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April 29th, 2021 3-5PM ET

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Sacred Fire of Liberty!

It’s that time of the week where we get to explore the political healing that this country needs so desperately! Jonathan Emord is back to help us dissect the latest political news that’s fit to print:

Connecticut Lawmakers Vote to Repeal Religious Exemptions to Vaccines, Health Freedom Advocates Vow Legal Challenge Connecticut lawmakers Tuesday voted to repeal the religious exemption for vaccines for all Connecticut students, from daycare through higher education. House Bill 6423, “An Act Concerning Immunization,” passed by a vote of 22 – 14 after about nine hours of debate. The bill passed almost along party lines, with all but two Democrats in favor of removing the exemption, and all Republicans against. Two lawmakers, both Democrats, abstained. The bill includes an amendment which allows students who had exemptions on file prior to the bill passing to remain in school. However future Connecticut students of any age will now be required to be fully vaccinated per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommended schedule. Wasting no time, Gov. Ned Lamont signed the bill today. Attorneys representing health freedom advocates and other opponents said they will bring legal actions to challenge the bill. Connecticut activists groups joined Children’s Health Defense in calling on the media to investigate if pharmaceutical money pouring into the state legislature had any influence on the vote.

Biden’s big bet: He can remake the economy without any negative side effects President Biden, fresh off a victory on a large stimulus package, is pitching another $4 trillion in spending to make bold investments in the nation’s physical infrastructure and human capital in an effort that he says will spur growth, create a more equitable economy and make the United States more competitive with China — without any negative side effects. It’s an experiment that hasn’t been tested in the modern U.S. economy. This year and next, forecasters are predicting a burst in hiring and growth that will rapidly heal most financial wounds from the pandemic. But how Biden’s big tax and spending proposals would affect the economic recovery for years to come is much debated. The latest proposal in Biden’s economic agenda would spend another $1.8 trillion, mostly on education, child care, and family and medical leave programs, but that would be on top of $2.3 trillion in proposed infrastructure investment and the $1.9 trillion that Congress passed in March as an emergency response to the pandemic. Here’s what is in Biden’s American Families Plan. The biggest concern is that the economy will overheat from so much stimulus, triggering rapid price increases that would make it difficult for middle-class families to afford goods and force policymakers to slow growth to contain inflation. Already there are pockets of concern, with used-car prices up nearly 10 percent and meat, including beef and pork chops, up almost 6 percent over the past year.

Congressman Exposes Billion Dollar Vaccine Company Ties to Facebook’s Fact Checker On Wednesday, Congressman Thomas Massie — who is known for calling it how he sees it — tweeted a bombshell claim about factcheck.org, one of Facebook’s most prominent “fact checking” groups. In short, Massie claimed that the folks fact checking claims on vaccines are funded in part by an organization that holds over $1.8 billion of stock in a vaccine company. “Who pays the paychecks of the factcheckers?” Massie wrote, adding, “The vaccine fact checkers a @factcheckdotorg, who claim to be independent, are funded by an organization that holds over $1.8 billion of stock in a vaccine company, and is run by a former director of @CDCgov”. In his Tweet Massie linked to an article from theblaze.com which laid out the connections clearly. The folks at Factcheck.org also weighed in on the thread, linking to their financial backer page which confirms their ties to the industry. According to their own source, Factcheck.org is funded in part by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. According to the foundation’s 2019 financial statement, the project holds over $1.8 billion of stock in the COVID-19 manufacturer, Johnson & Johnson.

