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Sacred Fire of Liberty!

It’s that time of the week where we get to explore the political healing that this country needs so desperately! Jonathan Emord is back to help us dissect the latest political news that’s fit to print:

Why we need to stand together and reject vaccine passports On 15th March 2021, in a win for People Power, the UK Parliament were forced to carry out a parliamentary review on the subject of introducing a covid-status certification system – a vaccine passport by any other name. The petition driving this review is entitled, “Do not rollout Covid-19 vaccine passports” and signatures had hit 250,000 by the time its day in Parliament came around. Numbers are still increasing daily and at the time of writing, there are now 316,121 signatures in support of this position. On the flip side, there are only 5,910 signatures on the petition to “Introduce a ‘Vaccination Passport’ for international travel”. Yet, despite the clear weight of public opinion, the wheels of the totalitarian machine appear to keep turning. If you were of a mind to believe what you read in the media, you’d think vaccine passports were a done deal. But we don’t think that hundreds of thousands of Brits and countless others around the world are going to take this lying down. The petition, and the recent parliamentary review, have spawned two public consultations because, make no mistake, the Government is in no doubt as to how many are feeling about this further transgression of fundamental rights and freedoms. Whilst you may feel personally that it’s pointless and a waste of time responding, or that it might get your name onto a blacklist, in the kind of game we’re in, numbers do matter.

Republicans go to war over vaccine passports Several prominent Republicans are sounding the alarm over a Biden administration initiative to partner with private companies to develop a so-called vaccine passport, which would offer proof that a person had been inoculated against COVID-19. While the idea behind the passports is that businesses like restaurants, sporting venues, airlines and retail outlets could use them to hasten a return to normal operation, the fear among some Republicans is that curtailing the ability of nonvaccinated persons to reenter everyday life represents a form of government tyranny.  Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who in recent months has become perhaps the most prominent GOP governor in the country, said Monday that he would sign an executive order prohibiting the use of vaccine passports in the state.  “We are not supporting doing any vaccine passports in the state of Florida,” DeSantis said at a news conference. “It’s completely unacceptable for either the government or the private sector to impose upon you the requirement that you show proof of vaccine to just simply be able to participate in normal society.”

White House moves to reshape role of US capitalism The White House is pushing an infrastructure bill that could reshape the discussion around capitalism as it seems to reestablish the federal government as a primary driver of how the economy should grow and function. In addition to traditional infrastructure projects, Biden’s $2.25 trillion American Jobs Plan would make government investments in broadband, electric vehicles, climate change, elderly care, child benefits, housing and developing future technologies.  It would redefine classic infrastructure projects to include investments in workers and families paid for by tax hikes on corporations. The ambitious proposal effectively transforms the relationship between the government and the private sector, making radical changes to key sectors of the economy that could be felt for years down the road. It places a big bet on the ability of the federal government to drive sustained economic growth at a time when confidence in institutions is low. And it will almost assuredly open Biden up to attacks from Republicans that he’s undermining traditional American capitalism and implementing a socialist agenda — after a heated election where cries of “socialism” were central to former President Trump’s campaign.

News Analysis: Even as debt soars, Biden faces few spending constraints Forty years ago, as a second-term senator, Joe Biden voted for the tax cuts that allowed President Reagan to declare an end to big government. Later, in the 1990s, Biden supported a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution and talked of the need to reduce the long-term costs of Social Security and Medicare. As president, Biden has charted a far different course, responding to a changed economic environment and a vastly altered public mood. Earlier this month, he signed into law a $1.9-trillion spending plan that includes historic expansions of the federal social safety net to address problems worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic. On Wednesday, he plans to outline just over $2 trillion in spending on roads, bridges, transit, elder care, housing, and upgrades in the nation’s drinking water and electric power systems — the first tranche of a long-term “Build Back Better” plan for investing in the nation’s infrastructure and support for families that could cost more than $3 trillion over the next decade. Biden’s shift, from backing a key part of Reagan’s agenda to embracing an expansion of government more in tune with President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal, parallels a change in the electorate. Voters’ concerns about the scope of government and the size of the national debt haven’t disappeared. But for now, that’s not driving how people vote.

