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Jan 29, 2020 3-5PM ET

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KEEP YOUR HAT ON Terrified passengers wear PLASTIC BOTTLES and motorbike helmets to protect themselves against coronavirus DESPERATE air passengers have been spotted wearing everything from plastic bottles to motorbike helmets in a bid to protect themselves from the deadly coronavirus. It comes as airlines such as British Airways have axed all flights to China amid the terrifying outbreak which has killed more than 100 people. Photos of terrified travellers have been shared on social media, with people seen covering themselves with plastic sheets and even bottles in public. A mother and child were seen on the Hong Kong Metro system wearing makeshift “shields” fashioned from cut plastic bottles. Others were also spotted in similar makeshift protection in airport queues. On a flight from Shanghai to Perth, one man was pictured wearing a motorbike helmet in a bid to protect himself from the deadly bug. Passengers on the same flight told The West Australian most people on board were wearing face masks as a minimum and the plane was sprayed once they landed.

Americans pass health test after being evacuated from China A plane evacuating 201 Americans from the Chinese city at the center of the virus outbreak arrived Wednesday at a Southern California military base after everyone aboard passed a health screening test in Anchorage, where the aircraft had stopped to refuel. The jet landed shortly after 8 a.m. at March Air Reserve Base about 60 miles (96 kilometers) east of Los Angeles. A ground crew dressed in white approached the aircraft shortly after it landed and three charter-style buses parked near the plane. About 40 minutes after landing people could be seen walking from the plane to the first bus, which then departed. Another bus pulled up next to the plane’s baggage compartment. Federal and local public health officials scheduled a media briefing for later in the morning. All the passengers already underwent two health screenings in China and were screened twice more in Anchorage by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. One passenger received medical attention for a minor injury that happened before boarding the airplane in China, Dr. Anne Zink, Alaska’s chief medical officer, told reporters after the plane left.

There’s been a run of surgical masks in the US because of the coronavirus scare. You don’t need them, physicians sayIn Wuhan, China, where the novel coronavirus has killed at least 106 people and sickened 4,515 more, wearing face masks is mandatory.Half a world way in the US, major retailers are selling out of basic surgical masks amid panic from consumers.(So far, there have been five confirmed cases of coronavirus here.) Surgical masks are a basic defense against some viruses, and they may be helpful in communities where health officials suspect viruses are circulating widely.But in the US, there’s no need to wear surgical masks — or the N95 respirators physicians wear when treating viruses — says infectious disease expert Dr. Charles Chiu. There’s no evidence of sustained novel coronavirus transmission in the US like there is in China, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has not recommended Americans wear masks in public.

With the coronavirus outbreak, the Netflix docuseries ‘Pandemic’ is required viewing Last week, Netflix premiered its new docuseries Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak—and the timing couldn’t have been more prscient. In late December, China alerted the World Health Organization to several cases of pneumonia in the port city of Wuhan. After ruling out the SARS virus, it was determined on January 7 that the cause of the illnesses was a new coronavirus, which is in the same family as SARS. By January 22, the day Pandemic debuted on Netflix, the death toll from the coronavirus outbreak had risen to 17 with more than 550 infections—and those numbers have been climbing ever since. “It is uncanny and disturbing how the two have coincided, but it’s an absolute coincidence,” says Jeremiah Crowell, executive producer and showrunner of Pandemic, which is produced by Zero Point Zero (Broken, Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown). “But I think it does go to show how pertinent some of the subjects in the series are. There are real things out there that are unfolding.”

Harvard Experts Critique Cozy FDA-Pharma Relationship Anyone who has paid the least bit of attention to the doings of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in recent decades knows that accusations of “regulatory dereliction and corporate capture” are no exaggeration. In fact, where regulation and approval of drugs and biologics are concerned, the mainstream media—including outlets such as Reuters, Slate, The New Republic and PBS—are rife with stories of FDA misconduct. The latest FDA critique comes not from the popular press, however, but from three high-powered experts affiliated with Harvard Medical School—who air their appraisal in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). With combined degrees in medicine, law, business and public health, the trio examines trends at the FDA since 1983, reviewing evolving regulatory standards and drug approval processes over a nearly four-decade period. The review reveals a troubling shift toward FDA use of “less data” to approve drugs and biologics—alongside an escalating reliance on pharmaceutical industry payments to cover the salaries of the very FDA reviewers issuing the approvals.

