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January 7th, 2021 3-5PM ET

Thursday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Special Guest: Cordie Lee Williams

Dr. Cordie Williams is a US Marine, a professional speaker, and a leader in the chiropractic profession.

In the spring of 2020, Dr. Cordie felt his Constitutional Rights, and the rights of so many other Americans, were being violated by the state of California. So, he did what any veteran, father, and business owner would do – he took action. Dr. Cordie picked up a megaphone and began speaking up at protests all across California.

His common-sense message was well received at the protests. In fact, his speech from May 1, 2020 at the state capitol in Sacramento, CA has received more than 8 million hits on Facebook and counting, and has generated over 15 million views across all platforms.

Emboldened by government overreach from the state of California, Dr. Cordie was inspired to found 1776 Forever Free to help protect the freedom of all Americans.

Special Guest Maryam Henein

Maryam Henein is an investigative journalist, functional medicine consultant, and founder and editor-in-chief of HoneyColony. She is also the director of the award-winning documentary film Vanishing of the Bees, narrated by Ellen Page.

Two known Antifa members posed as pro-Trump to infiltrate Capitol riot: sources At least two known Antifa members were spotted among the throngs of pro-Trump protesters at the Capitol on Wednesday, a law enforcement source told The Post. The Antifa members disguised themselves with pro-Trump clothing to join in the DC rioting, said the sources, who spotted the infiltrators while monitoring video coverage from the Capitol. The infiltrators were recognized due to their participation in New York City demonstrations, and were believed to have joined in the rioting so that Trump would get blamed, the source said. Two other DC protesters were actually Philadelphia-based Antifa members, the Washington Times reported Wednesday night, citing a retired military officer with access to facial recognition software.

Hour 2

The censorious war on lockdown sceptics Britain at the start of 2021 doesn’t only have a Covid problem — it has a censorship problem, too. The germ of intolerance is spreading. Anyone who dissents, however slightly, from the Covid consensus will find him or herself branded a crank, even a killer. They will be hounded and demonised; online mobs will demand their expulsion from media platforms and from public life. I fear that this Salem-like hatred for sceptical voices will, like Covid itself, have a long-lasting and severely detrimental impact on this country. In recent days, the censorious fury over Covid scepticism has intensified. The pitchforks are out for experts and commentators who query the seriousness of the pandemic or who suggest that lockdown is not an ideal policy. Karol Sikora, Sunetra Gupta, Carl Heneghan and others — all are now routinely branded as reckless, dangerous spreaders of ‘disinformation’, as toxins in the body politic. ‘Stop platforming them!’, columnists and their intolerant army of online cheerleaders scream at the BBC or anyone else who dares to give these sinning sceptics three minutes of airtime.

The Covid 19 Enigma: What lies behind the facade? In December 2019 a novel disease termed Covid 19 emerged from the city of Wuhan and its surroundings in China that was attributed to a new Sars virus termed Sars-Cov-2, 17 years after the Sars epidemic of 2003. The symptoms of the disease were noticed in other parts of the globe and a global Pandemic was declared by the WHO on 11th March 2019 based on the spread to 114 countries, 118,000 incidence, and 4300 deaths even as the spread literally stopped in China with just 24 reported cases. According to a study undertaken by the Chinese Expert Treatment Medical Group for Covid 19 and published on February 28, 2020 in the NEJM, the disease had various clinical manifestations ranging from fever and cough to ground glass opacity and bilateral patchy shadowing in the lungs noticed in CT scans. But not all had the same symptoms, patients often presented without fever and many did not have abnormal radiological findings.[2] The median age of the patients was 47 years and a total of 41.9% were female. Those with severe disease had comorbidities, that is they suffered from one or more chronic diseases, mostly hypertension and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Tanya Roberts’ death: Can a UTI be fatal? Urinary tract infections are often associated with painful urination or burning sensation, so when Tanya Roberts’ longtime partner revealed that her death followed hospitalization for complications stemming from one, it came as a shock to many. But what Roberts was allegedly suffering from is different from the more common UTI that is experienced by up to 60% of women, one expert told Fox News. “Having a UTI is a super common thing for a woman,” Maria Sophocles, MD, gynecologist and sexual medicine specialist of Women’s Healthcare of Princeton, told Fox News. “Some get recurrent UTIs, which is if you get a UTI within three months of your original infection – which is mostly reinfection.” Sophocles said UTIs are usually easy to treat and easy to diagnose for physicians because of the symptoms it causes, such as burning while urinating, blood in the urine, or the frequent need to urinate. “It is something you want to treat if you have one, because UTIs mostly start in the lower urinary tract, which is the bladder and the urethra,” she said. “As long as it is in the lower urinary tract it’s not dangerous, but it’s uncomfortable.”

Dr. Dre reportedly suffers brain aneurysm: What to know about the potentially life-threatening occurrence Legendary rapper Dr. Dre was hospitalized on Tuesday after reportedly suffering a brain aneurysm, which can quickly turn deadly should it rupture. The music icon later took to Instagram, thanking fans for their kinds words, saying he’s “doing great and getting excellent care” from his medical team at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, Calif. Following the news, some may be wondering: What is a brain aneurysm? Read on for a breakdown of the potentially life-threatening occurrence. Simply put, a brain aneurysm is a “weak or thin spot on an artery in the brain that balloons or bulges out and fills with blood,” according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. A brain aneurysm “looks like a berry hanging on a stem,” describes the Mayo Clinic.  Much of the time, a brain aneurysm causes no symptoms — it’s only after it steadily grows, becoming larger and larger, that some people experience symptoms such as pain above and behind the eye, paralysis on one side of the face, numbness and weakness, among other signs.

Hospital Offers Workers $500 to Get COVID-19 Vaccine Houston Methodist Hospital is offering $500 to employees as a “thank you” bonus for their hard work during the pandemic — and for taking both doses of a COVID-19 vaccine, according to CBS News. The “Hope Bonus” will go out in March, Marc Boom, MD, president and CEO of the hospital system, wrote in an email to staff last week. “Eligibility criteria will include getting a COVID-19 vaccination, fulfilling our obligation as health care workers to lead the community,” he wrote. The hospital also gave employees $500 bonuses about 6 weeks ago for working during the pandemic, and the upcoming bonus is meant to show extra gratitude. The Houston area has been a coronavirus hot spot, with more than 249,000 cases and nearly 2,700 deaths. According to TV station KHOU 11, the COVID-19 hospitalization levels by the end of next week are expected to surpass the July surge, which was the worst month of the pandemic in Houston.

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