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Sep 30, 2018 1-3PM ET

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Vaccines In The News!

Drug Companies Pay FDA and NIH to Fast Track and Market Vaccines When it comes to cozy business relationships between government and industry, there is nothing like the lucrative one that Congress has encouraged federal health agencies to create with the drug and vaccine industry. One hand washes the other. Have you ever wondered how some new drugs and vaccines vault to the front of the line of the FDA’s licensing process using fast track approvals? One way is through a federal law, the Food and Drug Administration Amendments Act passed by Congress in 2007, which allows a company developing a treatment for a neglected or rare pediatric disease to pay the FDA for a priority review voucher (PRV). Although FDA approval is not guaranteed, most of the time a PRV secures fast track approval in six rather than 10 months. According to the FDA, to earn a priority review designation, a pharmaceutical product must pose “significant improvements in the safety or effectiveness of the treatment, diagnosis, or prevention of serious conditions when compared to standard applications.” The company seeking approval must also provide “evidence of safety and effectiveness in a new subpopulation.”

Vaccine raises spectre of ‘dead’ polio strain’s spread In what can pose a serious threat to public health, some batches of oral polio vaccine manufactured by Ghaziabad-based Biomed have been found to be contaminated with polio type 2 virus — a strain which has been eradicated worldwide, including in India. While the contamination has the potential of bringing polio back to India, the health ministry and the drug regulator have initiated preventive measures to contain the impact. “We have alerted UP and Maharashtra where contaminated vaccines may have been used,” a senior official told TOI. Biomed was supplying polio vaccines for only government-run immunisation programme and not for private retail, officials said. The contamination was first suspected when surveillance reports from UP showed signs of the virus in stool samples of some children. Samples of OPV vaccines were sent for testing.

Special Guest – Stuart Tomc!

Stuart Tomc serves as a Vice President of Human Nutrition at CV Sciences, Inc. Mr. Tomc served as Head of Product Development at CannaVEST Corp. He is a recognized authority on dietary supplements, with twenty years of experience in the nutritional health industry. He served as Vice President of North American Herb and Spice, where he served for 10 years, in addition to his service as Global Educator for omega-3 market leader, Nordic Naturals, Mr. Tomc is known for his extensive print interviews and contributions to noted books on integrative medicine, as well as his 4000 radio appearances. A renowned educator, Mr. Tomc recognizes CBD and its multiple mechanisms of action to support human health, and envisions a new category of dietary supplements derived from agricultural hemp.

No, the DEA Did Not Reschedule The CBD Compound There is a certain level of confusion reverberating throughout the cannabis community right now over the DEA’s recent decision to make Epidiolex, the cannabis-based epilepsy drug created by GW Pharmaceuticals, a Schedule V controlled substance. Some folks are convinced that since this FDA-approved medication is pure cannabidiol (CBD) that all CBD products fall into the same category. Sadly, this is not true. The federal government still considers all other cannabis-derived CBD products to be a violation of federal law. The DEA’s official statement in the Federal Register, which published Friday, indicates “this order places FDA-approved drugs that contain CBD derived from cannabis and no more than 0.1 percent tetrahydrocannabinols in schedule V.”

Teens aren’t just smoking cannabis, study says — they’re eating and vaping it, too Smoking isn’t the only way teens are using cannabis. According to a study published Friday in the medical journal JAMA Network Open, they are also vaping it or using edibles. The study surveyed 3,177 10th graders in southern California in 2015 and 1,077 reported ever using cannabis. It found that 61.7% of those who had used cannabis had tried at least two methods — combustible, edible or vaporized cannabis. Use of all three cannabis products was reported by 8.2% of those who’d used it. “We found that cannabis use was highly prevalent, but what was interesting and new was that the majority of youth who had used cannabis in one form had not only used just one type of cannabis, but they used two or more different types of cannabis products,” said Adam Leventhal, lead author of the study and director of the University of Southern California Health, Emotion and Addiction Laboratory. Of those participants who had ever used cannabis, 31.3% had used combustible cannabis, 21.3% had used edibles and 10.5% had used vaporized cannabis. Those who had used cannabis in the past 30 days followed the same pattern.

Hour 2 – How’s Your IQ?