Progressives Push Biden to Include $10 Trillion Climate Plan in Infrastructure Package Progressive lawmakers and environmental groups are pushing President Joe Biden to include costly aspects of the radical Green New Deal in his administration’s upcoming infrastructure package. Left-wing Sen. Ed Markey (D., Mass.) introduced the THRIVE Agenda in February and urged the Biden administration to include the proposal in any future economic plan. Like the Green New Deal, the THRIVE Agenda contains idealistic climate goals—notably a carbon-free electric grid by 2035. It is also wildly expensive, calling for $10 trillion in public spending to achieve “real full employment” and “reshape our society” through government jobs—a proposal that would cost five times as much as Democrats’ COVID relief plan. Unlike the Green New Deal, however, the THRIVE Agenda comes at a time when the White House is friendly toward major environmental reform, and a group of 15 national climate organizations known as the Green New Deal Network is pressuring Biden to “incorporate the entirety of the THRIVE Agenda” into his infrastructure package. The effort appears to be paying off. Biden is set to unveil the package’s details on Wednesday, with the legislation expected to include record spending on climate change. Biden did not back the Green New Deal during his campaign but used the legislation as a “crucial framework” for his own climate plan. One of his top climate officials, interior secretary Deb Haaland, introduced a version of the THRIVE Agenda as a congresswoman in September. And multiple White House climate office staffers worked closely with the same environmental groups hounding Biden to adopt the proposal.

Biden’s economic plan calls for much bigger government role. Will it work? In his rollout Wednesday of massive spending plans for infrastructure, education, healthcare and other domestic problems, President Biden is seeking a new, far more active role for the government in shaping the nation’s economy. If he succeeds, many economists think Biden could trigger major increases in growth, productivity and greater U.S. competitiveness in global markets. That in turn could reduce income inequality, lower poverty rates, and reverse decades of stagnation in middle-class incomes. Biden’s proposals, which carry a $2-trillion-plus price tag and come on top of an already-approved $1.9-trillion COVID-19 relief package, will face fierce challenges in Congress. But if the president wins even a major portion of what he wants, many analysts say the result could be huge, both short term and long term. What makes such gains possible is a historic convergence of factors that could break decades of political stalemate and restore the government’s role as a major force in addressing national problems. The pandemic, with its lockdowns and other restrictions, has created a huge reservoir of pent-up demand. And rock-bottom interest rates and extremely low inflation make it cheaper for the government to increase debt.

Bill Gates is not America’s coronavirus god Bill Gates, Microsoft founder-turned-vaccine-developer, just came out and predicted that the world, weary as it is from the coronavirus, will see a return to complete normalcy by 2022. The proper response to that prediction, at least for Americans, is: Who the blank is Bill Gates to say? But sadly, in these fear-driven, emotionally-charged, chaotic times of COVID-19, when the government has successfully seized control of the Constitution, the likelier response, even from Americans, will probably be: Cheers all around, because Gates has seen the finish line. As if Bill Gates predicts, so Bill Gates must be believed. As if Bill Gates speaks, so it must be true. Take a memo, America. This guy is not a god. We should stop treating him as if he’s anything except a dude with an opinion.  It’s interesting that Gates is presented as the person who so presciently predicted and prophesied the pandemic of our current sufferings, way back in 2015. Because — he didn’t. Not really. In a 2015 Ted Talk, Gates said that the world would not be prepared for a “virus where people feel well enough while they’re infectious that they get on a plane or they go to a market.” He also said that “if anything kills over 10 million people in the next few decades, it’s most likely to be a highly infectious virus …” That’s not exactly a narrowed time frame.

The Authoritarians: Their Assault on Individual Liberty, the Constitution, and Free Enterprise from the 19th Century to the Present

Jonathan W. Emord is one of the nation’s foremost experts on constitutional and administrative law and has practiced before the federal courts and agencies for thirty-five years. In The Authoritarians, Emord reveals the untold story and largely hidden practices of Authoritarians who have worked inside the United States government to undermine the Constitution and override rights protections since the earliest days of the Progressive Era.Emord traces the intellectual origins of Authoritarianism to its Hegelian roots in Germany. He shows how legions of academics, trained to hate the American system of government, became predominant in the major universities of America, entered government as top advisors, and successfully orchestrated an overthrow of the Constitution’s limits on power which put the rights of individuals in jeopardy from the Progressive Era through the New Deal to today. In The Authoritarians, readers learn how Authoritarians endorsed forced sterilization of 60,000 American citizens whom they deemed “undesirable” and “unfit”. Readers also learn how Authoritarians selectively created monopolies and overcame the constitutional limits on government power the Founding Fathers put in the Constitution to prevent tyranny, thus ushering in the foundation for a socialist state.

