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Dec 30, 2018 1-3PM ET

Sunday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Smart thermometer company reports Utah is ‘sickest in the nation’; officials disagree A health technology company that manufactures smart thermometers says Utah is “the sickest in the nation,” but the Utah Department of Health can’t confirm that the Beehive State is the top hot spot for flu. “We’re not denying that it is increasing, and we’re likely to see more cases in the coming weeks, but we are definitely not the sickest like they are reporting,” said Becky Ward, a health educator with the Utah Department of Health, which reports flu-like symptoms to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. She did confirm that two children in Utah have died this season, one of them recently, as a result of influenza. San Francisco-based Kinsa reported Thursday that thermometer use, body temperatures and other symptoms automatically reported to the company are up in Utah. However, the CDC is actually reporting “low” flu activity in Utah. It is much higher in other states, including in Colorado, California, Alabama, Georgia and more. Idaho, Nevada and Arizona are also reporting higher numbers of the illness circulating, according to the latest weekly report from the CDC. The latest state reports reveal that 61 Utahns have been hospitalized with influenza since Oct. 1, when the Utah Department of Health typically begins surveillance of the highly contagious respiratory illness. Most of those cases, Ward said, are in older Utahns and those with other compromised health conditions.

Questions of The Day!

Hello Dr. Bell, I was wondering if sovereign silver is ok for pregnant women to take as an immune booster. My wife is in her 3rd trimester and recently got a cold. We eat clean and hydrate well and RARELY get sick. I am a firm believer in silver but there are not alot of studies that say anything about it and pregnancy. Also should I up her selenium intake to 400-600mcg per day while sick? Please help with info please super Don or Robert. Thanks in advance


My son is a 44 year old quadraplegic and has respiratory issues; pneumonia, congestion, etc. Will silver hydrosol help in fighting the bacteria that follows aspiration? Will it help boost Cody’s immune system?
I do hope you will reply. Cody’s #1 issue involving pneumonia is aspiration. If you have other suggestions as to how to fight aspiration I would appreciate it.
Thank you,


Hi RSB and Super D! I wanted to thank you for bringing truth and light to the vaccination debate! If someone you know did get a vaccine, would it be possible to detox them from the harmful ingredients? I know this isn’t the best route to go but situations may arise. I want to be prepared if at all possible. Thank you so much. Sending love and gratitude!



Short patients are more likely to die in intensive care, and researchers don’t know why If you end up in the intensive care unit of a hospital or clinic there’s a number of things that can affect your eventual outcome. How healthy you are, your age, and the conditions that you’re suffering from are all obvious factors, but a new study suggests that your height might actually play a role in whether you’re able to pull through or not. New research published in Intensive Care Medicine suggests that taller patients tend to survive at a higher rate than shorter individuals. The study reaches a rather bold conclusion in that short stature may actually be a risk factor if you end up in the ICU. The cohort study looked at over 400,000 cases from the UK in total, with 233,308 men and 184,070 women who passed through a hospital intensive care unit. After accounting for anything that could skew the data one way or another, the team crunched the numbers and discovered that shorter people die more often in the ICU by a significant margin.

Report: Scientists in China Are Losing Track of Gene-Edited CRISPR Patients Gene therapies are very much at their preliminary stages of development, so it would make sense to keep tabs on patients whose DNA has been modified via the innovative CRISPR technique. For some scientists in China, however, this is apparently not a priority. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that an undisclosed number of Chinese cancer patients who have undergone experimental gene therapies aren’t being properly tracked as would be expected. In these cases, the patients had their genes modified with the CRISPR-Cas9 gene-editing tool in an effort to treat their cancer. The scientists in charge of at least one trial failed to maintain ties with their patients afterwards and conduct follow-up examinations, according to the WSJ. Indeed, follow-ups are extra critical for patients undergoing gene therapies. Changes to DNA can trigger unintended consequences known as knock-off effects. Unexpected health problems stemming from gene modifications, such as autoimmune disorders, could appear later in life.

Hour 2 – Special Guest Chris Barr!

Not A Doc Chris Barr joins us to talk about the latest in health news! How about a whole hour on MS? Chris will share a story of a SEVERE MS case turned around dramatically in only days and COMPLETELY after 2 months! How did it happen? We will find out!

How to reverse neurological degradation diseases? Take copious notes in hour 2 of the broadcast!  For your consideration, RSB and NAD will discuss the following:

What causes multiple sclerosis?  Multiple sclerosis (MS) affects the central nervous system and normally occurs in early adulthood. It usually affects people between the ages of 20 and 40, with women being 2 times more likely to be diagnosed with MS than men. MS has been considered one of medicines least understood diseases, but recognizing the common causes can provide hope to all MS sufferers. People with MS typically have nutritional deficiencies. Studies have shown that essential fatty acids (EFA’s), the building blocks of the brain and nervous system, are lacking in many MS patients. MS is very common in Western countries where people consume large amounts of conventional meat, dairy products, and processed foods, all which are low in essential fatty acids. However, it is least common in countries where diets are high in unsaturated fats, including seed oils, olive oil, oily fish, and fresh fruits and vegetables, all which are high in EFA’s. Even with a balanced diet, MS patients have shown difficulty in absorbing essential nutrients. The most common deficiencies appear to be vitamins B1, B6, and B12, as well as magnesium, zinc, folic acid (folate), amino acids, manganese, selenium, and EFA’s.

 Remember Friends, The Power to Heal is Yours!

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