“The Cost of Autism” Web App to be Unveiled by AutismOne Explores the Economic Cost of Vaccine Injury to the Nation

New web app to be unveiled by AutismOne examines costs to society of vaccine injury and creates sense of urgency for research directions

AutismOne today announced plans to unveil a web app to show Americans “The Cost of Autism.” But that’s just the tip of the iceberg – there is so much more. How does this apply to you?

A staggering 54% percent of American children are chronically ill. One child in 68 has autism, and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder affects approximately 11% of the country’s children. At least 1 child in 6 has a developmental disorder. The special education system is buckling beneath the weight of 13% of American children using special education. And other chronic childhood diseases have escalated to epic proportions. Without decisive action, a leading MIT professor projects that by 2032, the rate of autism will be 1 child in 2.

This is not the way it was when we adults were growing up. What changed to make our country so unhealthy?

Vaccine mechanisms and components have been linked to a variety of conditions in published literature.

AutismOne, a nonprofit organization dedicated to education about causes and interventions related to autism spectrum disorder, today announced plans to unveil “The Cost of Autism.” This exploratory web app will provide state and district level estimates about the costs of vaccine injury-induced autism and other conditions. Each analysis explores costs associated with a potential mechanism of injury and the costs associated with the resulting management, education, treatment, and care.

“This first-of-its-kind web app will be an indispensable tool for those citizens hoping to explain the scope of the problem to policymakers,” said AutismOne president Ed Arranga.

In the inception phase, the developer, Dr. Janet Ferguson, and AutismOne felt it important to explore the potential causes of the autism epidemic and its potential costs to America as part of a call to our nation to fund research into factors that could be behind the epidemic. An experienced scientist, Dr. Ferguson is an analyst with a 15-year career in academia and the federal government in the support of research and science policy. Her experience includes program analysis, environmental health, population, and economic analysis. Dr. Ferguson’s work reflects the questions raised to her by medical professionals, colleagues, and her own research conducted over seven years.

“The Cost of Autism” merges science, population, and economic analyses to reveal the cost of autism in every state and congressional district in America. AutismOne used Dr. Ferguson’s analyses to construct communications support so everyday citizens can engage in informed conversations to raise questions she believes have been inadequately addressed. Her work provides a blueprint for causation research and rings a bell of caution to the nation, reminding us that there is risk in every medical decision.

Dr. Ferguson does not assert definitive answers to the autism epidemic, but illuminates the necessity of analyzing possible vaccine-associated causes. She believes a complacent attitude toward vaccine safety exposes to our nation to economic risk and explores strategic questions we have failed to consider. She has not and will not be profiting financially in any way from this work.

The web app will be released soon, and a detailed demonstration will be presented at the AutismOne 2018 Conference.

AutismOne thanks the Focus for Health Foundation for their kind support of this important project.