In The Authoritarians, Emord reveals the lies told by advocates of the Black Lives Matter organization, Antifa, and the 1619 Project. He presents the startling fact that the first slaves in the Jamestown Colony in 1619 were not blacks, but whites and that in the antebellum South slave owners were not only white, but black. Readers also learn the inherent failings of socialism; the tremendous cost it imposes on human lives; and the grave threat to the survival and success of liberty and justice in America posed by Authoritarians such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Ed Markey, Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris. The Authoritarians unveils a detailed strategy for restoring constitutional protection for individual rights and fending off the horrors of a socialist tidal wave now drenching America.

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Provisional Mortality Data — United States, 2020 CDC’s National Vital Statistics System (NVSS) collects and reports annual mortality statistics using data from U.S. death certificates. Because of the time needed to investigate certain causes of death and to process and review data, final annual mortality data for a given year are typically released 11 months after the end of the calendar year. Daily totals reported by CDC COVID-19 case surveillance are timely but can underestimate numbers of deaths because of incomplete or delayed reporting. As a result of improvements in timeliness and the pressing need for updated, quality data during the global COVID-19 pandemic, NVSS expanded provisional data releases to produce near real-time U.S. mortality data.* This report presents an overview of provisional U.S. mortality data for 2020, including the first ranking of leading causes of death. In 2020, approximately 3,358,814 deaths occurred in the United States. From 2019 to 2020, the estimated age-adjusted death rate increased by 15.9%, from 715.2 to 828.7 deaths per 100,000 population. COVID-19 was reported as the underlying cause of death or a contributing cause of death for an estimated 377,883 (11.3%) of those deaths (91.5 deaths per 100,000). The highest age-adjusted death rates by age, race/ethnicity, and sex occurred among adults aged ≥85 years, non-Hispanic Black or African American (Black) and non-Hispanic American Indian or Alaska Native (AI/AN) persons, and males. COVID-19 death rates were highest among adults aged ≥85 years, AI/AN and Hispanic persons, and males. COVID-19 was the third leading cause of death in 2020, after heart disease and cancer. Provisional death estimates provide an early indication of shifts in mortality trends and can guide public health policies and interventions aimed at reducing numbers of deaths that are directly or indirectly associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

CDC provides Easter coronavirus guidance, says fully vaccinated people can gather without masks The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has officially released its coronavirus guidance ahead of Easter Sunday, advising those who are taking part in the celebration to do so virtually and avoid travel, if possible. Those who are fully vaccinated against the novel disease, however, may gather together without face masks, the federal agency said. The CDC reiterated several pieces of guidance it has provided around holiday gatherings since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, including the use of face masks in certain instances, as well as socially distancing from those who do not live with you, washing your hands and avoiding crowded, poorly ventilated areas.  “Celebrating virtually or with the people you live with is the safest choice this winter. If you do gather with people who don’t live with you, gatherings and activities held outdoors are safer than indoor gathering,” per the CDC. Additional steps include: Have conversations ahead of time to understand expectations for celebrating together, Bring your own food, drinks, plates, cups, and utensils,Wear a mask indoors and outdoors and avoid shouting or singing

LOOKING FOR A JOB? Interim Head of Asymptomatic Testing Communication What’s involved with this role:
Interim Head of Asymptomatic Testing Communication – Remote working – PSR 1JP00037556
Pay rate: Up to £750 per day pay range subject to IR35 status

This is an exciting role for an experienced communications professional and offers the opportunity to work at the heart of the Department of Health. The role is a senior leadership role within the NHS Communications team and may offer the first step in developing a possible future career in a senior communication role in the Civil Service.
You will primarily be responsible for delivering a communications strategy to support the expansion of asymptomatic testing, that normalises testing as part of everyday life. The role offers the opportunity to work with a wide variety of stakeholders across the public and private sector and provide communi-cations support to our marketing campaigns.

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Hi what brand of selenium do you recommend?


I watch Fox News a lot and every hour they have a commercial for ‘Balance of Nature’ fruit and veggie supplements. What is your opinion on that product? Are there other similar supplements that you think might be better?


Hi RSB and Super Don. I came across something in my mail today and wonder if you can answer this question. Why is there a “catastrophic EU ban on aloe vera extracts?” What is this about? Thanks for your input.

