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July 10th, 2020 3-5PM ET

Friday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Americans will be wearing masks for ‘several years,’ coronavirus expert says A coronavirus expert with Johns Hopkins University believes Americans will be wearing masks for several years. Eric Toner, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, said face coverings are a vital when trying to slow the spread of the virus. Toner has been researching what government, businesses and citizens would do in the face on a public health outbreak, like the novel coronavirus, since last year. Speaking with CNET for the series “Hacking the Apocalypse,” Toner said he believes masks will be the “new normal” for years to come. “I think that mask wearing and some degree of social distancing, we will be living with — hopefully living with happily — for several years,” Toner said. “It’s actually pretty straightforward. If we cover our faces, and both you and anyone you’re interacting with are wearing a mask, the risk of transmission goes way down.” Decisions by leaders haven’t come without pushback from those not wishing to wear a mask. “They will get over it,” Toner said about people who aren’t wearing masks at the moment. “It’s just a question of how many people get sick and die before they get over it.” That sentiment is being echoed by local health experts, like Meharry Medical CEO Dr. Hildreth, who says we can help slow the spread by wearing a mask. However, recently, Dr. Hildreth said this has become politicized, or contextualized as being weak or forgoing our constitutional rights.

Quarantine bad for you? Study claims self-isolation might raise COVID-19 vulnerability Self-isolation and social distancing were supposed to be part of the solution to COVID-19. A surprising new study now suggests that prolonged periods of isolation may actually increase one’s vulnerability to the coronavirus. This entire year has felt like a no-win situation for so many people, and these latest findings may be as deflating as they are confusing. It’s no secret by now that COVID-19 is super contagious and easily spread among people. So how is self-isolating helping the virus? According to researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, the constant “interpersonal stressors” that come along with quarantining and self-isolation may cause an increased vulnerability to various upper respiratory viruses, including perhaps COVID-19. In other words, the stress one battles from avoiding friends and family and staying home all the time is making them more susceptible to respiratory viruses. This phenomenon hasn’t been proved regarding COVID-19 specifically, but such a relationship has been seen with cold and flu viruses.

As Vaccine Skepticism In U.S. Grows, Experts Recommend Strategies For Covid-19 Vaccination Campaign As polling suggests that only half of America’s population would be willing to get the Covid-19 vaccine if it were available, a panel of scientific and academic experts on Thursdays released a set of recommendations for how to boost confidence in vaccines, including appointing community spokespeople and making the vaccine free to all and available at familiar places like centers for worship. “Baseline vaccine hesitancy and uneven access to care, coupled with current opposition to mask-wearing and physical distancing despite active COVID-19 disease, suggest that public health authorities need to rethink how best to manage the pandemic and to spur recovery.” On Wednesday, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease director Dr. Anthony Fauci said he’s “cautiously optimistic” a Covid-19 vaccine will be developed by the end of this year or early 2021, per Newsweek. 139. That’s how many Covid-19 vaccine candidates are in preclinical evaluation, with 21 others undergoing clinical trials, according to the World Health Organization via Newsweek.

Security Alert: Immunity Passport Technology Gaining Traction and Raising Serious Ethical Concerns Is the Orwellian future really here? We are seeing the frightening spread of technology that will allow businesses and officials to ask people for “proof” of immunity from COVID and “other relevant health information.” While a dream for the likes of Bill Gates and other proponents of mass vaccinations, it’s sounds like nothing more than the beginning of a nightmare for the general public. As many as 15 countries so far are preparing to adopt this baffling “show me your papers” type of mass tracking and surveillance under the guise of public health and safety. The question is: how far will officials go to control individuals’ liberty … and at what point will the public finally stand up against this insane violation of privacy? A British cybersecurity company recently launched a new patented technology called COVI-PASS™. Their claimed objective is to promote a safer “return to work and social interactions” in the wake of a global pandemic. Here’s some more information from their website: “COVI-PASS™ is a secure Digital Health Passport which displays your COVID-19 test history and immunoresponse and other relevant health information … this ensures confident return to work and life.” It appears to function like a smartphone app. Reading between the lines here, we can easily infer that this type of technology will also be used to prevent you from being able to go anywhere or do anything if you are not able to “prove” that you have antibodies against the novel coronavirus, whether by a prior infection or a vaccine (both of which are yet to be proven to offer immunity, according to officials).

Questions of The Day!

Could my whole extended family (9 members, ages 2-73) have had a coronavirus infection in the form of diarrhea and mild fever? My two year old son contracted it first and had it for 5 days. Then I (43) had it for 4 days and my mother (73) for 3 days and my father (72) and husband (40) for 2 days each. Then my nine year old niece had it for 1 day and my 4 year old daughter for 4 days and finally my 2 year old daughter and 26 year old au pair had this illness for 4 days. The diarrhea was more severe in the two year olds and four year old than in the adults, and the children had more noticeable fever. It took three weeks to run through the family. It seems like it must be viral. I wonder if it is coronavirus and none of us had respiratory symptoms because we did not inhale it? Or is this another type of virus that none of us had been exposed to before? My son who first contracted it is an inveterate puddle drinker and dirt eater.
I’d appreciate your perspective.


