The Great Harlem Vaccine Debate, Virstyne Henry, Curtis Cost, Is David Gorski Racist? Hillary Simpson, Vaccine risk aware, Pro-vax media, Dr. Frank King, Healing Revolution and MORE!

Dec 6, 2019 3-5PM ET

Friday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

The Great Harlem Vaccine Debate

The vaccine issue is one of the most controversial topics today, making this event a historic occasion! Many people are confused as to what to believe, while many others have strong views on both sides.

The vaccine debate raging across America has raised questions about vaccine safety and effectiveness, religious freedoms, medical freedoms, first amendment rights, conflicts of interests, censorship and many other critical issues.

A panel of experts, community activists, parents and others will attack the vaccine controversy from many angles. A public debate like this is long overdue! And TICKETS ARE GOING FAST!

The second half of this event will include a partial viewing of the documentary Vaxxed II: The People’s Truth, followed by presentations from nutritionists, scholars and others who will offer some solutions.

This is not to be missed! Invite family, friends and share with your social media contacts.

Secure a ticket NOW as TICKETS WILL SELL OUT!

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Special Guest Virstyne Henry

Virstyne is a writer, teacher, and aspiring polyglot. She loves chocolate, avocados, Veggie Grill, fighting evil, and mischief. She’s deadly afraid of palmetto bugs, bad vodka, and clowns. Her favorite pastime is playing Uno and doing laundry with her pet monkey Alejandro.

We’re a crime fighting, reptilian slaying team dedicated to fighting evil, ignorance, oppression , injustice and various other crimes against humanity. Our mission is to charter unexplored territory and spread knowledge, enlightenment, harmony, peace, personal empowerment, laughter, love and truth.

We broadcast a RADIO SHOW and run an online store. The radio show is a weekly broadcast devoted to expressing non-conformist views on all topics including natural health, vaccines, GMO’s, chemtrails, eugenics, agenda 21, MK Ultra, science myths, Politics, Spirituality, paranormal activity, aliens, conspiracies, current Events, art, and of course peace, love, and truth.

Special Guest Curtis Cost

My name is Curtis Cost and I am the author of the book: Vaccines Are Dangerous – A Warning to the Global Community. My book provides the medical facts, statistics and references which expose the lies and misleading information regarding vaccines. Read the book and spread the word!

Mr. Cost holds a BA from Vassar College and an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. He has worked in corporate sales, marketing research, and management. He is the author of <I>What Is Safe Sex In The Age of AIDS?</I> for which he was nominated the best new author of the year by the National Black Achievement Awards. He is also the author of the first edition of <I>Vaccines Are Dangerous</I>. Mr. Cost has been interviewed on Tony Brown’s Journal, The Gary Byrd Show, The Gary Null Show as well as by publications such as Ebony Magazine, The Amsterdam News, The Daily Challenge, The New York Times, and The Village Voice.

In his new book, Vaccines Are Dangerous A Warning to the Global Community 2nd Edition, Mr. Cost exposes the misinformation that has been told to the general public regarding vaccines by showing the contradictions in the medical establishment’s own literature. He encourages parents and others to do some research before taking any vaccine.

Hour 2

Special Guest – Hillary Simpson

CrazyMothers is a 501 (c)(3) dedicated to spreading vaccine injury and recovery awareness. We work with mothers to help them gain true informed consent, so the decision to vaccinate (or not!) comes from a place of knowledge as opposed to fear.
We strive to help parents who are dealing with a child’s vaccine injury, pointing them toward resources which will begin their journey to recovery. Most importantly, we aim to help everyone in our CrazyMothers community feel empowered when making decisions regarding their children’s health.


Anti-Vaxxers Needled After Asking To Be Called ‘Vaccine Risk Aware’ A recent Twitter post is getting mocked after posting a request that the media avoid using the term “anti-vaxxer,” calling the label “derogatory” and “inflammatory.” On Sunday, a Twitter account associated with an anti-vaccination website called Crazy Mothers posted the request to stop using the label, which is often applied to those who claim without evidence that vaccines are dangerous. The same message was posted to the site’s Instagram account. Vaccines are safe and effective at establishing herd immunity and reducing the risk of disease for sensitive populations. In March, a decadelong study showed there was no link between vaccines and autism, a common claim among the anti-vaxxer set.

The Healing Revolution with Dr. Frank King!