Read the Shocking Conclusions from 28 Medical Studies Linking Fluoride to Lower IQ in Children To date, there are at least 53 known international scientific studies concluding that fluoride consumption is harmful to the development of intelligence in children; it impairs their learning and memory capacity. Children are commonly exposed to fluoride from municipal water supplies, dental treatments, environmental pollution, and  in-utero. Municipal water fluoridation is a state-mandated pharmacological intervention that ostensibly aims to fight dental fluorosis, but this claim is highly contested, and a growing body of research indicates that water fluoridation is linked to lower IQ in children. Medication without consent is a human rights violation. In 2017, former EPA senior scientist, William Hirzy, PhD noted: The significance of this peer reviewed risk analysis is that it indicates there may be no actual safe level of exposure to fluoride. Groups of children with lower exposures to fluoride were compared with groups having higher exposures. Those with higher exposures performed more poorly on IQ tests than those with lower exposures. ~Former EPA senior scientist, William Hirzy, PhD

Comment of The Day!

I am very thankful for Mr. Robert Scott Bell. I wanted to know information about silver and it’s benefits in protecting my children from the flu and common colds. I called the company and requested information and Mr. Bell called me within minutes. He took the time to talk with me and made me feel comfortable about protecting my children. I am so happy to have met you sir. I just purchased your book, as well. I wish you the best and thank you for making a difference!!



Question of The Day

Hey RSB!
My son has broken out with poison ivy everywhere. What natural protocol can I use? Will silver help? He has been battling this for a week and it keeps spreading. Thank you ! Shirley


Who Knew Bruce Lee Like Flu Shots?

FORBES: You Should Get Your Flu Shot And Ignore This Supplement Advice If you are 6 months or older, get the flu vaccine. That’s the recommendation of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) unless you have a true life threatening allergy to the flu vaccine or its components. If you are younger than 6 months and can read this, congratulations because you are remarkable. If you think you may have an allergy, talk to your doctor. It may not really be an allergy. Yes, the flu vaccine is not perfect. Its effectiveness in reducing your risk of the flu tends to range between 30% and 60%, depending on how well the strains in the vaccine match the circulating strains and how nasty the circulating strains are that year. But besides really good sushi, nothing is perfect in life. As they say, perfect is the enemy of good. Beware of the myths about the flu vaccine floating around like the flu virus. No, the flu vaccine cannot give you the flu. If you happened to get the flu after the flu vaccine, that is called an unfortunate coincidence. No, getting the flu vaccine is not worse than getting the flu. Getting a needle stuck in your arm or something sprayed up your nose is not worse than the flu, which can knock you out for many days or even kill you regardless of how healthy you may be. No, the vaccine is not dangerous. Nothing in life is 100% safe but the vaccine has been tested extensively and each year many, many people get the vaccine without significant problems. No, getting the flu shot one year doesn’t protect you in subsequent years. That would be like saying that you don’t need to change your underwear. The circulating strains tend to change each year, and the protection that a flu vaccine offers wanes over time. Get a new flu shot every year and please change your underwear much more frequently than annually.

More Spanish Flu Fear Propaganda….

100 years ago, influenza killed as many as 50 million people. Could it happen again today? One hundred years ago, death came with astonishing speed and horrifying agony. Some influenza patients admitted to a Boston hospital in the morning of October 1918 would be dead by the evening, their bodies turning blue from lack of oxygen. Hospitals reported an average 100 deaths a day, overwhelming morgues.  Up to 500 million people – about one-third of the world’s population – became infected with the influenza virus, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says. As many as 50 million died, or one out of every 30 human beings on the planet, killing more American troops than those that died on World War I battlefields. The intensity and speed with which it struck were almost unimaginable, the worst global pandemic in modern history. Most chilling is that such a calamity could again occur today. “A global influenza pandemic is No. 1, 2, 3 and 4 on our list of the most-feared public health crises,” according to Michael Osterholm, director of the University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy.

Honestly….Whose Idea Was This?

The woman who accidentally ticked: ‘I am a terrorist’ The online application asked if she was seeking to or had ever engaged in terrorist activities or genocide. Mandie, from Falkirk, mistakenly answered “yes”. The 29-year-old, who was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer in 2015, only realised her error when her application was rejected. It meant she had to postpone a dream break to New York and make an emergency trip to the US embassy in London to persuade officials she was not a security threat. After a couple of intense interviews, a full visa was granted – but the US authorities could not guarantee it would arrive in time for her flight.

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