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Special Guest – Jon Rappoport!

Jon Rappoport has worked as a free-lance investigative reporter for over 30 years. He is the author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALEDEXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX. He has written articles on politics, health, media, culture and art for LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, Village Voice, Nexus, CBS Healthwatch, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. In 1982, the LA Weekly submitted his name for a Pulitzer prize, for his interview with the president of El Salvador University, where the military had taken over the campus

COVID: save the planet, save the virus Think of a propaganda story as a Vegas casino. The casino wants you there gambling at the tables, losing your money. But that central premise isn’t enough. They have to add features. The endless buffets. The shows. The pools. The art exhibits. The dolphins. The illuminated fountains. The story has to keep sprouting new dimensions and variations. In other to keep people gambling. In recent articles, I’ve presented compelling reasons to reject the notion that a new COVID virus exists. Of course, many people are determined to save the virus-story, so they embellish it. They add features based on no evidence. They fantasize. Here is a low-level attempt to save the virus: “SARS-CoV-2 isn’t, all by itself, very dangerous. But the elderly are extraordinarily SUSCEPTIBLE to it.” As if, somehow, the virus calculates the numerical age of its potential victims. “This man is over 65. I’ll swoop down on him.” Now we come to more strenuous efforts. “You see, 5G technology has a unique ability. It ACTIVATES the otherwise dormant virus and transforms it into a killer. The virus was on an extended fast. But now, it must munch food all day and all night, and its food is human cells…”

Anthony Fauci and the Galactic Museum “Governments throw money at a problem. Bill Gates directs money at a problem. But what problem is he seeing? You’d better figure that out, because, would you take an injection from this man?” (Notes for The Underground.) My friend Charlie recently sold a painting to the Gregorian Museum out on Galactic Park. They hang his painting in one of the upstairs rooms for a week, and then trouble starts. Charlie gets a phone call in the middle of the night from the director. Charlie can’t believe his ears. He rushes over to the museum. Upstairs, the director is in his pajamas pacing back and forth. Charlie goes up to his painting, looks at it for a few minutes and sees it. People have walked into the painting and taken up residence there. Holy crap. They’re in there. Law suits, the director says. Their families could take us to the cleaners. When Charlie calls out to the people inside his painting, they don’t hear him. They don’t seem to be able to get out. At least no one’s trying. What do you want me to do, Charlie says. Get them the hell out of there, the director says. Pick up the picture and shake it if you have to. Turn it upside down. I don’t care. Charlie doesn’t think this is a good idea. Somebody could get hurt. So for the next few hours, he sits in front of his painting, drinks coffee, and tries to talk to the people inside.

Why didn’t researchers do a proper study to discover whether the COVID virus exists? Imagine this fantasy: “After the published results of a new comprehensive study, which rejected the theory that a new pandemic coronavirus exists, a thousand infectious disease experts claimed they never said there was a new virus. One of these veteran researchers stated, ‘Virus? I was misquoted. I said “tires.” I was talking about car problems. I had a flat tire on the highway. Germs? Bacteria? Fungi? These are gossamer entities. No one is sure where they are or what they do. It would be irresponsible to assert they infect people. I need to find a job. I have two kids matriculating at Harvard. Do you have any idea how much that costs? Please visit my GoFundMe page. The money will be forwarded to me in my bunker at an undisclosed location…’” I’ve been going back to the beginning of this “pandemic,” to examine the root of the fraud. I’ve described, in full, what a proper, large-scale study would look like, if researchers were actually interested in knowing whether there is a new and unique virus causing illness and death across the world. A study using a thousand volunteers, and electron microscope photographs of samples taken from human tissue. This study was never done. It will never be done. Here is why. The official symptoms of COVID-19 line up with many traditional conditions: flu, pneumonia, TB, other lung infections, common colds. Millions of so-called “COVID cases” are not anything new. I’ve been writing about this for months. Traditional illnesses are being re-packaged under the meaningless “COVID” label.

 Sweden uncovers 3,700 false positives from COVID-19 test kit Sweden’s Public Health Agency said Tuesday a faulty test kit had returned some 3,700 false positive results, an error discovered by two laboratories during routine quality controls. The agency said the PCR kits, which test for an ongoing COVID-19 infection, were made in China by the company BGI Genomics and had been distributed worldwide. In Sweden, the kits were used by people conducting at- between period March and August, the agency said. Mostly, “people who had or who didn’t feel any symptoms at the time of the test received ,” the agency said in a statement. It added that it would contact those affected this week, as well as adjusting Sweden’s official number of cases. “The faulty test kit has been reported to the Swedish Medical Products Agency. It has been exported by China to many other countries,” the agency said, adding that it has “informed relevant authorities in Europe and the WHO”. Sweden on Tuesday said it had 86,891 confirmed cases of the new coronavirus and 5,814 deaths.

Hour 2 ENCORE – Special Guest Dr. Ravi Kulasekere

Dr. Ravi Kulasekere is a graduate from the Trinity ND program, and a board certified holistic health practitioner. He is also a board certified medical physicist, a career that spanned almost 13 years in the field of cancer care. Here he was forced to look into vaccines in 2011 when in his hospital job required him to be vaccinated annually with the flu shot in order to keep his job. While refusing to be vaccinated, in November 2016 he voluntarily left his position as chief medical physicist at the county hospital in Cleveland, and opened his own holistic health practice Do No Pharm Naturopathy LLC in Lakewood, Ohio. Since 2011 he has also been diligently studying the untold science behind vaccines and has been a vocal supporter, both online and offline, of informed consent and the ability to choose to be vaccinated or not. He has provided both written and in-person expert testimony at many state sponsored bills in OH that are aimed at removing vaccine choice and is also actively involved in the health freedom advocacy group, Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom and Health Freedom Ohio In his spare time, he loves to travel, enjoys gardening, ethnic cooking, astronomy, being active in the vegan community in Cleveland and playing with a toddler and her train set.