It’s time to safely desensitize you from your allergies! Dr. Frank King returns with the Healing Revolution!

RSB personally endured over 10 years of allergy injections, plus just about every OTC and prescription drug on the market to deal with his chronic allergies while growing up in a medical family. It was not until he discovered homeopathy that his life changed for the better and is now allergy free for the last 26 years! Dr. King has developed some powerful, yet easily accessible techniques to reduce the severity of your allergic responses while you work to undo what has brought them about.

Join the Healing Revolution by reading Dr. King’s book about the 8 Essentials to life and health!

The King Bio Journey

In my early 20s, my aging father put me in charge of the farm. My passion for all things natural was growing by leaps and bounds, so I converted our operations to an organic, biodynamic farm.

Meanwhile, my enthusiasm for the healing arts grew. I read everything I could about natural foods and health. I went to hear a crazy eighty-year-old man named Dr. Paul Bragg speak, and he exploded my old-age stereotypes! A few years later, I was astounded to hear that he reportedly died from complications received from a surfing accident. In his 80s!

These were my days of discovery, as I learned how detrimental many aspects of the Industrial Revolution and the so-called advances of modern science and technology have been to human health. I began to see a need for another kind of revolution.

I still remember the day in 1975 when I decided to become a healer instead of a farmer. I soon obtained two degrees: Doctor of Chiropractic and Naturopathic Doctor. In 1979, I established a multi-practitioner natural health clinic.

People drove from miles around to visit our clinic that was located in the spacious house my father had built on our farm. We gained a reputation for catching people who were at the end of their ropes, whose challenging symptoms left other doctors scratching their heads.

“Specializing in Difficult Cases” became the tag line on our business cards. We were passionate about finding the root causes of illness, rather than simply treating symptoms. We also helped pet owners by giving chiropractic adjustments and natural remedies to dogs, cats, horses, buffalos and even chickens.

Meanwhile, I developed new approaches to natural health care, including pure water-based homeopathic medicines. In 1989, I established King Bio, an FDA-registered company that researches, manufactures and sells natural homeopathic products. King Bio soon expanded into six brands: Dr. King’s Natural MedicineNatural Pet Pharmaceuticals, Natural Veterinary Pharmaceuticals, SafeCareRxSafecare and Aquaflora products.

It’s a Toxic World. Detox Your Body!

toxicityExperts worldwide estimate that between 20,000 and 70,000 man-made chemicals are currently used in industry and consumer goods. Alarmingly, little is known about the toxicity and dangers associated with 75 percent of them.

Dr. Frank King, a naturopathic doctor and chiropractor, is very concerned because many of these chemicals accumulate in the body and have a negative effect on our health. Babies are born with hundreds of toxic chemicals in them, many of which are neurotoxic.[1],[2] Dr. King believes the Earth has become a chemical soup experiment and we must detoxify in order to protect our health.

Luckily, there are plenty of free and low-cost strategies that can help you detoxify:

Read labels. Stop putting toxins in and on your body. Check your household cleaning and body care products, make-up, medicine and food for toxic chemicals and unnatural ingredients.

Sweat. The skin is the largest organ of the body and perspiration effectively detoxifies. Be sure to rinse your skin after sweating to avoid reabsorption.

Exercise. Bouncing on a trampoline, running, and engaging in physical activity helps your body move and distribute lymph fluids. This process moves waste products and prevents stagnation (from lack of movement), which causes lymphatic buildup.

Eat healthy. A backed-up digestive tract may cause toxins to recirculate in the bloodstream. When following a detox diet, be sure to get plenty of fiber to encourage healthy, smooth digestion.

Hydrate. Dehydration can lead to sluggish bowels and sluggish lymph. “Soft drinks” are truly hard on your body because they often contain chemicals and caffeine, which can lead to dehydration.

Consider natural methods. Dr. King’s Natural Medicine®, manufactured by Dr. Frank King’s natural products company, King Bio, has created hundreds of natural medicines that address symptoms of toxicity. Homeopathic remedies are a great option for a detox cleanse because they are safe and gentle. Check out Dr. King’s Natural Medicines for Detox.

We take in toxins daily, so it’s very important that we detox for the sake of our kidneys, lymph, liver, and other major organs as frequently and naturally as possible.

Want to learn more? Discover numerous natural health solutions at

Remember Friends, The Power to Heal is Yours!

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