Homeopathy 101


by William BOERICKE, M.D.
Presented by Médi-T

Bushmaster or Surucucu

Like all snake poisons, Lachesis decomposes the blood, rendering it more fluid; hence a hæmorrhagic tendency is marked. Purpura, septic states, diphtheria, and other low forms of disease, when the system is thoroughly poisoned and the prostration is profound. The modalities are most important in guiding to the remedy. Delirium tremens with much trembling and confusion. Very important during the climacteric and for patients of a melancholic disposition. Ill effects of suppressed discharges. Diphtheritic paralysis (Botulinum). Diphtheria carriers. Sensation of tension in various parts. Cannot bear anything tight anywhere.


Mind.–Great loquacity. Amative. Sad in the morning; no desire to mix with the world. Restless and uneasy; does not wish to attend to business; wants to be off somewhere all the time. Jealous (Hyos). Mental labor best performed at night. Euthanasia. Suspicious; nightly delusion of fire. Religious insanity (Verat; Stram). Derangement of the time sense.

Head.–Pain through head on awaking. Pain at root of nose. Pressure and burning on vertex. Waves of pain; worse after moving. Sun headaches. With headache, flickerings, dim vision, very pale face. Vertigo. Relieved by onset of a discharge (menses or nasal catarrh).

Eyes.–Defective vision after diphtheria, extrinsic muscles too weak to maintain focus. Sensation as if eyes were drawn together by cords which were tied in a knot at root of nose.

Ears.–Tearing pain from zygoma into ear; also with sore throat. Ear-wax hard, dry.

Nose.–Bleeding, nostrils sensitive. Coryza, preceded by headache. Hay asthma; paroxysms of sneezing (Silica; Sabad).

Face.–Pale. Trifacial neuralgia, left side, heat running up into head (Phos). Tearing pain in jaw-bones (Amphisbæna; Phos). Purple, mottled, puffed; looks swollen, bloated, jaundiced, chlorotic.

Mouth.–Gums swollen, spongy, bleed. Tongue swollen, burns, trembles, red, dry and cracked at tip, catches on teeth. Aphthous and denuded spots with burning and rawness. Nauseous taste. Teeth ache, pain extends to ears. Pain in facial bones.

Throat.–Sore, worse left side, swallowing liquids. Quinsy. Septic parotiditis. Dry, intensely swollen, externally and internally. Diphtheria; membrane dusky, blackish; pain aggravated by hot drinks; chronic sore throat, with much hawking; mucus sticks, and cannot be forced up or down. Very painful; worse slightest pressure, touch is even more annoying. In diphtheria, etc, the trouble began on the left side. Tonsils purplish. Purple, livid color of throat. Feeling as if something was swollen which must be swallowed; worse, swallowing saliva or liquids. Pain into ear. Collar and neck-band must be very loose.

Stomach.–Craving for alcohol, oysters. Any food causes distress. Pit of stomach painful to touch. Hungry, cannot wait for food. Gnawing pressure made better by eating, but returning in a few hours. Perceptible trembling movement in the epigastric region. Empty swallowing more painful than swallowing solids.

Abdomen.–Liver region sensitive, cannot bear anything around waist. Especially suitable to drunkards. Abdomen tympanitic, sensitive, painful (Bell).

Stool.–Constipated, offensive stool. Anus feels tight, as if nothing could go through it. Pain darting up the rectum every time be sneezes or coughs. Hæmorrhage from bowels like charred straw, black particles. Hæmorrhoids protrude, become constricted, purplish. Stitches in them on sneezing or coughing. Constant urging in rectum, not for stool.

Female.–Climacteric troubles, palpitation, flashes of heat, hæmorrhages, vertex headache, fainting spells; worse, pressure of clothes. Menses too short, too feeble; pains all relieved by the flow (Eupion). Left ovary very painful and swollen, indurated. Mammæ inflamed, bluish. Coccyx and sacrum pain, especially on rising from sitting posture. Acts especially well at beginning and close of menstruation.

Male.–Intense excitement of sexual organs.