Tennessee mom says parents asked to sign ‘ridiculous’ waiver they will not eavesdrop on kids’ online lessons A Tennessee school district is under fire for asking parents to sign a form agreeing not to eavesdrop on kids’ virtual classes over concerns they could overhear confidential information. After significant pushback, Rutherford County Schools is allowing parents to tune in with permission from the teacher but they can’t record the classes. “It’s ridiculous. It’s so hypocritical because they’ve been data mining our children for years, compliments of common core,” Laurie Cardoza-Moore, founder of Proclaiming Justice to the Nations, said on “Fox & Friends Weekend” Saturday. “What are they trying to hide? What is the problem? Why won’t they let us sit in?” the homeschool mom of five asked. “Obviously, because they are teaching our children propaganda that they should not be teaching,” she said. “They are trying to socialize our children.” She added: “We have had a major problem in education, not just here in Tennessee, but across the country where they are indoctrinating our children with propaganda.” Cardoza-Moore questioned why the school would encourage parents to snitch on one another and what would happen if a parent violates the waiver. “Does that mean somebody from the school district is going to knock on my door and pull my kid out of my home, his virtual classroom?” she asked. “Or is it going to be my tax dollars that fund my child’s public education, my child won’t get to participate in education because of it?”

Coronavirus ‘breathalyzer’ test? Scientists move closer to breakthrough device Most people who have taken a nasal swab test for COVID-19 will likely tell you it’s not a pleasant experience. Could there be an easier, and quicker, way of testing for coronavirus? Scientists say there is — and they’re working on a “breathalyzer” device which works like a drunk-driving test. An international research team is developing a prototype coronavirus breathalyzer machine. This device will scan the air after patients exhale, just like current breathalyzers detect alcohol particles in a person’s breath. The option would certainly be far more preferable and less invasive than current testing techniques. At the moment, nasopharyngeal swabs are the gold standard for coronavirus testing. Healthcare workers stick a long swab up a patient’s nose, collecting samples from the nasal passage and back of the throat. Once that uncomfortable part is over, technicians analyze these samples for genes of SARS-CoV-2 — the virus causing COVID-19. Not only is this process unpleasant for the patient, study authors say it also involves a time-consuming lab test called RT-PCR. With so many people around the world getting tested, it can take medical offices several days before they get results.

Lawsuit Challenges USDA’s BE Labeling Rule On July 27, 2020, the Natural Grocers, Citizens for GMO Labeling, Label GMOs, Rural Vermont, Good Earth Natural Foods, Puget Consumers Co-op, and the Center for Food Safety (“Plaintiffs”) filed a complaint against USDA challenging the final “BE labeling rule,” i.e., the final rule implementing the National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard (NBFDS).  According to Plaintiffs, the final BE labeling rule fails to provide meaningful labeling of, what Plaintiffs call, genetically engineered (GE) foods.   They allege that USDA “fell far short of fulfilling the promise of meaningful labeling of GE foods [and] in many ways, the [rule results] . . . in the direct or de facto concealment of these foods and avoidance of their labeling.” As readers of our blog know, Plaintiffs have been fighting for mandatory disclosure of the presence or use of genetically engineered ingredients in food for many years.  Congress passed the NBFDS in 2016 after several states had passed and several other states were poised to pass laws mandating certain statements on foods that were manufactured from or with the use of genetic engineering.  The Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) of the USDA was tasked with the implementation of the law.   The final rule, setting a compliance date of Jan. 1, 2022, was issued in 2018.

Questions of The Day!

I have heard you mention that Trump is not likely to mandate vaccines. But what about his statement that he will use the military to distribute vaccines “in a powerful way”. Then what does he mean by that?

I have a friend in Savannah, who volunteered for the COVID vaccine trial. Will she be shedding the virus with each experimental shot? Where can I get a list of ingredients and a record as to what adverse effects are being found?

‘YOU’VE NOW GOT COVID’ Police hunt masked suspect accused of giving strangers ‘COVID hugs’ at Walmart COPS are hunting for a covidiot said to be giving strangers hugs and telling them “you now have COVID” in a Massachusetts Walmart.  “He told the victim, ‘Just giving you a COVID hug.  You now have COVID,’” officers with the Springfield Police Department said in a press release. Cops said that the victim, who is a cancer survivor, reported the man to cops and said that he took items out of their hands and hugged them before walking away laughing. The suspect, who has not yet been identified, is pictured wearing a black face mask, an Aero shirt and camouflage shorts. The incident occurred on Aug. 15, but he had also given out hugs to other customers, cops said. Police are seeking to bring the man in on charges for assault and battery and making terroristic threats, reported. Throughout the pandemic, numerous accounts have been reported of people doing alarming things while claiming to have the coronavirus. In March, a Pennsylvania grocery store had to throw out $35,000 worth of food after a woman was seen intentionally coughing all over the produce section.

Singing ‘no riskier than talking’ for virus spread Singing does not produce substantially more respiratory particles than speaking at a similar volume, a study suggests. But it all depends on how loud a person is, according to the initial findings which are yet to be peer reviewed. The project, called Perform, looked at the amount of aerosols and droplets generated by performers. The findings could have implications for live indoor performances, which resumed in England this week. They are currently only allowed to take place under strict social distancing guidelines. Aerosols are tiny particles which are exhaled from the body and float in the air. There is emerging evidence that coronavirus can be spread through these particles, as well in droplets which fall onto surfaces and are then touched. Twenty-five professional performers of different genders, ethnicities, ages and backgrounds – musical theatre, opera, gospel, jazz and pop – took part in the study that was led by scientists at the University of Bristol.

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