“Matrix governments pretend to be real in the fantasy called democracy” By Jon Rappoport

January 4, 2012 www.nomorefakenews.com

In the Matrix, cover stories are everything.  There are layers of them.

When it comes to so-called democratic governments, the lies and legends and fairy tales and half-truths and limited hangouts are nearly endless.

Imagine a bank robber posing as a hundred different people, with a history for each identity.  Every identity’s story is a limited hangout, a partial exposure of who he really is…you get some truth about his mistakes, his problems, his struggles, his hopes and dreams, but the one thing you don’t get is the naked details of his bank robberies.

Intro: Robert Stuart, a US software developer, has been charged with a felony.  He sold software to a firm outside the country, who used it to promote and facilitate online gambling.  All legal.  No problem.

But US authorities claim the software was then grabbed and deployed by American business people, who, without permission, used it to enable illegal online betting within these shores.  Hence, charges have been filed against…Stuart!

Absurd on the face of it, so far.

“I grew tomatoes in California, sold them to a French wholesaler, but three guys in New Jersey somehow got hold of a few of the tomatoes, threw them in the face of an Atlantic City housewife—so I’m charged with assault.”

However, all this makes perfect sense, if you realize the government is incensed because they’re not getting a piece of the gambling action.  And they have to punish somebody, anybody for that.  It’s the money.

The money.  Okay?

In the year 2000, I went to Nevada, the casino state, to testify at a sub-sub-committee hearing on harmful children’s meds.

My testimony was cut short by a legislator, when I began doing a stand-up routine on the packaging of a cortisone drug that looked like a Disney cartoon.

The representative objected when I mentioned Pfizer.  She said, in the interest of full disclosure (as if that were possible), that she owned stock in Pfizer, but I was out of bounds in my excoriation of the company in front of a government committee.

I laughed.

I went on, that afternoon, to testify at another, larger hearing that was looking into school safety, in the wake of the Columbine shootings.

As I sat in the room, waiting for the proceedings to begin, the attorney general of the state of Nevada, Frankie Sue Del Papa (a glorious name I still repeat to myself because it should be a mantra of some kind), made her entrance.

Immediately, she was surrounded by fawning committee members, because, in that state with a permanent population of perhaps 600, she was a star.

Iron filings to a magnet.  With a look on her face that bordered on holy awe, Frankie Sue, in turn, told a story about Bill Clinton visiting Vegas, and I couldn’t catch the punch line, but everybody laughed, as if Bill had unzipped his pants in the AG’s office just to prove he didn’t care what anybody said.

I thought to myself, this is what political force really looks like: lessers clinging to greaters.  Forget separation of powers.

Lesser government money clings to greater government money.  Lesser money runs up to greater money and embraces it.

The money is passed around like drug profits, which it sometimes is.  The money flows like honey.

Government smells like money up close.

That’s why officials don’t care a whit about Constitutional limits.  Those restrictions are a joke to them.  They know where their real power comes from.

When, on September 10, 2001, Don Rumsfeld, king of his own court, announced to the press that $2.3 trillion dollars of the Pentagon budget was unaccounted for, he was calm.  He didn’t make a big deal out of it because he, like every pol from the small-town health inspector to the president of the United States, understands that missing money is a cardinal government operation.

Whether it’s CIA heroin cash from the Golden Triangle or black-budget billions that vanish down into concealed projects, it keeps things moving, if by things we mean massive bribes and payoffs, keep-your-mouth-shut hush cash, secret corporate accounts, bank solvency, advanced mind-control research, and anything else that relies on liquid assets.

The press paid scant attention when even Bernie Sanders, whose unshakable socialist principles were insulted, announced that the real US government bailout was hovering somewhere around $16 trillion.

That’s a figure that should have knocked people off their chairs.  But it was just another number in the wind.

Big government dispenses big $$ that crosses all lines and floats all boats.

You’ve got foreign oil or drugs or copper or uranium or fertile ag land or cheap labor?  The imperial USA government-corporation (and other big government-corporations) wants as much of it as it can get its hands on.  And it will bribe you for it.

The federal government is a private bank and a sieve and a Santa Claus and a gangster.  Constitution?  Never heard of it.

