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Nov 27, 2019 3-5PM ET

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Why ageing should be classified as a disease Since the time of the ancient Greeks, doctors and philosophers have argued whether ageing is a disease or a natural process. Many authors of the Hippocratic Corpus argued that growing old invariably leads to frailty, disability and death, hence they saw ageing as a progressive and incurable disease. But the Roman physician Galen argued that while diseases are abnormal, ageing is universal, so ageing is a natural process rather than a disease. This dichotomy persists to this day and frames our conceptions of the problems of ageing and our proposed solutions. Unlike Galen and Hippocrates, modern scientists understand how some of the biological mechanisms that cause ageing work. One of these, cellular senescence, sheds important light on the ancient dichotomy.

Special Guest AJ Lanigan!

A.J. Lanigan studied at the University of South Carolina, College of Pharmacy from 1971–1975. A.J. has been fascinated with various disciplines of immunology for almost 30 Years. After several successful ventures in the medical space, he discovered the immensely researched compound Beta-1, 3D Glucan.

At the time of its inception, Beta Glucan was prohibitively expensive and economically unfeasible for the average person, “When I began, only two companies were widely selling to consumers; they sold a 2.5mg capsule, in a 30-count bottle for $40.”

After teaming with key manufacturers, A.J. was able to develop a process that significantly improved the purity and cost effectiveness of Beta Glucan, making it exceedingly more affordable:

I breached the market with The First US-Made Beta Glucan that served to provide a Safe, Effective, and Affordable Supplement.”

Since its emergence on the marketplace, A.J.’s Beta Glucan has been recognized in the medical literature as,

The Only Relevant Immune Modulator
Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association

In the past 20 years, dozens of Universities and Teaching Hospitals have published the safety and effectiveness of his product:

– Harvard
– Cornell
– Tulane
– Mayo Clinic
– Memorial Sloan Kettering

Today, A.J. Lanigan has teamed with some of the most brilliant researchers of our time; helping to drive the publication of several medical journals, books, videos and educational lectures. His works are now used worldwide as the backbone for understanding the Immune System, as well as the Safety and Benefits of Beta Glucan.

For years the earth alone has provided the necessary means for good life and abundant health. In the past half century, people have proliferated at such a rapid rate that our society now relies on technology to expand the earths resources to provide for the growing population. These “innovations” modified our foods, our environment and even the air we breathe in ways that are no longer healthy and life sustaining.  The rate of disease, such as cancer and diabetes, has exploded and is found in unprecedented numbers of people. More and more people are reliant on synthetically derived prescription drugs that, many times, do nothing to change the source of the disease but simply mask the symptoms.

Better Way Health’s mission is to help people restore and/or maintain optimum health through a more natural means. The body is innately an amazing protector and healer and the products we provide work with these natural qualities and enhance their performance. The company was founded by Dave Perkins who through his own struggle with disease and years of research found what he believes the body needs to heal itself from the constant onslaught of pollutants, chemicals and toxins that we are exposed to everyday.

Beta-1, 3D Glucan modulates the immune system to provide support and balance. It is unlike other immune supplements that simply stimulate or change the immune response in an unnatural way. Over 50 years of research from prestigious universities (Harvard, Louisville, Tulane, Stanford, and more) documents the benefits of Beta Glucan. Transfer Point’s Beta-1, 3D Glucan is scientifically proven to be the Most Effective Immune System Supplement on the Market.

Beta KIDS® is an immune support supplement for children! The small, delicious fruit-flavored chewables provide a daily dose of proven immune support with natural ingredients and no added sugar. It is effective and completely safe for prolonged use.

  • Made with natural ingredients and sweeteners
  • Contains no artificial coloring or flavoring
  • Preservative-free and has no GMOs
  • Contains no gluten or lactose
  • Suitable for diabetics

What Happened When I Started Taking Beta Glucan Every Day Several years ago, my youngest son and I were so excited when we added two little kittens to our family. Unfortunately, Tennyson turned out to be highly allergic. We were heartbroken to have to give the kitties back to their original owner. He and I talked wistfully about how much we wished we could have a cat. Tennyson and I decided to take a supplement that a colleague of mine suggested at a conference—beta glucan. I had read an Amazon review by a cancer patient taking beta glucan for its immune strengthening effects. The man found that his lifelong cat allergy mysteriously disappeared.

