How To Use Mint For Natural Healing

Mint has been around for many years, and it is an excellent medicinal herb. There are quite a few different varieties, but the most common one is M. Piperita, which is used in most of the herbal remedies containing mint. It is one of the most versatile herbs known.

Peppermint can be used to relieve or even eliminate a host of medical conditions. It is known to relieve congestion in the chest as well as in the sinus cavities. It can also relieve the symptoms of bronchitis. Peppermint oil can be combined with lavender oil and massaged into the neck, temples and forehead to relieve migraine headaches. It is an excellent breath freshener, and it can be combined with bicarbonate of soda to form a safe, yet effective toothpaste – without the harmful ingredients found in commercial toothpastes. The leaves can even be chewed for a quick fix breath freshener. They can also be placed in boiling water to make a refreshing peppermint tea – cinnamon can be added for an extra health boost. In some cases, it has also been known to aid concentration levels.

When combined with lavender oil and used in an aromatherapy burner, it can also help one to relax and fall asleep a lot easier. It also helps for stomach upsets, dandruff and acne, as well as stomach and leg cramps related to menstruation.

When planting mint, be aware that it can take a garden over very easily. The easiest way to prevent this from occurring is to grow it in pots or to bury the pot in the soil up to the rim, as this prevents the roots from spreading throughout the garden. Mint grows surprisingly easily, and it will even grow if taken from a cutting of an already established plant.

Instead of buying and using chemical based air fresheners and sprays, why not rather invest in an aromatherapy burner and burn peppermint (or any other) essential oil in your home to have it smell fresh and welcoming? Your body will definitely thank you for it. Always be sure to follow the directions on essential oil containers regarding their use and combination with other essential oils, and exercise caution when using aromatherapy oils and treatments while pregnant or breastfeeding.

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