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March 31st, 2021 3-5PM ET

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Investigation: Program to help people with vaccine complications rarely pays out for COVID-19 cases The federal program designed to help people who experience complications after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine rarely gives payouts, according to internal documents Channel 2 Action News has uncovered. Compensation for vaccines gone wrong is nothing new. The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program was developed in 1988.  Individual cases are heard in vaccine court. Claimants don’t need to prove willful misconduct in order to be approved for relief for injuries associated with a vaccine. But the COVID-19 vaccine is not part of that program. Instead, COVID-19 cases will be sent to a secretive federal program. And according to documents uncovered, the program has only paid a handful of people since it was created. Gwinnett County nurse, Joanna Oakley, told Channel 2 investigative reporter Justin Gray she knew something wasn’t right the moment the needle entered her arm during her 2015 flu shot. “Immediately, it felt kind like it hit bone,” she said. The shot was injected into the wrong part of her arm and destroyed tendons. After multiple surgeries, Oakley is no longer able to work as a post-anesthesia nurse.

‘Rare’ reaction to COVID-19 vaccine likely caused man’s skin to swell, peel, doctor says A Virginia man is rebounding from a days-long hospital stay after suffering a severe skin reaction to what his doctors believe was the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine. Richard Terrell has since made a full recovery, and one of his doctors told Fox News that he remains thankful to have received the shot. He began experiencing itchiness on his body about three to four days after receiving the jab. The symptoms eventually progressed to discomfort, and by the time the 74-year-old landed at VCU Medical Center, the rash covered his body from head to toe, his legs were swollen and his skin began peeling. “It was stinging, burning and itching,” Terrell told 8News. “Whenever I bent my arms or legs, like the inside of my knee, it was very painful where the skin was swollen and was rubbing against itself.” One of his dermatologists, Dr. FNU Nutan, told Fox News that while his case is rare, and possibly the first reported instance of such a reaction to the Johnson & Johnson shot, it is not unusual for vaccines or medications – including everyday ones — to cause skin reactions. Nutan said the team worked diligently to eliminate other potential triggers for the reaction before concluding that the vaccine was a likely cause.

Should Masking Last Beyond The Pandemic? Flu And Colds Are Down, Spurring A Debate The teachers at New Hope Academy in Franklin, Tenn., were chatting the other day. The private Christian school has met in person throughout much of the coronavirus pandemic — requiring masks and trying to keep kids apart, to the degree it is possible with young children. And Nicole Grayson, who teaches fourth grade, says they realized something peculiar. “We don’t know anybody that has gotten the flu,” she says. “I don’t know of a student that has gotten strep throat.” At this point, it’s not just an anecdote. A study released this month in the Journal of Hospital Medicine, led by researchers from Vanderbilt University Medical Center, found that across 44 children’s hospitals, the number of pediatric patients hospitalized for respiratory illnesses is down 62%. Deaths have dropped dramatically too, compared with the last 10 years: The number of flu deaths among children is usually between 100 and 200 per year, but so far only one child has died from the disease in the U.S. during the 2020-2021 flu season. Adults aren’t getting sick either. U.S. flu deaths this season will be measured in the hundreds instead of thousands. During the 2018-2019 flu season, which experienced a moderate level of flu activity, an estimated 34,200 Americans died.

GOP governors ignore Biden’s latest plea on mask mandates President Joe Biden’s pleas for states to stick with mask mandates to slow the spread of the coronavirus were being largely ignored Tuesday as several Republican governors stayed on track to drop the requirement in their states. Biden and the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said a day earlier that this is no time to relax safety measures. In a call with governors on Tuesday, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky buttressed that message by citing “concerning” national trends: The seven-day average of 61,000 new COVID-19 cases per day is up 13%, and the seven-day average of deaths is up 6%. But Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchison announced Tuesday he is dropping the state’s mask mandate immediately, a day earlier than previously announced. “We made our decision in Arkansas based upon the criteria we set,” said the Republican, who last month set targets for test positivity and hospitalizations in order for the state’s requirement to expire. “This is a goal we had. We achieved that, so we stuck with the principle that was outlined.” The number of new reported cases in Arkansas was 79 on Monday, according to the CDC, part of a downward trend.

