kill. But what Kemp is really doing is something called Leadership. He’s taking the current situation in his state, weighing it against the best available facts and figures and assessments, assessing the safety of citizens versus the needs of citizens — health risks versus economic devastations, for example — and coming up with a conclusion that works for Georgians. He’s bravely bucking the cover-your-butt trend of politicians, the cover-your-a— really, or CYA, and tossing that moniker to the side for the betterment of his state and state’s citizens. If only other nail-biters in the political world would step out in this same manner, maybe America’s economy wouldn’t still be tanking. Maybe fathers playing at the park with their little kids wouldn’t still face handcuffing and arrest.

Are Elected County Sheriffs America’s Last Hope to Fight Medical Tyranny? Some Sheriffs Refusing to Enforce Stay at Home Orders, Siding with Constitutional Rights Every county in the U.S. elects a sheriff to oversee law enforcement within that county. As elected officials, County Sheriffs take an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America, and protect the constitutional rights of their constituents, even if it means standing up to federal agents and others, like State Governors, who would seek to violate the rights of their constituents within their counties.Most all other law enforcement departments and administrators in the U.S. are appointed, not elected. The County Sheriff is the exception.One of the largest Constitutional Sheriffs association is the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA). On their “Statements of Positions” page they define their duties to uphold the Constitution:America needs to make a strong turn around to get back on the freedom track laid for us by our Founders. We believe it can’t be done from the top down, due to many factors, not the least of which is corruption and entrenched bureaucracies in high places. We must, and we can, accomplish this turn- around starting locally at the county level, and lower. The office of county sheriff is the last hope of making this happen, and we are witnessing great deeds of protection, service, and interposition across America by courageous sheriffs who only want to serve the people who elected them.

AG Barr Threatens DOJ Could Take Action Against States With Strict Coronavirus Rules Attorney General William Barr said in an interview on Tuesday that the Justice Department will consider taking legal action against governors who don’t follow President Trump’s guidelines for reopening the country and continue to impose strict coronavirus lockdowns in their states after the crisis subsides.In his interview on The Hugh Hewitt Show, the attorney general said that state governments need to “do a better job” of ensuring coronavirus restrictions are “properly targeted” and do not infringe on constitutional rights.Some of the restrictions imposed by state governors so far infringe on the constitutional rights of American citizens, he said, without naming specific examples.While not explicitly disagreeing with the stay-at-home orders issued so far, he did say that some were “disturbingly close to house arrest,” and that the U.S. currently faces “unprecedented burdens on civil liberties.”.

Pharma’s reputation has soared during COVID-19 pandemic, poll finds Consumers’ impression of pharma companies has soared during the COVID-19 pandemic, with 40% now reporting that they have a more positive view of the industry than they did before the pandemic began, according to recent data from The Harris Poll.The positive sentiment, expressed by survey respondents between April 11 and April 13, represents upward momentum. Between March 21 and 23, only 33% of Americans said their view of pharma had gotten more positive. Harris Poll has been tracking the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on consumer views across a wide swath of industries for the past six weeks.While industry experts and watchers have been cautiously optimistic that the pharma industry’s concerted efforts to fight COVID-19 might result in a reputation boost, the Harris Poll data is the first major market survey to show clear evidence. Pharma’s boost in the survey wasn’t as high as healthcare workers’ or grocery store retailers’, but as Harris Poll managing director Rob Jekielek noted, its uptick outranks other industries that might have expected a reputation boost, such as financial services or automotive.

Connecticut police to test ‘pandemic drone’ that monitors health of residents Police in Westport, Conn., said they will be testing a “pandemic drone” that can scan the body temperatures of residents to determine if they have fevers or other health symptoms in an effort to combat the coronavirus.Aerospace company Draganfly announced in a news release the drones will be equipped with a specialized sensor and computer vision systems that can display heart and respiratory rates. They can also detect people coughing in crowds, police said.“One of the major problems for cities and towns like Westport in managing and responding to a pandemic like the COVID-19 virus, is finding out who could be infected and how widespread the disease has spread,” said Westport First Selectman, Jim Marpe. “One way to do this is to look for underlying symptoms.”Westport is located in Fairfield County, which is considered the epicenter for the virus outbreak in Connecticut. It’s the state’s closest county to New York City and has almost half of Connecticut’s 20,360 confirmed cases, according to data from Johns Hopkins.Police said the goal of the program is to provide better health monitoring support for potential at-risk groups, including the elderly or those with preexisting health conditions.Police also plan to monitor how residents are social distancing in public areas where groups may be congregating, including beaches, train stations, parks, and shopping centers. The technology can detect certain infectious conditions from 190-feet away, the release added.

Question of The Day:

Hi Robert, can you explain why I should eat butter rather than margarine, because I work with Christiane Niss in the UK and she told not to eat margarine, is she right and please explain why I shouldn’t, thanks so much.

Comment of The Day:

Hey Supper Don Here is something that might be funny , I saw guy on the net who got a ear tag like the clip on a cows ear, for tracking the cows, he wore it to Walmart ,he put a number on it and the symbolCov-19 Safe, really funny.Turned heads, sends a strong message.

