Ex-CPS investigator uses Illinois Gov’s Facebook to attack #TeamIsaiah mom of medically kidnapped teen Isaiah Rider

We opened yesterday’s show with one of the most bizarre displays of online behavior we have ever seen. What you are about to see here is not only shocking, it has brought up a number of questions that we feel must be answered before this malicious Facebook attack on a mother of a medically kidnapped child can be dismissed.

Michelle Rider has been fighting an uphill battle for almost 11 months to regain custody of her son Isaiah, who was kidnapped from her by Child Protective Services after Luries Childrens Hospital accused her of “Medical Child Abuse”.

What followed after that has been a long and twisted road of stonewalling, roadblocks and even what appears to be a betrayal by the Choctaw Nation, the Native American tribe to which both Isaiah and Michelle belong. The Choctaw who could have intervened and rescued Isaiah from a system where he had recently been sexually assaulted, instead sided with CPS and turned their backs on their own. We are still scratching our heads over that.

So…fast forward to yesterday. As we were preparing for our radio program, producer Super Don got a message that there was a confrontation taking place on Facebook involving Michelle Rider and another individual who was saying some nasty things about her.  Super Don clicked the link and was directed to the Facebook page of Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner. After scrolling down the page, he discovered a Facebook thread where a man by the name of Matthew T Grey had launched into an unprovoked attack on not only Michelle, but Team Isaiah, a group of supporters who have rallied behind Michelle to support her as she fights to regain custody of her son.

As the exchange continued it became clear that Matthew T. Grey wasn’t just some internet troll trying to cause an argument for his own amusement. It was in fact much more than that.  Instead, we were shocked by who Matthew turned out to be –  a former llinois DCFS Investigator.


Yes. A former DCFS investigator,  who for some unexplained reason had decided to viciously attack Michelle Rider in a way that is reminiscent a 6th grade schoolyard bully.

Read the Facebook posts here:

Ok. So lets take a look now at what Matthew had to say and why this incident has raised some important questions:

Matthew Grey 01x

Ok…so apparently Mr. Grey has an already existing opinion of Team Isaiah. Ploy? What ploy are you refering to Matthew?

Neglect surrounding the case? Again….does Matthew T Grey have information about the Rider case? There isn’t any neglect we are aware of unless you are referring to the foster care system. Tell us about the neglect Mr. Grey.

Matthew Grey 02

This is absurd. Name calling and insults. Why? Where did this hatred come from Mr. Grey?

The Illinois courts and politicians know how sad the situation was for that poor young man? This guy has either drank the koolaid or he is just horribly uninformed.

Matthew Grey 03

Back with the neglect again. What neglect Matthew? What evidence do you have of any neglect? How would you know this? I’m beginning to see what he means by small, overly loud and brainwashed. Lets move on.

Matthew Grey 04

Bellyaching and pleading. I wonder if Matthew Grey had his child taken from him, how would he like to have his efforts to regain custody described as “bellyaching”? And Matthew, as a parent I would tell you this. Any parent would plead for the return of their child. You speak of pleading to be reunited with your child as if it were degrading or embarrassing. You, sir, are obviously not a parent.

ANCRA or Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act is indeed the law. What you seem to gloss over is the gross misinterpretation of that law, intentional more often than not, by hospitals in collusion with DCFS. A criminal process that you either condone and are an accomplice to, or are brainwashed into believing is what they portray it to be.

Your last comments are just proof of your refusal to understand the reality of the system. Your comment about Isaiah “ageing out” however is troubling. Are you suggesting that he is going to remain in custody till he ages out? Where are you getting that information? Do you know something we don’t? This needs to be answered.

Matthew Grey 05

There you go again with the “cause”. As if to say that the cause behind wanting her son back is somehow phony and is actually some ulterior motive. Again, this coming from a man who is not a parent. Not much more to say here.

Matthew Grey 06

Insults. More of the same. A sign that Matthew’s need to lash out like this is being fed by some insecurity or lack of confidence.  Something other than logic or reason. What is Mr. Grey’s issue here?

Matthew Grey 07

You are evil? Evil is no small word. Do they teach that technique in marriage counseling school? Work out your differences and create open communication by calling people an idiot and EVIL. Thank you counselor.

I’m curious, what would you call a person who publicly and maliciously attacks and insults a grieving mother who is trying to get through the most difficult time she has experienced in her life – trying desperately for 11 months to be with her son while he has been tortured and abused and she hasn’t been able to do anything about it.?

Sounds kinda EVIL to me.

Matthew Grey 08x

YES! We finally made it to the end and Matthew ends the journey in style. Apparently he had friends over for a cook out while harassing Michelle and apparently thinks he impressed them all.

Wow Matthew. Impressive.

And then of course…. he has to end with the machismo. “Bring on any legal issues…hahahahaha”

I’m waiting for the Double Dog Dare next.

So what did we learn today boys and girls? Well, after you’ve managed to get over the fact that we just saw a grown man who is supposed to be an educated, degreed and licensed marriage and family counselor instead act like a spoiled brat kid who got grounded from his Xbox on a Saturday…..

We are left with some unanswered questions that were born out of this maniacal outburst.  Some of those questions are:

  1. Why does Matthew T Grey harbor so much hatred towards Michelle Rider and her supporters called Team Isaiah?
  2. Matthew T Grey made statements about details of Isaiah’s case. Implied that he knew things about it here,  here and here. Matthew quit working as a DCSF Investigator in 2012. He now works for the Illinois Dept of Public Health. That information would not be a part of his new job.  How does he know these details? Who is giving this information to him?  Is it somehow coming from his wife Pandora Grey, a child-welfare specialist at the Family Service Center?
  3. Matthew is a licensed Marriage and Family Counselor.  We would hardly consider the vicious and unprovoked immature behavior he displayed on Facebook could come from a trained professional who counsels couples and families on things like processing and resolving issues, communication skills, managing differences of opinion, etc. As a licensed counselor, was his abhorrent behavior and lashing out at Michelle Rider a violation of the Code of Ethics of the American Counseling Association?
  4. Mr. Grey launched this attack on Michelle Rider on the Illinois Governors Facebook Page. Does the Governor of Illinois approve or condone this type of behavior on his Facebook Page? Is he aware that Matthew used his page to commit this act of character assasination? That thread was eventually deleted overnight but then we have to ask by who and why?
  5. Does DCFS condone this behavior of a former Investigator? Do they approve of Mr. Gray making comments and statements in a public forum?
  6. Does the Illinois Department of Public Health condone one of their Project Managers displaying this kind of behavior online?  Publicly attacking a woman in a vile and nasty way when she did nothing but defend herself? 

These questions and others need to be asked and need to be answered. 

Since we found this situation, we will take on the task of finding these answers. Keep checking back for new developments in this investigation.

If you missed the opening segment yesterday, click this link then scroll to the bottom of the page to listen.

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  • January 27, 2015 at 9:00 am

    What disiplinary action has taken place in response to Mr . Gray’s aggressive attacks on Michelle Rider on line? Has the Governor been directly asked?

  • January 26, 2015 at 9:30 am

    He needs to be brought down, and at the very least have his license revoked. A sub-human such as this must not be allowed to “help” anyone. He will probably go home and laugh about with his friends while he cooks out. I look forward to his day in court.

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