A serious stomach solution for a serious stomach problem

Before there was a little purple pill (Nexium), there was a little purple tub (CanGest).

It was amazing to me when I learned in the last year that the second leading selling category of drugs are those for stomach acid problems according to the most recent data from the federal government’s Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

It had escaped me how seriously common in America is the problem commonly called acid reflux or GERD in this day and time.

Are there any new diseases or do they just come up with new names for old ones?

For decades I have watched the history of what was once called indigestion go…

… from indigestion to heartburn to chronic heartburn …

… from chronic heartburn to hiatal hernia …

… from hiatal hernia to acid reflux …

… from acid reflux to just reflux …

… from all the above to GERD …

… GERD = gastroesophageal reflux disease …

This has been of more than passing interest to me as I was afflicted as a very young man in the 1970s.

First there was the occasional indigestion. This was identified as heartburn as it became more frequent.

As intensity of the symptoms increased this was called chronic heartburn.

Finally a doctor told me, “You have a hiatal hernia”.

Subsequently I learned about taking digestive enzymes. However, I didn’t stop there.

Digestion requires several enzymes as well as hydrochloric acid. A lack of these leads to the names above.

Mine was caught early. The doctor told me of digestive enzymes. I took them and the problem disappeared as long as I took them and continued taking them .

Digestive enzymes are AN answer. Later learning revealed to me that they are not THE answer.

My own hiatal hernia was vanquished decades ago long before the terms acid reflux or GERD came into use. Since that time I have never known another so afflicted (no matter the “name of the moment”) that did not respond to THE answer.

Remember the cliche “use it or lose it”. Atrophy is when something degenerates from lack of usage. A battery unused will lose its charge. Muscles that are developed will lose their strength if they are not used. Just about everyone understands this concept whether or not they know the word ‘atrophy’.

GERD and all the other names above are a result of not enough enzyme and digestive acid production. If you supply those items from the outside then your insides don’t need to provide them. Atrophy will set in. Eventually the lack of production will grow to poor, yet poorer and finally poorest production. You’ll be on enzymes for life. That’s not such a bad thing though it is an unnecessary thing.

In Scripture it notes of The Almighty:

He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle and herb for the service of man” (Psalms 104:14).

Just a few months into my successful and satisfying use of enzymes I met Dr. Richard Barmakian. He had developed a specially processed herbal compound called CanGest.

CanGest is THE answer to digestive problems.

This herbal compound causes restoration of function in the digestive tract. Depending upon severity of the condition, it eliminates the need for itself some time within a few months and about a year.

In the decades since then I have noted THE answer of CanGest as very faithful in providing relief when taken according to the instructions given personally to me by Dr. Barmakian.

Drink CanGest herbal tea BEFORE EACH MEAL AND AT BEDTIME. Many enjoy the taste of it. I do. I don’t need it any more but every once in a while I drink a cup just for taste (and also to encourage the newbies to whom I