De Blasio’s social distancing tip line flooded with penis photos, Mayor Bill de Blasio’s critics let him know how they really felt about him ordering New Yorkers to snitch on each other for violating social-distancing rules — by flooding his new tip line with crank complaints including “dick pics” and people flipping the bird, The Post has learned.Photos of extended middle fingers, the mayor dropping the Staten Island groundhog and news coverage of him going to the gym have all been texted to a special tip line that de Blasio announced Saturday, according to screenshots posted on Twitter.One user sent the message “We will fight this tyrannical overreach!” to the service and got an automated message that in part said, “Hello, and thank you for texting NYC311.”“F–k you!” replied @MorganLSchmidt1, along with a meme showing Adolf Hitler and the words “TO THOSE TURNING IN YOUR NEIGHBORS AND LOCAL BUSINESSES — YOU DID THE REICH THING.”“Start flooding their reporting text numbers with this pics!” the tweet added.Other profane messages included a photo of a bowl of gummy candies in the shape of male genitalia and a sign saying “EAT A BAG OF D–KS.”

Hour 2

Gates Foundation calls for global cooperation on vaccine for 7 billion people The wealthy Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation called Wednesday for global cooperation to ready COVID-19 vaccines for seven billion people, while offering $150 million toward developing therapeutics and treatments for the virus.While it is likely to take as many as 18 months to develop and fully test a safe coronavirus vaccine, global authorities and businesses need to start now on plans to manufacture it, said foundation chief executive Mark Suzman.”It’s normal to have, at maximum, hundreds of millions of doses manufactured,” he said.”When you are dealing with a novel pathogen like COVID-19, as and when we get to identifying a successful vaccine, we are going to need billions of doses.””There are seven billion people on the planet,” he said. “We are going to need to vaccinate nearly every one. There is no manufacturing capacity to do that.”Suzman announced the foundation, started and controlled by mega-billionaire Microsoft founder Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates, is adding $150 million to the $100 million it announced in February to help in international efforts to battle the coronavirus pandemic.

White House Petition To Investigate “Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation” For ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ Surpasses Quarter-Million Signatures The latest théorie du complot making its way around the Twitterverse has to do with the data modeling the government is using to track the coronavirus, including forecasts for deaths and the impact on hospitals across the country. The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington publishes models for the United States. It’s used by Drs. Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx in conjunction with their roles in advising the president and taking part in the daily press briefings. The institute receives substantial funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Microsoft founder Bill Gates was out in front of predicting a pandemic several years ago and stepped forward as a leader to use his fortune to help fund the development of a COVID-19 vaccine. And there’s the fuse to light the conspiracy dynamite.And it seems that some Americans believe that Bill Gates is not that innocent as a White House petition calls for an investigation into Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation for “crimes against humanity” and “medical malpractice”  the petition has gained a staggering 265,878 signatures from concerned citizens, almost tripling the number required to get a response from the White House.
Google Will Track Cell Phone User Locations to Monitor “Social Distancing” Google has announced that it will use its storage of electronic data to track and publicly report on the movements of individuals at the population level during the COVID-19 pandemic. The electronic surveillance initiative utilizes information that Google has collected on users of Google cell phones and products, such as Google Maps, to create reports on the degree to which populations in different areas are conforming to government “social distancing” measures.1Google maintains it has consulted with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) about the new surveillance tool.1 The “mobility reports” will be posted publicly on Google’s new website to show whether particular localities, states or countries are seeing more or less people gathering in different types of public spaces.

Coronavirus Survey: 84% Of Americans Want Another Stimulus Check Millions of people started receiving their emergency stimulus checks last week, but apparently it’s just a start. According to a new survey, 84% of Americans would already like to receive a second round of governmental help as the coronavirus pandemic continues.The COVID-19 outbreak wiped out more than 22 million U.S. jobs in just about a month, essentially debilitating the national economy. In response Congress passed a $2.2 trillion stimulus package that ensured virtually all Americans receive a one-time stimulus check of $1200. That money is a huge help for the millions struggling financially in the wake of this pandemic, but let’s face it: $1200 doesn’t get you all that far in 2020.At this point it’s impossible to say when the economy will return to “normal,” and who knows how long it will take for the average American to get back on their feet. This month’s rent may be paid, but next month represents an ever present problem for millions right now.The survey, commissioned by WalletHub, included 350 nationally representative respondents. Besides its revelation regarding stimulus checks, the survey also estimates that 160 million Americans are less than three months away from going completely broke. A staggering 29% of respondents are less than one month away from running out of money.

Quarantine Quality Time: 4 In 5 Parents Say Coronavirus Lockdown Has Brought Family Closer Together It’s quite understandable if family relationships are under a lot of strain while everyone is stuck at home together during the coronavirus lockdown. Yet a recent survey conducted in the United Kingdom shows that even amid such difficult circumstances, most families have risen above the stress to become even closer than they were before.According to the survey of 2,000 British parents conducted by MumPoll, four in five parents believe their families have formed an even stronger bond since parents and kids have more time together during the lockdown. The survey finds that half of families are getting together to play board games and make puzzles. These can be a fun and competitive way to bring the family together for a few hours. Another 30% say they’ve formed book clubs and read together.And some parents are engaging in new activities with their kids. Just over a quarter of families (28%) have picked up family gardening. Not only is it a great bonding activity and an excellent way to brighten up your backyard, but another recent study found that growing a garden is linked to a better body image.


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