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Apr 28th, 2020 3-5PM ET

Tuesday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

YouTube Censors Viral Video of Doctors Criticizing ‘Stay-at-Home’ Order YouTube has censored a viral video in which two doctors criticized the logic of whether California’s stay-at-home coronavirus order is necessary.The video, which had racked up over 5 million views, featured Dr. Dan Erickson and Dr. Artin Massihi, co-owners of Accelerated Urgent Care in Bakersfield, Calif.In the clip, Erickson asserts that there is only a “0.03 chance of dying from COVID in the state of California,” prompting him to ask, “Does that necessitate sheltering in place? Does that necessitate shutting down medical systems? Does that necessitate people being out of work?” Erickson also asked why fatalities were being counted as COVID-19 deaths when other ailments were actually more to blame.“When someone dies in this country right now, they’re not talking about the high blood pressure, the diabetes, the stroke. They’re saying ‘Did they die from COVID?’” Erickson said. “We’ve been to hundreds of autopsies. You don’t talk about one thing, you talk about comorbidities. ER doctors now [say] ‘It’s interesting when I’m writing about my death report, I’m being pressured to add COVID. Why is that?”The video was deleted late last night for “violating YouTube’s terms of service.”

COVID-19 doctor charged in multimillion-dollar fraud case Federal prosecutors charged a Shelby Township doctor with health care fraud involving phony COVID-19 treatments, one week after FBI agents raided his clinic.Dr. Charles Donald Mok II, 56, of Allure Medical Spa used the COVID-19 pandemic to bill insurers for vitamin C infusions fraudulently presented as COVID-19 treatments and preventative measures, according to a 47-page criminal complaint unsealed Tuesday. He also failed to utilize appropriate protocols at the clinic to minimize the spread of the virus, prosecutors said.’Mok appears to be the first person charged in Metro Detroit with a crime during a federal crackdown on people trying to exploit and capitalize on the global pandemic.Court records portray Mock as trying to seize an opportunity to steal patients during the pandemic, calling doctors “cowards” for shuttering rival clinics and running his own clinic with employees who kept working despite testing positive for the virus. Mok is expected to make an initial appearance today in federal court on charges punishable by up to 10 years in prison. His lawyer Mark Kriger declined comment Tuesday.

Federal court blocks Texas health center from touting ‘ozone therapy’ as coronavirus treatment A Texas wellness company was barred from promoting “ozone therapy” as treatment for coronavirus following a lawsuit by the Justice Department alleging that the claim is false and could lead to harmful health consequences, the agency announced Friday.Purity Health and Wellness Centers, Inc. in Dallas used its Instagram account to claim to potential customers that its ozone treatments can cure and prevent COVID-19, according to a complaint filed earlier this week by federal prosecutors in Texas. One post said: “The CORONAVIRUS is here in the U.S.. The only prevention is ozone. #coronavirus #ozonetherapy.”In other posts, the company wrote:”Concerns over CORONAVIRUS—you don’t have to worry if you do ozone! #coronavirus #epidemic #ebola #ozonetherapy.”A federal judge on Thursday granted a permanent injunction barring Purity Health and Wellness from making such claims. Under an agreement with the Justice Department, the company is not admitting it committed fraud, but it agreed to stop making false representations linking ozone treatments to COVID-19.As of Friday, images promoting ozone therapy remain on the company’s Instagram account, although posts claiming it can treat COVID-19 appear to have been deleted.Attorney General William Barr has directed all 94 U.S. attorneys to aggressively crack down on criminal activities meant to exploit the pandemic for profit. Several have been charged, including a man who was accused of trying to sell $750 million worth of face masks that didn’t exist and another who was allegedly hoarding and price gouging personal protective equipment.

Question of The Day:

Hello Robert and SuperDon (my radio boyfriend’s)!!
Being our “humble and lovable homeopath”, have you considered doing a weekly segment on homeopathy? Maybe focus on 1 remedy weekly? Many of us have started studying homeopathy because of you and would appreciate an educational section narrated by YOU!
P.S. Would you send me that “Think While it’s Still Legal” shirt on your back yesterday?

Hi Robert! Is silver hydrosol effective at killing candida auris? I work in a hospital in NY managing the housekeeping team. How can I protect myself from this as well as any other potential communicable infection? I take 3 teaspoons of sovereign silver daily, as well as 200mcg of selenium and some zinc.
Many thanks!!