Wisconsin Supreme Court strikes down mask mandate The 4-3 ruling was issued in a 78-page decision Wednesday morning. Republican lawmakers filed suit in October on the mandate. They said the governor did not have the authority to extend the state’s public health emergency beyond 60 days without approval from the legislature. The majority of justices agreed. The ruling from the conservative-controlled court is the latest legal blow to attempts by Evers to control the coronavirus. Evers had argued that he can issue multiple health emergencies because of the changing nature of the ongoing pandemic. The court last May struck down Evers’ “safer at home” order, saying that his health secretary did not have the authority for such an order. Evers’ attempts to limit capacity in bars, restaurants and other indoor places were also blocked by a state appeals court in October. The mask order first took effect in August and Evers extended it four times since then. Wisconsin’s current mask mandate is set to expire Monday after Evers signed a new emergency order Feb. 4.

Selenium supplementation protects against obesity and may extend lifespan Adding the nutrient selenium to diets protects against obesity and provides metabolic benefits to mice, according to a study published today in eLife. The results could lead to interventions that reproduce many of the anti-aging effects associated with while also allowing people to eat as normal. Several types of have been shown to increase healthspan—that is, the period of healthy lifespan. One of the proven methods of increasing healthspan in many organisms, including non-human mammals, is to restrict dietary intake of an amino acid called methionine. Recent studies have suggested that the effects of methionine restriction on healthspan are likely to be conserved in humans. Although it might be feasible for some people to practice methionine restriction, for example, by adhering to a vegan diet, such a diet might not be practical or desirable for everyone. In the current study, a research team from the Orentreich Foundation for the Advancement of Science (OFAS), Cold Spring, New York, US, aimed to develop an intervention that produces the same effects as methionine restriction, while also allowing an individual to eat a normal, unrestricted diet.

Hour 2 – Outside The Box With Ty Bollinger!

It’s time to go Outside The Box again with Ty Bollinger! What will we be talking about today?

Cancel Culture, Digital “Hate” Groups & the “Anti” Anti-Vaxx Industry | Part 1 The war on freedom has reached a fevered pitch. Cancel culture and media censorship are at an all-time high as the rich and powerful continue their crusade to destroy free thought once and for all. At the center of this war is the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH), a group of left-wing mercenaries with the sole purpose of silencing anyone who jeopardizes the financial and political interests of their sponsors. Earlier this month, we reported that the CCDH had published a “digital hitlist” of the “Top 10 Anti-Vaxxers” which included “The Bollingers” along with 10 others. Apparently, the hatred spewed from the CCDH has affected their ability to perform basic mathematics, such as counting to eleven, because their “top 10” list actually contains 11 names. We’ll just chalk that one up to “vaccine-induced rage.” Since that time, we have been “purged” from Instagram.  The CCDH is a UK-based group who claims to “disrupt the architecture of online hate and misinformation.” According to their website, they hope to deplatform, demonetize, and demonize what they refer to as “conspiracy theories, misinformation, and hate.”  Within the last week, the CCDH followed up their “Top 10” (or eleven if you can count) list with the results of a survey in which they identify 13 people who – they claim – are responsible for nearly two-thirds of “anti-vaccine content.” They’ve cleverly named this group “the disinformation dozen” and we’re not surprised that there are actually 13 of us … apparently they still cannot count. Or perhaps they were referring to a “baker’s dozen.” 🙂