A decades-long fight over an electric shock treatment led to an FDA ban. But the fight is far from over Rico Torres was just eight the first time school staffers strapped electrodes to his legs and shocked him. They draped a 12-volt battery over his shoulders in a backpack, while a nearby teacher held a clear plastic box with a photo of his face attached. When Torres misbehaved, the teacher would reach inside the box and push a button that sent a two-second jolt of electricity coursing through his body. Under his court-approved treatment plan, Torres could be shocked for threatening to hit another student or for running away, swearing or screaming, refusing to follow directions or “inappropriate urination,” according to court records obtained by NBC News. One employee, he said, used to shock him in his sleep. “Because I didn’t wake up, she shocked me,” recalled Torres, now 24. “Then I ended up peeing the bed, so she shocked me again.” The electrodes stayed on his skin 24 hours a day for most of a decade, until he was 18. The device, called a graduated electronic decelerator (GED), was part of his treatment at Judge Rotenberg Educational Center in Canton, Mass., which has for half a century been one of the most controversial institutions for people with disabilities in the country. It’s thought to be the only place in the world that uses electric shocks to modify behavior — a treatment the United Nations has called torture.

The Authoritarians: Their Assault on Individual Liberty, the Constitution, and Free Enterprise from the 19th Century to the Present

Jonathan W. Emord is one of the nation’s foremost experts on constitutional and administrative law and has practiced before the federal courts and agencies for thirty-five years. In The Authoritarians, Emord reveals the untold story and largely hidden practices of Authoritarians who have worked inside the United States government to undermine the Constitution and override rights protections since the earliest days of the Progressive Era.Emord traces the intellectual origins of Authoritarianism to its Hegelian roots in Germany. He shows how legions of academics, trained to hate the American system of government, became predominant in the major universities of America, entered government as top advisors, and successfully orchestrated an overthrow of the Constitution’s limits on power which put the rights of individuals in jeopardy from the Progressive Era through the New Deal to today. In The Authoritarians, readers learn how Authoritarians endorsed forced sterilization of 60,000 American citizens whom they deemed “undesirable” and “unfit”. Readers also learn how Authoritarians selectively created monopolies and overcame the constitutional limits on government power the Founding Fathers put in the Constitution to prevent tyranny, thus ushering in the foundation for a socialist state.

In The Authoritarians, Emord reveals the lies told by advocates of the Black Lives Matter organization, Antifa, and the 1619 Project. He presents the startling fact that the first slaves in the Jamestown Colony in 1619 were not blacks, but whites and that in the antebellum South slave owners were not only white, but black. Readers also learn the inherent failings of socialism; the tremendous cost it imposes on human lives; and the grave threat to the survival and success of liberty and justice in America posed by Authoritarians such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Ed Markey, Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris. The Authoritarians unveils a detailed strategy for restoring constitutional protection for individual rights and fending off the horrors of a socialist tidal wave now drenching America.

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MEDICAL MAFIA: Center for Public Integrity reporter Liz Essley Whyte targeting FAMILY members of “anti-vaxxers,” digging for dirt to smear them across NPR, NYT, WashPost and AP The medical mafia is hard at work among the pharma-influenced left-wing media, and now Natural News has learned that a reporter for The Center for Public Integrity — Liz Essley Whyte — is trolling family members of so-called “anti-vaxxers” to try to dig up dirt to smear them in the liberal media. This is the kind of mafia-style, terror-invoking “journalism” that might typically be associated with Stalinist Russia or modern-day communist China. The goal, of course, is to terrorize their intended targets (in this case, Ty and Charlene Bollinger) by intimidating family members and ostracizing them from their own family. The technique also typically involves incentivizing (bribing) family members to fabricate fake accusations to settle old scores. In the email snapshots shown below, notice that the reporter, Liz Essley Whyte, is promising to keep family members’ names off the record — “on background” — as a way to encourage them to anonymously attack their own relatives or settle old scores, should they exist.