Anti-vaccine film sparks debate about Halifax’s policy on booking venues A world-renowned professor on immunization is criticizing the Halifax Regional Municipality’s policy on renting venues ahead of a screening of an anti-vaccination film. Dr. Noni MacDonald, a professor of pediatrics at Dalhousie University, said the screening of Vaxxed II spreads misinformation harmful to children’s health. “If somebody was coming in to present for kids a pro-alcohol or pro-tobacco video, would we rent out to them?” said MacDonald, an adviser on immunization to the World Health Organization. “Why is anti-vax different from pro-alcohol and pro-tobacco?” A group called CFVC is scheduled to screen the film Friday at the LeBrun Recreation Centre, a municipal building in Bedford. To book a venue, groups fill out various forms and pay a rental fee. The rental is allowed as long as it doesn’t discriminate against groups protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms or the Nova Scotia Human Rights Act.

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Johnson & Johnson is ‘pretty confident’ it can make a coronavirus vaccine that gives ‘long-term’ protection – but it may take a year to develop Johnson & Johnson has joined the ranks of scientists, governments, universities and companies working on a coronavirus – and i’ts ‘pretty confident’ it can create one, it’s chief scientists said Monday. Dr Paul Stoffels said in a CNBC Squawk Box interview that J&J had begun work on a vaccine two weeks ago, but admitted it would likely take up to a year to develop it and have it ready to market. Many entities are now racing to find a way to innoculate humans against the new coronavirus that emerged in China in December and has since spread to nearly 3,000 worldwide, including five in the US.  Another 110 patients are currently being tested for coronavirus in the US, which Monday elevated its travel warning to advise against necessary travel to China, the State Department announced, in an effort to slow the virus’s spread.

The coronavirus has nothing to do with Corona beer. But, some people seem to think so. As new coronavirus outbreak continues to spread, some people seem to think that the deadly outbreak is somehow related to Corona beer. It’s not. The alcoholic beverage from Mexico showed a surge in Google searches in the past week, along with the term “corona beer virus” and “beer virus.” In the United States, Google Trends calculated that 57% of the people that searched one of those terms searched for “beer virus,” and the remaining 43% searched for “corona beer virus.” States like Hawaii, New Mexico and Kansas are searching “beer virus” more, whereas states like South Carolina, Colorado and Arizona are searching “corona beer virus” more.

EWG Applauds Kellogg’s for Pledge To End Pre-Harvest Use of Weedkiller Glyphosate Kellogg’s will take steps to phase out the use of the herbicide glyphosate to dry oats and wheat before harvest, eliminating use of the potentially harmful chemical in the main ingredients of many of the company’s breakfast cereals and other foods. Kellogg’s pledged to work with its wheat and oat suppliers to end the use of the herbicide, sold under the name Roundup, as a pre-harvest drying agent in all of its major crop markets, including the U.S., by 2025, according to a statement published on the company’s website and reported on by the Washington Post. “We applaud Kellogg’s for working with their suppliers to address the risks posed by glyphosate,” said EWG President Ken Cook. “It’s no surprise that consumers don’t want a controversial weedkiller in their cereal. Now it’s time for General Mills and Quaker to listen to their customers and fall in behind Kellogg’s leadership and do the same – end this use of this notorious weedkiller.”

17 Essential Facts About Cancer Cancer is one of the most well-known topics on the planet, yet there is so much that can reduce your  personal risk of developing cancer that you might not know. Cancer is the #2 killer in developed countries and #1 in underdeveloped countries. Right now, due to poor lifestyle habits, poor diet, lack of information, the medical community’s refusal to embrace holistic therapies, and the exorbitant cost of conventional cancer treatment… 35% of those who develop cancer do not survive the disease. Know what you can do right now to lower your risk and prevent cancer from stealing your life or the life of someone you love. Know what you can do to fight this disease and win. What you need is working knowledge about cancer. Who is most at risk? What factors increase cancer risk in the population at large? What can you do to get or stay cancer-free?

Fragrances and Perfumes Are Being Labelled As The New “Second Hand Smoke” If you have made an effort to remove as many chemicals from your life, be it in your food, cleaning supplies, personal care products and any other items you purchase, then you may have also found that the more you eliminate the more sensitive you seem to become. Chemicals, unfortunately, are all around us and often this is entirely out of our control. Something as simple as someone’s deodorant can be a smack to the face if you are not used to being bombarded with these smells on a regular basis. You may be surprised to learn that simply by smelling a scent, you are in fact inhaling tiny molecules of the said scent that is giving off the aroma. Yes, sorry to disturb you or gross you out, but this includes everything that drifts across your nostrils, yes – everything. Unfortunately, this means that even though you may do your best to avoid as many chemical toxins as possible in your own life, you are still exposed to them every time you step out into the real, chemical-laden world.

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