Back in the early part of the 20th century, when the Carnegie Foundation decided that, other than war, the best way to change (destroy) a society was through education, and when the 1910 Flexner report, funded by Carnegie and Rockefeller, determined that pharmaceutical medicine should be the mandatory wave of the future, the federal government was standing by to back up those proposals with licensing boards and courts and guns, if necessary.

Trying to determine whose money then went where and to whom would have been like trying to decipher Finnegan’s Wake.  Good luck.  Payoff cash went flying in all directions to make public education and medical drugs into gov-corp empires.

When in 1913, the illegal Federal Reserve was created, untold amounts of $$ were passed to the officials who permitted it to happen.

Insiders didn’t think of this money as bizarre payoffs.  Just business the way business is run.

Finance all sides of a war?  It’s an investment with assured dividends.  The people behind the NY Times and the Washington Post would take a piece of that action in a minute, if they knew the right guy to talk to.  And of course, they do know.  It’s not a direct outlay of cash to a strutting general.  It doesn’t need to be.  Money buys corporate and banking stocks, and those companies own other companies who make and sell weapons to everybody whose breath can show up on a mirror.

In other words, welcome to entangling alliances.  The people who call isolationists racists and cave men don’t want to think about these matters.

But since the birth of the Republic, America has been undermined by criminals in high places, who have been dedicated to doing international business and all it entails.

As night follows day, this has meant imperial empire.  Refraining from empire-building has been labeled “refusing to help those in need.”

That’s one major thread of the money game.  The cover story is “aid to the less fortunate.”  The real op is “find money wherever you can and use it to steal everything you can.”

In order to realize Obama’s program of elevating the poor and punishing the rich (which is just a con on both ends), massive federal contracts will be let out, because that’s the main action.  That’s what the humanitarian messianic program really is.

Those contracts will leak cash like a rowboat battered by machine guns.  They’re supposed to.  Its federal-corporate biz.

It has nothing to do with executive, legislative, and judicial branches checking each other.  That went out with the water wheel and the steam engine.

Whether some woman on a street corner is exulting in her Obama cell phone or some banker is hiding billions offshore, it’s hands in the till.

God bless America?  Battle Hymn of the Republic?  By the dawn’s early light?  No, I’m afraid not.

Domestically, overseas, it’s money, money, where’s my friggin’ money?

Wal-Mart is taking heat for paying bribes to Mexican officials.  Wal-Mart pieced off some of the right people, but it stupidly forgot a few others in Washington, and now it has to do a mea culpa and put its people through training programs in ethics, a let’s-pretend exercise.

Glaxo paid out a $3 billion fine for shady marketing of its drugs.  That was just a drop in the bucket, given its profits on those drugs.  And it was also a cost-of-doing-business payoff to the federal government.

Money, money, where’s my friggin’ money?

The so-called fiscal cliff?  Translation: Sometimes the payoffs and the theft expand to enormous proportions, that’s all.  And if the US government can maintain the dollar as the reserve currency of the planet, it can print new money for a long time to come.

Making sure the dollar remains the reserve currency?  That takes more payoffs to the right people.  Passed across the global table in newly printed invented bucks.

The real enduring question of modern democratic government is, who do we need to pay and how much?

Corollary: if they’re too stupid to take the $$, do we have the available military equipment and personnel to make our point?

Mossadegh, Arbenz, Lumumba, Trujillo, Diem, Goulart, Nkrumah, Allende, the Shah, Saddam Hussein, the Taliban, Gaddafi, Mubarak, Assad a) wanted too much money or b) wouldn’t take a bribe at all or c) wouldn’t give enough from their side.

Therefore, boom.  They were attacked, shelved, killed.

Payoffs are serious biz.  When the government-corporate monarchy comes calling and offers you $$, turning thumbs down can get you in deep trouble.

As they’re lowering your body in the grave, the payoff bagmen will shake their heads and mutter, “What was wrong with that guy? What else in this world could he want, if not bucks?”

Jon Rappoport

The author of an explosive collection, THE MATRIX REVEALED, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California.  Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe.  Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world.  You can sign up  for his free emails at www.nomorefakenews.com