Mediaite race-baiting Darla Shine, Del Bigtree, National Childhood Vaccine Injury Compensation Act, HHS busted big time, Fat myth debunked, USA diet crazy, Grammy-nominated Al Conti, #WalkAway and MORE!

July 13, 2018 7-9PM ET

Friday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Mediaite Loves To Play The Race Card…

In part 2 of our effort to point out the absurdity of the smear campaign against Darla Shine, we go to our friends at Mediaite. If you recall, a few years ago they accused us of calling Jon Stewart a Nazi. This was a blatant lie, but of course once the media picks up a clickbait headline, it spreads like a wildfire.

Well, Mediaite did it again by saying this about Darla Shine

“1 out of 10 black boys has autism!” Shine tweeted in February 2016, in a post that managed to combine vaccination conspiracies with race-baiting.

Race-baiting? How is this race-baiting? She was simply quoting the results of a study…. I’m thinking that Mediaite is actually guilty of what they are accusing Darla of. Think about it. Isn’t playing the race card and purposely misusing the term race-baiting….race-baiting? Hmmmm…

Special Guest Del Bigtree!

Del Bigtree has been an Emmy Award winning producer on the daytime talk show THE DOCTORS for over six years. With a background both as a filmmaker and an investigative medical journalist, Del is best known for combining visually impactful imagery, raw emotional interviews and unbiased investigative research into stories that push the envelope of daytime television. When Del began investigating the story of the CDC Whistleblower and the fraud perpetrated by the CDC he soon realized that he had stumbled upon a story of corruption and deception beyond any he had ever seen. Further investigation into the wrongful destruction of Andy Wakefield’s career orchestrated by Big Pharma and the UK Department of Health inspired Del to focus all of his attention on what he believes to be the most crucial documentary of our time, VAXXED.

HHS FAILED VACCINE SAFETY PROVISIONS In 1986, Congress charged Health and Human Services (HHS) with the primary responsibility of ensuring vaccine safety after removing product liability from vaccine manufacturers as part of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Compensation Act. As part of the 1986 Act, HHS is required to create a task force and submit bi-annual reports to Congress detailing actions taken to ensure vaccine safety. This stipulated order shows that HHS has not acted in its duties regarding vaccine safety, forcing 78 million American children into a vaccine program with no safety provisions.

Hour 2 – The Fat Myth Debunked Once Again!

About half of U.S. adults are on a diet Dieting has become the new normal in the U.S. If you doubt this is true, just ask two American adults whether they’ve tried to lose weight in the past year. Odds are, one of them will say yes, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Between 2013 and 2016, 49.1 percent of Americans ages 20 and up told interviewers with the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey that they made an effort to shed some pounds in the previous 12 months. Some Americans were more likely to diet than others. For instance, 56.4 percent of women tried to lose weight, versus 41.7 percent of men. Age was a factor, too. Interviewers found that 52.4 percent of adults in their 40s and 50s had recently gone on a diet, compared with 49.7 percent of adults who were younger and 42.7 percent of adults who were older. (In every age group, women were more likely to diet than men.) Race and ethnicity mattered less. A total of 49.4 percent of white men and women reported a weight-loss attempt, as did 48 percent of black adults and 49.1 percent of Latino adults. Those differences weren’t large enough to be statistically significant. However, all of those figures were higher than the 41.4 percent of Asian Americans who said they had dieted in the past 12 months.

Mythbuster: Research Shows Whole-Milk Products Won’t Kill You, May Even Prevent Stroke Worried that using whole milk in your latte instead of the less-delicious and supposedly healthier nonfat kind will take years off your lifespan? You can calm those fears: a new study finds that consuming full-fat dairy products — including cheese, yogurt, and butter — likely won’t play a role in sending you to the grave any sooner. Researchers from The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston say that not only are dairy fats not linked to the development of heart disease or stroke, it turns out they may actually help prevent people from suffering a severe stroke. “Our findings not only support, but also significantly strengthen, the growing body of evidence which suggests that dairy fat, contrary to popular belief, does not increase risk of heart disease or overall mortality in older adults,” says Marcia Otto, the study’s first author and an  assistant professor in the Department of Epidemiology, Human Genetics and Environmental Sciences at the university, in a media release.

Special Guest Al Conti

Al Conti has always been an artist and an actor, and a little over a decade ago he heeded the call of the muse to compose analbum. His dedication to excellence has propelled him to becoming one of the top talents in the New Age genre. Today, Al is a GRAMMY® nominated, award winning composer, arranger, producer and multi-instrumentalist whose music is heard around the world on all forms of media and in retail spaces.  In October 2016, Shadowside Music released MYSTIC, Al’s sixth album, which was four years in the making. The album topped the ZMR Charts at #1 that month, garnered two ZMR Lifestyle Awards nominations and won Best World Album.  Al describes his spiritual quest during this period in the album’s liner notes, a rare personal glimpse of the introverted artist’s world that reveal his penchant for world travel to mystical places.  Rich in sound, culture, and instrumentation, Al feels the album is his best work to date.  The album also includes the talents of Charlee Brooks (David Arkenstone), Pamela Copus (2002), Ricky Kej and Jeff Pearce.

Award-Winning Composer Says Sales Soared After He ‘Walked Away’ From Democratic Party The WalkAway movement, launched in late May by gay NYC hairdresser Brandon Straka, is bringing together Americans from all walks of life—every race, class, sexual orientation, and nationality—seeking to simply be “allowed” to say what they think and be who they are. They are walking away from the Democratic Party, standing up and being proud of being an American first—not a hyphenated, identity-captive American. One of the most stunning voices to emerge is an artist of international repute—Grammy-nominated Argentinian composer Al Conti. “OK, this is a huge moment of truth for me,” he posted on July 6 on the #WalkAway Campaign Facebook page. His WalkAway “coming out” was preceded by his withdrawal from the Recording Academy, after he perceived its Grammy telecast as a “Trump-bashing platform.”

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