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May 3, 2019 3-5PM ET

Friday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

MMR Vaccine Licensing Called Into Question Following ICAN’s Latest FOIA Exposure of FDA Coverup In another significant legal win for vaccine risk awareness non-profit Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN), a new Freedom of Information Act disclosure from the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has revealed that the MMR vaccine was licensed based on clinical trials which in total had less than 1,000 participants and far more adverse reactions than previously acknowledged. “It’s alarming that an appeal was required to get this information, but it’s more alarming that every time ICAN prevails in obtaining a FOIA disclosure from the FDA, CDC or HHS, we learn about another serious shortcoming in their duties to assure Americans’ health and health care,” says Del Bigtree, ICAN founder and host of the weekly fact-based medical news show “The HighWire.”

Maine and Colorado Vaccine Exemption Removal Bills on the Ropes Maine LD 798, the bill to remove religious and philosophical exemptions passed the Maine House of Representatives last week, and was passed in the Maine Senate today, however after the passage an amendment to restore the religious exemption was passed. It will have to go back to the House for concurrence, so that both chambers are agreeing to pass the same version of the bill.  The House can either accept the Senate’s version of the bill with the religious exemption available to Mainers, or send it back to the Senate with their language that excludes religious exemptions and insist that the Senate adopt the House language. The Senate is unlikely to accept it (as they didn’t today). If the two bodies cannot agree, the bill dies completely. Both sides of the issue will likely fight for their version of the bill until all procedural options are exhausted, however odds are that Mainers will retain the right to an education.

Vaccination bill dead in Colorado Senate, sparking accusations of putting politics before kids’ health A bill that would have made it more difficult for parents to exempt their children from the vaccine requirements for public schools — legislation that consumed the General Assembly during the final days of the session — died Thursday. Senate Democrats, who hold a narrow majority, cleared their crowded calendar Wednesday evening to hold a four-hour hearing on the bill only to delay debate on it Thursday, effectively killing its chances of becoming law. “As a father and an ER nurse, I am extremely disappointed the Senate couldn’t get this important bill over the finish line,” said Rep. Kyle Mullica, D-Northglenn, the bill’s sponsor. “The health and safety of our children is of the utmost importance.” House Bill 1312 would have required parents who want to exempt their children from vaccinations to fill out a form in person at a state health department office rather than simply giving the child’s school a note upon enrollment.

Big Win in Albany Health Committee! Yesterday in the Assembly Health Committee bill A6847 was just barely blocked in a 13-to-13 vote. A bill needs 14 votes to leave the committee, so that means this bill is dead. What was bill A6847? A6847 would have created a centralized database to track all adult vaccinations in New York. This was an ominous foreshadowing of something many of us know could eventually be proposed in Albany – mandatory adult vaccination for all New Yorkers. We are not there yet, but that is where we are headed if we don’t stop the erosion of our health & religious freedoms. But thankfully A6847 did not pass! This is a testament to all of you who have been writing letters, sending emails, making phone calls, and most importantly meeting face-to-face with your representatives and helping to educate them on the facts surrounding vaccines and vaccination policy. Our democracy is not yet completely broken.

FDA: Here Are The New Warnings About Sleeping Pills Like Ambien, Lunesta, Sonata Sleepwalking, sleep-driving, and sleep-using-a-stove are not things that you want to do. Therefore, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday announced that eszopiclone, zaleplon, and zolpidem will now have to include “boxed warnings” of such possible side effects. If you think that these three things sound like Klingon language, they aren’t. The FDA has no purview over Klingons. Instead, these terms are actually generic names for three types of popular sleep medications. You may have heard of Lunesta, which is eszopiclone. Sonata is zaleplon. Zolpidem goes by the names of Ambien, Ambien CR, Edluar, Intermezzo, and Zolpimist. The FDA is concerned that these medications may in some cases result in “complex sleep behaviors.” In this case, a complex sleep behavior is not sleeping in Iron Man pajamas or having far too many pillows on your bed. It is unknowingly engaging in activities that you normally shouldn’t be doing while asleep.

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The Newest Trend in Bars: No Booze It was around 9 p.m. at a corner bar off a main drag in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Two good friends and I raised froth-filled cocktail glasses, the loudest among us punctuating our cheers with a bellowing, “Yaas!” It was an entirely unexceptional scene that could have taken place in any one of New York’s thousands of bars. But there was one crucial difference. We were imbibing at Getaway, a two-week-old bar where no alcohol is served. Our highball and coup cups were filled not with the usual whiskey or mezcal, but a hodgepodge of gussied-up mocktail ingredients like coconut milk and elderflower syrup. Call us squares, suckers, or both, but we left the bar laughing, arms around each other. In that grand, drunk tradition, I told one friend how much I love her. We did not need alcohol to get to that happy place, but I’m sure our sugar high helped.

