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Nov 26, 2018 7-9PM ET

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Well, This Got People’s Attention…

Disney screenwriter says term ‘anti-vax’ is equivalent to ‘n-word’ An Oscar-nominated screenwriter behind Disney blockbusters like “Aladdin” and the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series is facing backlash online after using the n-word in a tweet arguing against vaccines. Terry Rossio argued on Twitter Thursday that it was offensive to use the term “anti-vax” when referencing those against the use of vaccines. “My heart goes out to all the parents of vaccine damaged children, who have to not only endure the sadness of their loss, but also the vitriol of ill-informed and insensitive people (such as those here),” he wrote. “Anti-Vax is equivalent to calling someone a n—-r and makes as little sense.” My heart goes out to all the parents of vaccine damaged children, who have to not only endure the sadness of their loss, but also the vitriol of ill-informed and insensitive people (such as those here). Anti-Vax is equivalent to calling someone a nigger and makes as little sense. — Terry Rossio (@TerryRossio) November 23, 2018 He was responding to a now-deleted tweet which read that anti-vaxxers “made me grind my teeth,” BuzzFeed News reported.

Music: The part of your brain that will never get lost to Alzheimers Some music inspires you to move your feet, some inspires you to get out there and change the world. In any case, and to move hurriedly on to the point of this article, it’s fair to say that music moves people in special ways.  If you’re especially into a piece of music, your brain does something called Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR), which feels to you like a tingling in your brain or scalp. It’s nature’s own little “buzz”, a natural reward, that is described by some as a “head orgasm”. Some even think that it explains why people go to church, for example, “feeling the Lord move through you”, but that’s another article for another time. Turns out that ASMR is pretty special. According to a recently published study in The Journal of Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease (catchy name!), the part of your brain responsible for ASMR doesn’t get lost to Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s tends to put people into layers of confusion, and the study confirms that music can sometimes actually lift people out of the Alzheimer’s haze and bring them back to (at least a semblance of) normality… if only for a short while. ASMR is powerful stuff!

Touchdown! Mars InSight lander reaches red planet NASA’s InSight spacecraft — the first geophysical observatory ever sent to Mars — touched down safely on the Martian surface on 26 November. The three-legged lander sent confirmation of its landing, on Elysium Planitia, at 11:54 a.m. local time in mission control at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California. Mission managers were still awaiting word of whether its solar panels deployed successfully, a necessary step for InSight to collect scientific data. But each step of the landing sequence, which lasted just under seven minutes, unfolded as planned. The spacecraft deployed its parachute, jettisoned its heat shield and fired 12 engines to help slow it down. The first photo that InSight sent from the surface of Mars showed a flat, relatively rock-free landscape stretching to the horizon, with the foreground speckled with dust from the landing. “It’s happy. The lander is not complaining,” said Rob Manning, chief engineer at JPL. “It’s going to chug along the rest of the afternoon on Mars.

Autoimmune conditions rising by 9% each year Rising rates of autoimmune conditions are costing the UK billions each year, health experts have warned. Connect Immune Research, a coalition of medical research charities, said many autoimmune conditions are becoming more common, with some increasing in incidence by as much as 9% each year. It has published a report, which shows direct and indirect costs to the UK for just three autoimmune conditions alone – type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis – currently add up to more than £13 billion a year. Altogether, there are more than 80 autoimmune conditions known to science, but the reason for the rise is not known and the charities are campaigning for change in the way research is approached. The report suggests that rising incidence and costs mean autoimmunity in the UK needs greater recognition and investment as a distinct research area, alongside the likes of cancer, infectious disease and dementia. There are four million people in the UK known to be living with at least one autoimmune condition, but the report highlights that people often live with more than one.

Homeopathy 101: How autoimmune disorders begin and how to treat them holistically Most people recognize that the immune system is the body’s way of protecting itself against harmful invaders, whether they be toxins, pathogens, or some other damaging substance. There’s also autoimmunity, which is when the immune system goes awry and actually starts to attack itself. Autoimmune disorders are prolific in today’s world, and many people who suffer from them are desperate for solutions that just can’t seem to be found. But what if there was a way to counteract this inability of the immune system to maintain “self-tolerance,” and get it back up and running normally and optimally? Homeopathy has the potential to do that, wielding its unique energetic properties as a powerful weapon against the autoimmune-instigated inflammation of bodily tissue. As explained in a paper entitled, The Mosaic of Auto-Immune Disorders in the Eyes of a Homeopath, homeopathy is uniquely suited as a remedy for a whole host of autoimmune disorders because of its ability to impact both the body and mind. Because the basis behind homeopathy is to identify the source of a problem in order to deal with it at the root, it’s a great option for sufferers of autoimmune disorders that have a strong psychological link.

