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Sep 25, 2019 3-5PM ET

Wednesday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

The Pharmaceutical Industry Has Us Cornered: How Drugs Are Silently Getting Into Your System The saying, “you are what you eat” is true. The food and beverages you consume eventually become part of your body. Your body uses the nutrients you consume to repair, heal, and rebuild your cells across all bodily systems. Nutritional expert Cynthia Sass puts it like this: “Every cell in your body has a ‘shelf life’ – a stomach cell lives about a day or two, a skin cell about a month, and a red blood cell about four months. So each and every day, your body is busy making new cells to replace those that have ‘expired.’ And how healthy those new cells are is directly determined by how well you’ve been eating.” Your body will attempt to use everything it gets in this process, even toxic chemicals and other bodily poisons. When your body recognizes a substance as a toxin, specifically a persistent organic pollutant (POP), it can’t be used and is stored in fat cells. Unfortunately, POPs are everywhere in the food supply and since they don’t break down easily, they subject people to a constant low-level exposure of the toxin. POPs have been linked to high blood pressure, diabetes, and weight gain and have been found to modify gene expression in fat cells.

Arthritis group offers first guidelines for patients who use CBD for joint pain CBD has exploded in popularity over the last year, with countless numbers of people trying it as a sleep aid or relief for pain and anxiety. One concern is, there’s been no guidance on how to use CBD, or cannabidiol, safely. That’s one reason why on Tuesday, the Arthritis Foundation released guidelines for people who want to try CBD — the first such guidance on using the cannabis-derived ingredient from any major patient advocacy group. The recommendations are an attempt to provide some kind of clarity for CBD usage, despite a lack of scientific evidence proving that it works to treat pain. “It was important to acknowledge the public’s interest, and put out some guidelines on the state of the science,” said Kevin Boehnke, a research investigator who works in anesthesiology at the University of Michigan. Boehnke helped develop and write the guidelines for the Arthritis Foundation.

Synthetic Dyes: This Is How Much Kids Are Consuming When it comes to food and beverages, can you really “live and let dye”? Today, KIND Healthy Snacks unveiled a display in Herald Square in New York City to show just how much synthetic dye American kids consume each day. The display consisted of several test tubes, which may not sound like a lot. Ah, but these test tubes weren’t your standard issue laboratory test tubes. They were gigantic test tubes, large enough to hold 2,000 gallons-worth of the following eight synthetic dyes that the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) currently allows to be put in food and beverages:

  • FD&C Blue No. 1: Used in confections, beverages, cereals, frozen dairy desserts, popsicles, frostings & icings
  • FD&C Blue No. 2: Used in baked goods, cereals, snack foods, ice cream, confections, and yogurt
  • FD&C Green No. 3: Used in cereal, ice cream, sherbet, drink mixers, and baked goods
  • Citrus Red No. 2: Only approved for use to color orange peels
  • FD&C Red No. 3: Used in confections, beverages, cereals, ice cream cones, frozen dairy desserts, popsicles, frostings & icings
  • FD&C Red No. 40: Used in cereal, beverages, gelatins, puddings, dairy products, and confections
  • FD&C Yellow No. 5: Used in confections, cereals, snack foods, beverages, condiments, baked goods, and yogurt
  • FD&C Yellow No. 6: Used in cereals, snack foods, baked goods, gelatins, beverages, dessert powders, crackers, and sauces

Yes, every day kids in this country essentially drink 2,000 gallons of these colorfully named dyes. The only FDA-approved dye missing from this list is Orange B, which sounds like a rapper name but has been used to color the casing that wraps around hot dogs and sausage.

Question of The Day!

Can you share which detox protocols you feel are best to get vaccines out of our system?


Hour 2 – Outside The Box With Ty Bollinger!

It’s time to go Outside The Box again with Ty Bollinger! What will we be talking about today?

The Face of Evil: Unpacking the Sackler Family Lies Over the last 20 years, U.S. opioid overdose deaths have increased by more than 600%. Every day, about 130 Americans die from an opioid overdose. Right now, you are more likely to die from an accidental opioid overdose than a car accident. And one elite family has become increasingly wealthy as the death toll rises. The Sackler family are the founders and owners of Purdue Pharma – the company that created OxyContin. The family has vehemently denied any wrongdoing, insisting that the opioid crisis is not their fault. But in the face of lawsuits from 48 states and over 500 cities, counties, and tribes, it’s time for the truth to come out. It’s time that we uncover the face of evil. Since 2008, the Sacklers have made at least $4 billion from Purdue, most of it from opioid profits. They are currently worth more than the Rockefellers. But the family members are far from innocent investors. A lawsuit filed in Massachusetts claims that the Sacklers continued to push the most dangerous forms of OxyContin long after the risks were known.

How Anti-Vaccine Sentiment Took Hold in the United States The question is often whispered, the questioners sheepish. But increasingly, parents at the Central Park playground where Dr. Elizabeth A. Comen takes her young children have been asking her: “Do you vaccinate your kids?” Dr. Comen, an oncologist who has treated patients for cancers related to the human papillomavirus that a vaccine can now prevent, replies emphatically: Absolutely. She never imagined she would be getting such queries. Yet these playground exchanges are reflective of the national conversation at the end of the second decade of the 21st century — a time of stunning scientific and medical advances but also a time when the United States may, next month, lose its World Health Organization designation as a country that has eliminated measles, because of outbreaks this year. The W.H.O. has listed vaccine hesitancy as one of the top threats to global health. As millions of families face back-to-school medical requirements and forms this month, the contentiousness surrounding vaccines is heating up again, with possibly even more fervor.

Do new cancer drugs work? Too often we don’t really know (and neither does your doctor) It’s hard to find anyone who hasn’t been touched by cancer. People who haven’t had cancer themselves will likely have a close friend or family member who has been diagnosed with the disease. If the cancer has already spread, the diagnosis may feel like a death sentence. News that a new drug is available can be a big relief. But imagine a cancer patient asks their doctor: “Can this drug help me stay alive longer?” And in all honesty the doctor answers: “I don’t know. There’s one study that says the drug works, but it didn’t show whether patients lived longer, or even if they felt any better.” This might sound like an unlikely scenario, but it’s precisely what a team of UK researchers found to be the case when it comes to many new cancer drugs. A study published last week in the British Medical Journal reviewed 39 clinical trials supporting approval of all new cancer drugs in Europe from 2014 to 2016. The researchers found more than half of these trials had serious flaws likely to exaggerate treatment benefits. Only one-quarter measured survival as a key outcome, and fewer than half reported on patients’ quality of life.

Heartburn Medicines Cause Cancer… FDA Does Nothing  People who take Zantac or similar drugs to combat heartburn may be unknowingly giving themselves cancer. Last week, the FDA announced that it had detected a cancer-causing contaminant called N-nitrosodimethylamine, or NDMA, in ranitidine heartburn medications. But the FDA fell short of ordering a recall, and it wasn’t until a week later that distributors began to pull the drugs off the shelves. In response to the discovery, Sanofi spokeswoman Ashleigh Koss said, Sanofi takes patient safety seriously, and we are committed to working with the F.D.A.” She went on to say that Zantac “has been around for over a decade and meets all the specified safety requirements for use in the O.T.C. market.” – At the time, Koss stated that Sanofi had no plans to recall the drug. But as evidence and consumer outrage grew over the following week, pharmaceutical company Novartis decided to stop the distribution of its generic Zantac drugs in all markets. At the time of publishing, Sanofi and the FDA had still failed to issue a recall.

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