Cancel Culture, Digital “Hate” Groups & the “Anti” Anti-Vaxx Industry | Part 2 In Part 1, we discussed the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH), their attempt to demonize and silence leaders in the natural health world, and how their propaganda machine really works. We explored the drastic steps they’ve taken to censor free speech, the devastating cost of their lies, and how the CCDH thinks that you’re an idiot. In Part 2, we’re going to examine how the CCDH came to be, who is funding them, and why this mercenary group is such an important part of the globalist initiative to usher in a technocratic dystopia marked by censorship and despotism. Who Is the CCDH? The CCDH is a tiny organization consisting of CEO Imran Ahmed and UK television personality Rachel Riley. And while Riley seems to primarily serve as a celebrity patron, Ahmed has a more relevant background. He began dabbling in politics as a political aid to Labour Peer Hillary Benn. In 2016 he supported Labour MP Angela Eagle in her failed leadership bid before establishing the CCDH (as Brixton Endeavours) in 2017. Imran Ahmed  With extensive links to the right wing of the Labour Party, given his government policy advisory role on the Commission on Countering Extremism Task Force, Ahmed’s apparent Technofascist tendencies are worrying. As we’ve already discussed, the CCDH meet the Commission on Countering Extremism definition of so called hateful extremists, however Ahmed’s personal views are particularly egregious. He would like to see people who disagree with him imprisoned under anti-terrorist legislation. He recently stated: “I would go beyond calling anti-vaxxers conspiracy theorists to say they are an extremist group that pose a national security risk.”

Wristbands and Dining Cards: New Army Policies Exclude, Isolate Unvaccinated A March 17 memorandum from the commander at the U.S. Army’s Fort Drum reservation in New York lists privileges withheld from service members who refuse to get the COVID-19 vaccine — an experimental Emergency Use Authorization product not proven to prevent infection or transmission of the COVID virus. The memo, “Prohibited Activities for Personnel Within the Authority of the Commander, 10th Mountain Division and Fort Drum,” states: Fully vaccinated service members do not have “restriction of movement” or quarantine after travel and return to post. Unvaccinated must quarantine for 10 days and can test out after seven days of quarantine. “Family members must be able to quarantine with the service member (i.e. spouse cannot go to work, children cannot go to school).” Vaccinated service members only require an O-3 (captain or company commander) to approve their leave, while unvaccinated must request leave from a higher-ranking O-5 (lieutenant colonel or battalion commander) with an additional procedural step of submitting an Exception to Policy (ETP). These ETPs will be tracked at the division level for additional scrutiny, and likely will be denied. Vaccinated service members may meet with or host any non-local visitor from outside the five states contiguous to New York (New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Vermont). Unvaccinated service members must obtain approval from an O-5 in their chain of command, and then enter a 10-day quarantine to meet with or reside with any non-local visitor.

BREAKING: Former CDC Director Says He Believes Coronavirus ‘Escaped’ From Wuhan Lab Former CDC Director Robert Redfield said he believes the coronavirus escaped from a Wuhan lab, a stunning assessment that echoes claims made by other members of the Trump administration, including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. In an interview with CNN’s Sanjay Gupta, Redfield made clear he was expressing his opinion that the coronavirus, which erupted into a global pandemic in 2020, first spread from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. “I’m of the point of view that I still think the most likely etiology of this pathology in Wuhan was from a laboratory. Escaped. Other people don’t believe that. That’s fine. Science will eventually figure it out,” Redfield said in an interview that aired on New Day Friday. “It’s not unusual for respiratory pathogens that are being worked on in a laboratory to infect the laboratory worker,” he said. “That’s not implying any intentionality. It’s my opinion, right? But I am a virologist. I have spent my life in virology.”

Lifetime Achievement: Anthony S. Fauci, MD When Anthony Fauci, MD, was called to help lead the country’s COVID-19 response in January 2020 as part of the White House’s coronavirus task force, it was far from his first time around with a health crisis involving a deadly virus. As the nation’s top infectious disease expert, Fauci, who joined President Joe Biden’s administration as the chief medical adviser, has overseen efforts to rein in HIV, Ebola, and Zika. Still, he says he’s never seen anything quite like the new coronavirus. “HIV evolved insidiously, and not for a very long period of time did people fully appreciate how serious it was and what the extent of it was,” he says. Though the magnitude of HIV was enormous — nearly 33 million people globally have died from AIDS-related illnesses since the epidemic started in 1981 — the speed of COVID-19 has been extraordinary. “You have a brand new virus that evolved in December of 2019, was identified in January of 2020, and then literally, within less than a year, has exploded upon the planet to be the most challenging and devastating pandemic of a respiratory-borne infection in 102 years.”

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