Hour 2 – Outside The Box With Ty Bollinger!

It’s time to go Outside The Box again with Ty Bollinger! What will we be talking about today?

7 Ways To Practice Gratitude This Thanksgiving … And Every Day! With Thanksgiving upon us, some think that the time to be more grateful has come around. But there are ways to begin to cultivate gratitude now, and keep it with you all year long! Being more grateful is often associated with being a happier person. The kindest people we meet say please and thank you even when those terms are not necessarily warranted. But they may understand something: words do have a way of changing our mindset. Embarking on a lifelong journey to be thankful for what you have isn’t always easy; yet, with time you can be more grateful all year rather than just thinking about it only on Thanksgiving day. So here are 7 ways to practice gratitude today to help you live a more thankful life.

In US, climate anxiety churns up psychological storm In the melting Arctic, communities are racing to maintain their way of life. In the rising Pacific, residents are sounding alarm bells. And in Rhode Island, Kate Schapira and her husband are not having a baby. Fears about climate change are prompting worldwide action, but one knock-on effect in the United States is mounting anxiety about everything from plastics to class-based environmental disparities. Schapira, a 40-year-old senior lecturer in the English department at Brown University, is addressing that unease in a number of ways. The decision not to have children was not just about concern for their future wellbeing amid environmental degradation, she explained, but also about not wanting “my sense of responsibility to the world to shrink down to the size of one person.” Schapira also says she has likely taken her last flight.

Deportation worries may increase high blood pressure risk In a four-year study of Mexican-born women who reside in an agricultural area of California, the worry of deportation appears to double their risk of developing high blood pressure, according to new research published today in the Journal of the American Heart Association, the open access journal of the American Heart Association. The researchers followed 572  (average age of 39 years; 99% were born in Mexico) participating in a long-term study of Mexican women and their children in farmworker families in the Salinas Valley region of California. “Our findings suggest that concerns around  and enforcement may have potentially  on the long-term cardiovascular health of immigrants and their families and community,” said Jacqueline M. Torres, Ph.D., M.P.H., lead author of the study and assistant professor of epidemiology and biostatistics at the University of California, San Francisco.

Medical Errors Kill Five People Per Minute, 2.6 Million People Every Year A new report published by the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 2.6 million people die annually in low-and middle-income countries from medical errors, and that most of those deaths are related to misdiagnosis and administration of pharmaceutical products. According to the WHO, “Four out of every ten patients are harmed during primary and ambulatory health care. The most detrimental errors are related to diagnosis, prescription and the use of medicines.” The WHO believes that the impact of the harm to victims of these mistakes made by doctors and other health care providers leads to financial losses of trillions of dollars. “Medication errors alone cost an estimated US$42 billion annually. Unsafe surgical care procedures cause complications in up to 25% of patients resulting in 1 million deaths during or immediately after surgery annually,” notes the WHO. “No one should be harmed while receiving health care. And yet globally, at least 5 patients die every minute because of unsafe care,” said WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, MD. “We need a patient safety culture that promotes partnership with patients, encourages reporting and learning from errors, and creates a blame-free environment where health workers are empowered and trained to reduce errors.”

Gobbled Out: 1 In 4 Americans Are Tired Of Traditional Thanksgiving Food Nothing evokes feelings and memories of Thanksgiving quite like a turkey fresh out of the oven, with some stuffing and cranberry sauce on the side. But, are these foods being served each year more out of habit and tradition than anything else? A new survey of 2,000 Americans has revealed that more than a quarter (26%) have grown weary of the usual Thanksgiving food options and would like to see some new cuisine on the menu this year. It should come as no surprise then that 45% of the survey’s respondents say they’ve already spiced up a Thanksgiving by cooking non-traditional food for the big meal, or plan to do so in the future. Moreover, 43% say they would be open to celebrating an “alternative Thanksgiving” this year. The survey, commissioned by Hardee’s, found that the number one way Americans are changing things up is by serving a main dish besides turkey. In all, 64% say they would be willing to skip serving the standard bird on Thanksgiving, and 30% say they’ve already stopped serving it each year.

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