CDC recommends social distancing for pets after some test positive for coronavirus The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is recommending people follow the same social distancing guidelines with their pets as they would human family members after a small number of animals, including dogs and cats, were reportedly infected with the virus that causes COVID-19. CDC guidelines recommend people restrict their pets from interacting with other animals when outside their house and urge people to keep cats indoors when possible and to walk dogs on a leash while maintaining at least six feet from other people and animals. The CDC also calls for people to avoid dog parks or public places where a large number of people and dogs gather. If a person is sick with COVID-19, the CDC recommends avoiding contact with pets and other animals if possible. If a person must care for a pet while sick, the CDC recommends wearing a cloth face covering and washing hands before interacting with them. The CDC said most of the small number of animals reported to be COVID-19 positive were infected after having contact with a person with the virus, but the risk of having animals spread COVID-19 to people “is considered to be low.” “In the United States, there is no evidence that animals are playing a significant role in the spread of COVID-19,” the CDC said.

Hour 2

Harvard Law Professor Calls for Ban on Homeschooling While Everyone is Forced to do it Harvard Family Law Professor Elizabeth Bartholet is at it again. At a time when schools all across the nation are closed, with many parents of school-aged children also out of work and families confined to their homes during a nationwide lock down that is undoubtedly causing much stress, and forcing families to homeschool even if they have never done it before, Elizabeth Bartholet has come out publicly and called for a ban on homeschooling, stating:The issue is, do we think that parents should have 24/7, essentially authoritarian control over their children from ages zero to 18? I think that’s dangerous. I think it’s always dangerous to put powerful people in charge of the powerless, and to give the powerful ones total authority.Her comments were published in the Arizona Law Review.

More people on antidepressants, antianxiety medications during pandemic To cope with mental health conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic, people are increasingly turning to prescription drugs like antidepressants and benzodiazepines, which are commonly used as antianxiety medications.A report released this month by Express Scripts, a pharmacy benefit management program, found that the use of prescription drugs to treat mental health conditions increased more than 20% between mid-February and mid-March, peaking the week of March 15, when the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic. During that same time frame, prescriptions for antianxiety medications rose 34%, while prescriptions for antidepressants increased by 18%. Of the prescriptions filled during that time, more than three-quarters were new prescriptions.Prior to the pandemic, prescriptions for antianxiety medications decreased 12% between 2015 and 2019, the report found.

Question of The Day

Hi mate,
Is nebulizing 16-20ppm mg/L ok for someone who has previously smoked or does smoke?
Thank you

Hello, I’m new here, but was just wondering if the products you mention in your free chapter (downloaded with gratitude) are available to Canadians? Don’t make me turn my smile upside down with a “nope” reply. lol – but if not, can you direct me to where quality (purity) products are sold that ship to west coast Canada? Thanks, and…nice to meet ya (in a manner of speaking) 🙂

Hello Dr. R.S.B and dr.super Don,
I was listening to the Dr. Bob Martin Show-a caller called and ask about buying a nebulizer; Dr. Bob’s answer was- a good nebulizer would cost between one and two hundred dollars.
Ouch! Are there good nebulizer that cost less that one or two hundred dollars?

I stumbled across an article in The Gaurdian titled “US Was Warned of Threat from Anti-Vaxxers in Event of Pandemic” which included a link to the INFRAGARD Jounrnel about domestic terrorism. This also included an abstract linking the anti-vaxxers movement and national sercuity. I was wondering if you had seen it and if you had I was curious about your thoughts?

A global mask shortage may leave farmers and farm workers exposed to toxic pesticide As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads around the world, vital N95 masks and other personal protective equipment have been hard to come by, even for those who need them most.The World Health Organization estimates that the crisis has driven demand for this equipment, known as PPE, 100 times higher than normal. Even with dramatic increases in production, manufacturers have said they’ll likely be unable to meet demand for the foreseeable future.And the WHO has warned that the severe shortage is putting the lives of health care workers at risk.But it’s not just health care workers and other care providers who need PPE—especially those N95 masks, technically known as respirators. These devices are also vital to the safety of workers in a host of other industries, from building trades to agriculture.


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