FLASHBACK – Lorcaserin (Belviq ) Withdrawn From US Market Due to Cancer Risk The Food and Drug Administration asked Eisai to voluntary withdraw the weight-loss drug lorcaserin (Belviq and Belviq XR) on Feb. 13 after a post-marketing trial with more than 12,000 subjects revealed an increased occurrence of cancer. In a Drug Safety Communication, the agency said “health care professionals should stop prescribing and dispensing lorcaserin to patients. Contact patients currently taking lorcaserin, inform them of the increased occurrence of cancer seen in the clinical trial, and ask them to stop taking the medicine. Discuss alternative weight-loss medicines or strategies with your patients.” Eisai is complying with the withdrawal request. The decision is based on the agency’s review of the 5-year trial, which was designed to evaluate cardiac risk with the drug and ended in June 2018. In total, 7.7% of patients randomized to 10 mg lorcaserin twice daily were diagnosed with 520 primary cancers, compared with 7.1% of placebo subjects diagnosed with 470 cancers, over a median follow-up of 3 years and 3 months. There was one additional cancer observed for every 470 patients treated for 1 year.

Do COVID Vaccines Disrupt Women’s Menstrual Cycles? Researchers are calling for clinical trials to track and document menstrual changes in vaccinated women after some women reported changes to their menstrual cycles after receiving a COVID vaccine. Women have reported hemorrhagic bleeding with clots, delayed or absent periods, sudden pre-menopausal symptoms, month-long periods and heavy irregular bleeding after being vaccinated with one or both doses of a COVID vaccine. “In terms of why women would have a heavier cycle, I think clearly we don’t know the answer to that,” Dr. Heather Huddleston, a reproductive endocrinologist at University of California, San Francisco, told ABC7News. “However, we do know in addition to hormones being really important in a menstrual cycle, that there is a role for the immune system in the uterus,” she said. Huddleston suggested “if there are changes, perhaps due to a vaccine, maybe that would subtly affect the behavior of the immune system in the uterus.” A researcher at the University of Illinois described her own experience on Twitter and asked if others experienced menstrual changes after vaccination. The response was robust, so she and her colleague at Washington University in St. Louis turned it into a formal survey.

Bizarre Phenomenon: Unvaccinated Getting Sick Being Around the COVID Vaxxed In a bizarre turn of events, the COVID vaxxed are apparently causing ill effects to the unvaccinated around them, as countless reports and anecdotes affirm. The more time goes by, the more horrible effects of the COVID “vaccine” (which is not a vaccine but a medical device and experimental gene therapy) come to light. If you thought you’d be safe just by avoiding being COVID vaxxed, think again! These reports reveal that the unvaccinated are getting sick or suffering some kind of ill effect just by being in the vicinity of the COVID vaccinated. Women are feeling it most, especially in the reproductive realm. They are coming down with irregular and heavy menstruation, bleeding while pregnant and suffering miscarriages. Other non-vaccinated people are getting migraines, random bruising and sudden nosebleeds just being around those who got the COVID shot. Others report their pet died when touched by someone who got the COVID jab. Is the COVID vaccine excreting pathogens? Is this more than viral shedding? It is transmitting disease in some way? What is going on here?

Question of The Day!

Can you please tell me what the 3 supplements brands are that you spoke to Ty Bollinger about in the TTAC #7
Selenium, Chromium and Silica were the 3. Please tell me where I can find these.

Hugging in England may be allowed after June 21 People may be able to hug their loved ones after June 21, a Government scientific adviser has said, as a new study shows a single jab cuts virus transmission by up to half. Dr Mike Tildesley, from the University of Warwick and a member of the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Modelling (Spi-M) group, suggested the decision on whether social distancing would be needed after the June road map date could be a political one. However, he said vaccines were doing the job of preventing most people falling seriously ill, and he was hopeful hugs would be back on the agenda by the date the Government has set for lifting legal limits on social contact. It comes as a new study from Public Health England (PHE) shows that a single dose of either the Pfizer/BioNTech or Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccines can slash virus transmission by up to half. The breakthrough findings offer further hope that the pandemic can be brought under control as vaccinated people are far less likely to pass the virus onto others. The study found that those given a single dose of a jab, and who became infected at least three weeks later, were between 38% and 49% less likely to pass the virus on to people living in their homes, compared to those who were unvaccinated.

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