UN in Utah, Sovereignty, Dino “The Happy Plant Guy” Changanaqui, Cannabis contamination, Maryam Henein, Shadow banning, Google censorship, Iodine questions, EMF protection and MORE!

Oct 29, 2019 3-5PM ET

Tuesday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

What Is The U.N. Doing In Utah? The U.N. is convening their 68th annual Civil Society Conference in Salt Lake City to further the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (more on Agenda 2030 below). The UN wants “to make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable by 2030.”  Indoctrination in the name of “inclusivity, climate change, peace, economic opportunity for our youth, and the development of infrastructure and technology”. All the while they are destroying the environment, building a Big Brother total surveillance state, creating world wide conflict and erasing human rights.

Special Guest – Dino “The Happy Plant Guy” Changanaqui

MARIJUANA CONTAMINATION SOURCE – PATHOGENIC MOLD – EXPOSED BY TRINITY GLOBAL ENTERPRISES LLC PSA “COA TO CYA” LAUNCHES FOR CONSUMER PROTECTION AT PLANTSTDS.COM Diseased and contaminated agriculture is a chronic problem worldwide. This report resulted from a proactive search for the source of plant mold, heavy metal, pathogen, and insect contamination in diseased crops. Referenced inputs are substrate, soil, nutrients, fertilizer and water. A suggested new industry best-practice for growing contamination-free plants (hydroponics and outdoor) with substrate resulted.  When researching a solution, one must reflect upon the start of the issue. If a grower experiences mold, heavy metal, pathogen or insect larvae contamination in their plants, one must inspect the quality of all agriculture inputs. Referenced inputs are substrate, soil, fertilizer, herbicide, pesticide and water. All inputs are vital throughout the plant lifecycle and each presents a pathway to introduce contaminants into agriculture. Fertilizer is a primary focus of heavy metal contamination. However, this report focuses on plant substrate transmitted disease (STD) sources.

PSA Marijuana Vape Oil Injury Death Linked to Fungicide – Pathogenic Mold Source Found in Popular Coconut Substrates

Vape injury and death. Mold in marijuana. Cannabis mold control = fungicide. Vape death pathology links to fungicide; heated fungicide = hydrogen cyanide. Independent lab results indicate 40% of coconut substrate (agriculture grow media) samples submitted are laden with pathogenic molds Pythium and Fusarium. The Public Service Announcement (PSA) and research are at https://PlantSTDs.com

Consumers: Demand a certificate of analysis (COA) on any cannabis product before purchasing. No COA? Choose another product with a COA tested for mold and heavy metals. Consumer PSA Video

Growers: If you’ve used any of these brands of coconut coir or coconut peat, contact us for laboratory results:

  • B’Cuzz, BioBizz, Botanicare, Conibo Organics, Royal Gold Tupur

  • Grower PSA Video

We are a group of agriculture industry insiders who asked questions until we found an answer. To know this truth and not share it would be tragic. Please take this information seriously for personal safety and industry longevity.

Hour 2

Special Guest Maryam Henein

Maryam Henein is an investigative journalist, functional medicine consultant, and founder and editor-in-chief of HoneyColony. She is also the director of the award-winning documentary film Vanishing of the Bees, narrated by Ellen Page.

Google Censors, Shadowbans, and Blacklists Alternative Health News What if I told you that social media platforms are manipulating you, steering you toward health information that they think is right, rather than letting you evaluate content for yourself? Accredited professionals, meanwhile, who stand for health freedom and who criticize Big Anything, are losing posting privileges, getting banned or buried, finding themselves deranked, and getting digitally assassinated. Content is literally disappearing from the internet along with our health choices. It sounds conspiratorial because it is. Independent journalists and health experts are blowing the whistle. But it’s become a silent one. “The censorship that is being applied to alternative health is nothing less than demonic,” said Zach Vorhies, 39, who worked as a Google software engineer for 8 1/2 years before coming out as a whistleblower. “That may seem extreme, but I’ve been following the happenings in the new cures that are being suppressed.” According to Vorhies, in the past three years, Google has rolled out changes that purposely down-rank independent health websites, even extremely high-quality and independent medical articles that are written by credentialed health care professionals.

Questions of The Day!

Hello RSB!!!
I come back this time with a question about iodine supplement. I got the good stuff, from one of your link on the website. Now, I try to find information about: HOW/WHEN/WHY to take it.
Can it be preventive for different ailments, or is it purely curative, do you have a sure link where I could find a maximum of information about it’s use. I don’t have (at least, I think!!! Not fan of doctors…been 17 years now since my last any kind of tests!!) any known disease, I think that the hormones begin to slow down a bit (I’m soon 46), may be it would be a good idea to support the thyroid, once in a while…so…if you can help me with the comprehension of the safe use of iodine, I would be grateful!!
Thanks for everything!! you guys enlight my days!!!! 🙂
Annie, from Quebec!!


Hi Dr. Robert Scott Bell! My name is Hannah and I was at the Truth About Cancer in California this past month. I really enjoyed hearing you inform us of everything going on in the world now…2 questions. 1) Can you tell me the best EMF protection products or company and a reliable website to find them at? 2) I remember hearing about Nov 14th…If we can’t make it, what is the next best thing to do? I want to do more, but honestly, don’t know what steps to take and who to get in contact with…Any helpful resources? Can you also send any helpful resources to find out more about the real ID? Much thanks! 🙂


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