RSB show. There was a guest who talked in the first hour about- S H L, a Chinese medicine. There were 3 ingredients – one was honey suckle. Can you tell me what the other two were? I like your show.
Thank You, Don


On a lighter note – I want to disagree with you Robert but annoyingly, I cannot.

I will keep trying  hee hee

Researchers Suggest Fans Of Apocalyptic Movies Are “Coping Better With Pandemic” While horror and post-apocalyptic movies are mostly fiction, they can have significant effects on our real lives. A recent study has shown that people who enjoy movies from the two genres cope better, physically and mentally, during pandemics. A renowned psychologist, Coltan Scrivner, told media sources that people, while watching post-apocalyptic movies, unintentionally rehearse the scenes. Scrivner is a specialist on morbid curiosity at the University of Chicago. Bringing the current pandemic into view, he added that, except for the shortage of toilet paper, prepper film fans knew exactly what to expect. Scrivner also authored the preprint study. The research paper has not been peer-reviewed yet but was published in PsyArXiv. While zombies and alien invasions may not happen anytime soon, our world feels pretty dystopic right now. And movies that deal with such themes open our imaginary faculties to such possibilities. In the process, we learn how to navigate through such situations, when given a chance.

Hour 2

Special Guest Ron Spence

Ron grew up on a dairy farm in Western Pennsylvania and was taught the value of hard work at a young age.  After high school Ron worked various jobs and paid for his own education with degrees in science and an MBA. He became a Vice President of one of the largest computer service providers in the US (ADP) and with that knowledge opened his own service provider company that became the largest in his market niche industry. He was later recruited by Sanyo Electronics as a senior Vice President and he soon became one of the CEO’s within the computer division of this multi-billion-dollar electronics powerhouse. Along the way he got sick and for over 10 years under the management of western medicine he got worse until he no longer wanted to live. By providence he met a young lady who was over 100 years old and a practicing naturopath. She placed his feet on the right path and he was able to restore his health within months after losing over a decade of life, at the prime of my life. This new found knowledge changed the direction of his life and for the next 30 years has done investigative research on health and nutrition, discovering cutting edge technologies that can make a major difference in people’s lives. However, this new path has also led him to discover the many falsehoods that exist in our current reality of which he is driven to expose.  Ron has built a number of large sales organizations while sharing his life’s research and experiences. Ron has retired a long time ago however the universe will not allow him to rest. Wait until you hear what he is doing now.

Special Guest – Dr. Frank King

The Healing Revolution with Dr. Frank King!

It’s time to safely desensitize you from your allergies! Dr. Frank King returns with the Healing Revolution!

RSB personally endured over 10 years of allergy injections, plus just about every OTC and prescription drug on the market to deal with his chronic allergies while growing up in a medical family. It was not until he discovered homeopathy that his life changed for the better and is now allergy free for the last 26 years! Dr. King has developed some powerful, yet easily accessible techniques to reduce the severity of your allergic responses while you work to undo what has brought them about.

Join the Healing Revolution by reading Dr. King’s book about the 8 Essentials to life and health!

The King Bio Journey

In my early 20s, my aging father put me in charge of the farm. My passion for all things natural was growing by leaps and bounds, so I converted our operations to an organic, biodynamic farm.

Meanwhile, my enthusiasm for the healing arts grew. I read everything I could about natural foods and health. I went to hear a crazy eighty-year-old man named Dr. Paul Bragg speak, and he exploded my old-age stereotypes! A few years later, I was astounded to hear that he reportedly died from complications received from a surfing accident. In his 80s!

These were my days of discovery, as I learned how detrimental many aspects of the Industrial Revolution and the so-called advances of modern science and technology have been to human health. I began to see a need for another kind of revolution.

I still remember the day in 1975 when I decided to become a healer instead of a farmer. I soon obtained two degrees: Doctor of Chiropractic and Naturopathic Doctor. In 1979, I established a multi-practitioner natural health clinic.

People drove from miles around to visit our clinic that was located in the spacious house my father had built on our farm. We gained a reputation for catching people who were at the end of their ropes, whose challenging symptoms left other doctors scratching their heads.

“Specializing in Difficult Cases” became the tag line on our business cards. We were passionate about finding the root causes of illness, rather than simply treating symptoms. We also helped pet owners by giving chiropractic adjustments and natural remedies to dogs, cats, horses, buffalos and even chickens.

Meanwhile, I developed new approaches to natural health care, including pure water-based homeopathic medicines. In 1989, I established King Bio, an FDA-registered company that researches, manufactures and sells natural homeopathic products. King Bio soon expanded into six brands: Dr. King’s Natural MedicineNatural Pet Pharmaceuticals, Natural Veterinary Pharmaceuticals, SafeCareRxSafecare and Aquaflora products.

product image for stress controlimage-nm-arthritis-pain-and-joint-reliefAnxiety and Nervousness

Acute Pain ReliefSciatic Nerve FormulaRestless Leg Symptom Relief


Remember Friends, The Power to Heal is Yours!

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