Hour 2 – Special Guest: Andrea DeMichael Esq

Florida Freedom Alliance was founded to protect and preserve our fundamental rights as American citizens and human beings.  Our goal is to bring together organizations fighting for individual freedoms under one, large united front. This country was built on freedom and we will defend those freedoms to the end. As the government corruption and encroachment on our rights persists, it is time for the American citizens to stand up and make our voices heard. There is power in numbers and we are here to support and aid our neighbors across this country in guarding their inherent freedoms and Constitutional Rights. You are not alone in your fight.

A Fight For Medical Freedom And Noah’s Law Early this month Noah was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia at John Hopkins All Children’s Hospital. After 2 rounds of chemotherapy, which parents only agreed to because they were told the courts could force them to comply, along with very specific dietary intervention, vitamin and herbal supplementation, and alternative therapies, Noah and his parents celebrated that his cancer was no longer being detected. Due to the laws in the US children 18 and under are required to undergo the full recommended treatment plan of the pediatric oncologist regardless of the progress or desire for alternative opinions or treatments. Yes, children are being forced to continue undergoing toxic treatments even when their bodies are free of any cancer. Noah’s mother is passionate about natural health and aware of the dangers of pharmaceutical interventions, especially if not necessary. Their desire to seek alternative care resulted in medical kidnapping orchestrated by Child Protective Services.

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It’s time to safely desensitize you from your allergies! Dr. Frank King returns with the Healing Revolution!

RSB personally endured over 10 years of allergy injections, plus just about every OTC and prescription drug on the market to deal with his chronic allergies while growing up in a medical family. It was not until he discovered homeopathy that his life changed for the better and is now allergy free for the last 26 years! Dr. King has developed some powerful, yet easily accessible techniques to reduce the severity of your allergic responses while you work to undo what has brought them about.

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The King Bio Journey

In my early 20s, my aging father put me in charge of the farm. My passion for all things natural was growing by leaps and bounds, so I converted our operations to an organic, biodynamic farm.

Meanwhile, my enthusiasm for the healing arts grew. I read everything I could about natural foods and health. I went to hear a crazy eighty-year-old man named Dr. Paul Bragg speak, and he exploded my old-age stereotypes! A few years later, I was astounded to hear that he reportedly died from complications received from a surfing accident. In his 80s!

These were my days of discovery, as I learned how detrimental many aspects of the Industrial Revolution and the so-called advances of modern science and technology have been to human health. I began to see a need for another kind of revolution.

I still remember the day in 1975 when I decided to become a healer instead of a farmer. I soon obtained two degrees: Doctor of Chiropractic and Naturopathic Doctor. In 1979, I established a multi-practitioner natural health clinic.

People drove from miles around to visit our clinic that was located in the spacious house my father had built on our farm. We gained a reputation for catching people who were at the end of their ropes, whose challenging symptoms left other doctors scratching their heads.

“Specializing in Difficult Cases” became the tag line on our business cards. We were passionate about finding the root causes of illness, rather than simply treating symptoms. We also helped pet owners by giving chiropractic adjustments and natural remedies to dogs, cats, horses, buffalos and even chickens.

Meanwhile, I developed new approaches to natural health care, including pure water-based homeopathic medicines. In 1989, I established King Bio, an FDA-registered company that researches, manufactures and sells natural homeopathic products. King Bio soon expanded into six brands: Dr. King’s Natural MedicineNatural Pet Pharmaceuticals, Natural Veterinary Pharmaceuticals, SafeCareRxSafecare and Aquafloraproducts.

In addition to being a practitioner in the healing arts, I’m a fourth-generation family farmer.

When we relocated to the Southern Appalachian Mountains, which contain the largest temperate rain forest in North America, we desired to take advantage of its natural biodiversity. The hearty environment of Western North Carolina has enabled us to research and develop a wide variety of wild, nutrient-rich and medicinal fruits, vegetables and herbs. In 1985, I began raising bison as a healthier source of meat and eventually established Carolina Bison. On the ranch, our robust bison herd, which includes wisent, plains, and white bison, graze freely on hundreds of open pasture acreage, reminiscent of the original native herds. We also raise yak, Watusi, and camels and grow wild muscadine grapes and therapeutic herbs. Our mission is to discover and promote healthier lifestyles by offering healthy meats and other wild superfoods that awaken our positive genetic expressions.

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