Respiratory.–Upper part of windpipe very susceptible to touch. Sensation of suffocation and strangulation on lying down, particularly when anything is around throat; compels patient to spring from bed and rush for open window. Spasm of glottis; feels as if something ran from neck to larynx. Feels he must take a deep breath. Cramp-like distress in præcordial region. Cough; dry, suffocative fits, tickling. Little secretion and much sensitiveness; worse, pressure on larynx, after sleep, open air. Breathing almost stops on falling asleep (Grind). Larynx painful to touch. Sensation as of a plug (Anac) which moves up and down, with a short cough.

Heart.–Palpitation, with fainting spells, especially during climacteric. Constricted feeling causing palpitation, with anxiety. Cyanosis. Irregular beats.

Back.–Neuralgia of coccyx, worse rising from sitting posture; must sit perfectly still. Pain in neck, worse cervical region. Sensation of threads stretched from back to arms, legs, eyes, etc.

Extremities.–Sciatica, right side, better lying down. Pain in tibia (may follow sore throat). Shortening of tendons.

Sleep.–Patient sleeps into an aggravation. Sudden starting when falling asleep. Sleepiness, yet cannot sleep (Bell; Op). Wide-awake in evening.

Fever.–Chilly in back; feet icy cold; hot flushes and hot perspiration. Paroxysm returns after acids. Intermittent fever every spring.

Skin.–Hot perspiration, bluish, purplish appearance. Boils, carbuncles, ulcers, with bluish, purple surroundings. Dark blisters. Bed-sores, with black edges. Blue-black swellings. Pyemia; dissecting wounds. Purpura, with intense prostration. Senile erysipelas. Wens. Cellulitis. Varicose ulcers.

Modalities.–Worse, after sleep, (Kali bich). Lachesis sleeps into aggravation; ailments that come on during sleep (Calc); left side, in the spring, warm bath, pressure or constriction, hot drinks. Closing eyes. Better, appearance of discharges, warm applications.

Relationship.–Antidotes: Ars; Merc; Heat; Alcohol; Salt.

Complementary: Crotalus cascavella often completes curative work of Lachesis (Mure; Lycop; Hep; Salamandra).

Incompatible: Acet ac; Carb ac.

Compare: Cotyledon (climacteric troubles); Nat m; Nit ac; Crotal; Amphisbœna -snake lizard–(right jaw swollen and painful, lancinating pains; headaches, lancinating pains. Eruption of vesicles and pimples); Naja; Lepidium.

 Dose.–Eighth to 200th potency. Doses ought not be repeated too frequently. If well indicated, a single dose should be allowed to exhaust its action.


Thankful Thursday!

Retirees Share Top 40 Pearls of Wisdom With Our Younger Generations Retired Brits have revealed their top 40 ‘pearls of wisdom’ to pass on to younger generations, including saying “I love you” more often, and being confident in your own skin. The poll of 1,000 retired adults also advised young people never to compare themselves to others—and to phone their family once a week. Others warned the younger ones to enjoy their youth, exercise more often, and to step outside of their comfort zone. The questionnaire found 67% of retirees do have regrets—such as not traveling the world (44%), worrying what other people thought (43%), and not keeping physically fit (40%). A spokesman from Voltarol, which commissioned the poll, said: “It’s certainly been interesting to see the insight and wisdom the older generation would pass on to the youth of today. “Much of the insight revolves around enjoying life, respecting others, and being the best you can be, which I’m sure most would agree with. “It was particularly fascinating to see how the older generation would recommend appreciating your younger body, and wishing they’d kept physically fit.”

Toddler Missing In Ontario Forest For Over 3 Days Is Found Alive And Well A three-year-old boy who was lost in the woods near Kingston, Ontario, for more than three days has been found “alive and well.” The Ontario Provincial Police announced that Jude Leyton was recovered Wednesday afternoon after last seen around 11 a.m. Sunday at his family’s fishing lodge in South Frontenac. Police said some of their emergency response team officers found the boy around 3:20 p.m. sleeping near a pond. “Four of our ERT members, part of the search and rescue (team), they were on another tasking to check another area. While they’re on that tasking, they found Jude. It was a great finale to some very, very difficult days,” said Const. Curtis Dick with Frontenac County OPP. Approximately 50 OPP emergency response team officers have been searching for the boy since Sunday. Another 50 members from two volunteer search and rescue teams out of Ottawa and Smiths Falls, Ont., joined the search Monday. Dick said they’re still trying to figure out how Jude evaded the extensive search efforts. As for how the young child was able to survive in the wilderness through often rainy, cold and blustery weather for more than 72 hours, OPP say they’re still unsure.

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