If You Swallow A Lego, Here Is When You’ll Get It Back What do you hope to say soon after you’ve swallowed a Lego figurine head? Poop there it is. But is it true that all things must pass or at least all Lego figurine heads must pass? And if so, how long will it take? These are the key questions addressed by a study just published in the Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health. If you are saying, “but I don’t usually eat Lego figurine heads,” you are probably not 6 months to 3 years old. Because back in those glory days, chances are you were trying to put all kinds of stuff in your mouth, according to a publication in the World Journal of Pediatrics, aptly titled, “Foreign body ingestion: children like to put objects in their mouth.” In 2002, the UK had over 128,000 reported incidents of foreign body ingestion or aspiration with coins being the most commonly swallowed item by kids. But don’t worry, kids aren’t like Ponzi schemes. The money will likely get returned. A study published in the BMJin 1971 finding that most coins get pooped out after 3.1 to 5.8 days with no real problems.

Hour 2 – Advanced Medicine with Dr. Rashid Buttar!

Dr. Buttar is back to talk about what’s happening in the world of health news. Here’s what we have in store for you today:

Mother of U.S. diplomat hurt in ‘health attack’ speaks out The mother of a U.S. diplomat who fell ill after suspected “health attacks” in China is speaking out, sharing her family’s harrowing story publicly in hopes of raising awareness about the potential danger facing American diplomats and other workers around the world. Laura Hughes, an Air Force veteran, says her daughter Catherine Werner is struggling with the effects of traumatic brain injury after experiencing strange sounds and sensations at her apartment in Guangzhou, where Werner was a foreign trade officer until being medevaced out earlier this year. She’s calling on the State Department to do more to solve the mystery that has eluded investigators since U.S. diplomats and spies starting getting sick in Cuba in late 2016. “I do not believe that our military, our diplomats around the world or here at home are safe,” Hughes says in an interview with NBC News Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent Andrea Mitchell. “Because this this weapon system is creating havoc.”

Autism prevalence now 1 in 40 US kids, study estimates A survey of parents across the United States estimates that one in 40 children has autism spectrum disorder, according to a study published Monday in the journal Pediatrics. In other words, the condition was reported in 2.5% of children, representing an estimated 1.5 million kids ages 3 to 17. A report released this year by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated the prevalence at one in 59 children or about 1.7%, based on 2014 data. “Prevalence is not growing that rapidly, although the CDC’s data suggests it is still growing,” Thomas Frazier, chief science officer of the advocacy organization Autism Speaks, said in an emailed statement. He was not involved in the new report. “What is happening is that these studies use methods that are a bit more liberal and inclusive than the CDC’s methods,” Frazier said, adding that he prefers the CDC’s numbers but understands “that they are likely a bit conservative.”

College students fear mold in dorms led to Adenovirus death of University of Maryland freshman University of Maryland students are growing increasingly concerned mold problems in their dorms may be linked to the death of a freshman who succumbed to the same rare virus that killed 11 children in New Jersey. Olivia Paregol, 18, was early in her first semester when she developed a cough, which later worsened to pneumonia. She died on November 18 at Johns Hopkins Hospital, from adenovirus, which causes respiratory problems. Paregol, from Howard County, Maryland, died less than three weeks after the school learned she had the illness. The university has since said five more students have illnesses tied to the same rare virus. Jessica Thompson told CBS News she and her roommate discovered mold on their shoes and clothes in their dorm back in August — and believes the fungus caused them to fall ill. “You can’t sleep at night because the pillow is right next to mold and you’re up all night coughing,” Thompson said. “We got to go home on the weekends and we would be totally fine at home, and we would come back and would be sniffling and coughing and then have headaches.”

Probiotics no help to young kids with stomach virus Children with stomach viruses increasingly are given probiotics to ease symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea. But a major U.S. study led by Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis shows that a commonly used probiotic is not effective in improving symptoms in young patients with gastroenteritis. The findings are published Nov. 22 in The New England Journal of Medicine. While rarely fatal in the United States, gastroenteritis—frequently yet erroneously called “stomach flu”—accounts for 1.7 million pediatric emergency room visits and more than 70,000 hospitalizations each year. The study, involving nearly 1,000  ages 3 months to 4 years, provides evidence against the popular and costly use of probiotics—live microorganisms believed to restore the balance of intestinal bacteria and boost the immune system. “Probiotics have become an increasingly popular way to treat children experiencing acute gastroenteritis,” said the study’s lead author, David Schnadower, MD, who conducted the research as a Washington University professor of pediatrics and a physician at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. “Some smaller studies have indicated that probiotics may help, however, such studies had a number of limitations. We sought to provide independent and conclusive evidence for or against  use in infants and toddlers with acute gastroenteritis.”

Promising Alzheimer’s vaccine draws closer to human trials, researcher A DNA vaccine shown to reduce the accumulation of toxic proteins associated with Alzheimer’s disease in mice could be moving closer to human trial, according to researchers University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. A team with the center’s Peter O’Donnell Jr. Brain Institute tested the vaccine, which researchers say prompts an immune response that reduces the build-up of toxic tau and beta-amyloid proteins. Their findings were published this week in the medical journal Alzheimer’s Research and Therapy. “This study is the culmination of a decade of research that has repeatedly demonstrated that this vaccine can effectively and safely target in animal models what we think may cause Alzheimer’s disease,” Dr. Roger Rosenburg, founding director of the Alzheimer’s Disease Center at UT Southwestern, said in a news release. “I believe we’re getting close to testing this therapy in people.”

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