COVID test failures, Jefferey Jaxen, Second wave, Shutdown policies, Outside The Box With Ty Bollinger, Vaccine push, Snitches busted, Coronavirus SWAT teams, Salon owner jailed and MORE!

May 6th, 2020 3-5PM ET

Wednesday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

 Not a Single COVID-19 Test is FDA Approved – Do We Really Know Who has COVID-19 and Who Does Not? We are witnessing one of the most extraordinary events in human history, and certainly the most far-reaching and impactful event in all of our lifetimes, because of the effects of what we are being told is a single coronavirus.Here at Health Impact News, as always, we have endeavored to publish the truth about this pandemic, even if the truth is not popular or censored in the corporate-funded “mainstream” media.This article being published today, on May 5, 2020, might be the most significant article about COVID-19 that we have published on the topic to date.The rationale for the extraordinary events we are seeing today all come down to one dataset: the amount of people infected with this coronavirus, and the rate at which people are dying from it.This can only be justified by one simple fact: that we know how to identify and test for this single virus.If this single fact cannot be proven, or if it is proven to be false, and we really do not have the means to accurately test for this virus, then everything that has transpired as a direct result of trusting the data that this test is based upon, has been built on a faulty foundation that does not exist.

Tanzania’s President Tests Pawpaw Fruit For COVID-19 & It Tested Positive: “Something Is Happening” Coronavirus test kits that’ve been sent to Tanzania, Africa, have come under fire from their president, John Magufuli. Magufuli is claiming that coronavirus testing kits are faulty, given the fact that they have returned positive results on samples taken from a pawpaw fruit as well as a goat.After the testing kits were imported from abroad, he ordered Tanzanian security forces to check the quality of the kits. To do this, they obtained multiple non-human samples, which also included a pawpaw, a goat and a sheep. They assigned them human names and ages and were then submitted to Tanzania’s laboratory for coronavirus testing, all the while the lab technicians were deliberately left unaware of the origins of the samples.The president said the samples tested positive for COVID-19, and as a result, he stated his belief that this meant it was probable that some people were testing as positive when it fact they were not infected by the coronavirus. He has said that “There is something happening. I said before we should not accept that every aid is meant to be good for this nation.” But what does that mean? Is he implying that foreign aid has another agenda? In this case, to perhaps make the coronavirus more of an issue than it actually is? He is suggesting that there is manipulation and ‘sabotage’ when it comes to the virus numbers.

Special Guest – Jefferey Jaxen

In the era of Fake News, will you be censored by the likes of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter? We are all
the critical pieces in building up the multi billion dollar social media empires, including that transhumanist robot-like Zuckerberg dude. They rode to fame and fortune on the backs of our content and now they want to censor the messages and news items you find important, especially because those in power have not vetted it. Clearly, we all need fact checkers appointed by authoritarians in government. NOT.
Intrepid investigative reporter Jefferey Jaxen returns to discuss the calls for censorship among the elites who do not like our empowering messages. Jon Rappoport has written recently about Senator Richard “Dickie” Pan’s attempt to place restrictions (SB1424) on social media content in California, which is evidence of his fear of those who have differing opinions on vaccination than that of the rogue pediatrician senator. Maybe California can impose mandatory critical thinking skills be taught under the guise of SB830, a bill claiming to enhance kids’ digital media literacy? While critical thinking is absolutely essential to a functioning, well-rounded adult, when government teaches it, you learn to uncritically accept Official Stories from government OAF-icials. Whether it’s shadow banning, algorithm decommissioning, or demonetization, we’ll ride the social media giants until the wheels fall off. Then, with P to P and block chain technological advancements, free speech will break out in ways that are always 10 steps ahead of the bad guys!


The Second Wave is Here…But It’s Not A Virus Already you can see an attempt to condition Americans to fear a second wave of the coronavirus. It’s getting trotted out as one explanation why tech companies need to embed Chinese-style surveillance into our societal fabric forevermore. It’s also a reason officials, aided by panicked corporate media headlines, put facts and data aside to target states that have chosen to reopen. The narrative being spun is to cast them as irresponsible and ignorant. Not much reporting about Germany, however, where no evidence of a second wave has emerged after its lockdown began to lift, according to The Telegraph. German Chancellor Angela Merkel made a surprise announcement that playgrounds, zoos and museums would be allowed to reopen as government figures showed no evidence of a second wave.After Merkel’s announcement, the reproduction number, or “R” (how many people an infected person passes the virus) rose above government targets to 1.0 last Monday, after dropping for weeks.

Shutdown Policies Have Now Caused Historic Global Job Losses, Health Disparities In early April, the International Labour Organization (ILO) estimated the disruption to the world’s economies caused by the Covid-19 shutdown policies was expected to wipe out 6.7% of working hours globally in the second quarter of this year – the equivalent of 195 million jobs worldwide. ILO’s updated projection released April 29 nearly doubled that estimate finding global working hours in the second quarter now expected to be 10.5 per cent lower – equivalent to 305 million full-time jobs worldwide. The shocking figures are driven “mainly by prolongations and extension of containment measures” according to the ILO report.ILO defines the ‘informal economy/workers’ as those whose jobs are characterized by a lack of basic protection. They often have poor access to health-care services and have no income replacement in case of sickness or lockdown. Many of them have no possibility to work remotely from home. Staying home means losing their jobs, and without wages, they cannot eat.The ILO report found almost 1.6 billion informal economy workers are being significantly impacted by lockdown measures and/or working in the hardest-hit sectors. The first month of crisis is estimated to result in a decline in earnings of informal workers of 60% globally. By region, the expected decline is largest in Africa and Latin America.

Rand Paul Calls Out Fauci, ‘The Left,’ and ‘Busybodies’ ignoring Covid Immunity Doctor and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul recently took to Twitter to blast those who have chosen to ignore how the human immune system works. Paul, who tested positive for Covid-19 early in the outbreak and has since recovered, targeted a growing crowd of health officials, news outlets and ‘busybodies’ who are attempting to root a narrative suggesting that one may not be immune to Covid-19 if they have contracted it and recovered. Citing coronavirus task force lead Dr. Anthony Fauci’s own statements from late March when he said he was “willing to bet anything that people who recover are really protected against re-infection,” Paul tweeted this remark. Paul took aim at ‘fake news’ and those on ‘the left’.

Hour 2 – Outside The Box With Ty Bollinger!

It’s time to go Outside The Box again with Ty Bollinger! What will we be talking about today?


Why We Need Anti-Vaxxers to Recieve the Coronavirus Vaccine Too The availability of a vaccine for the novel coronavirus will likely play a key role in determining when Americans can return to life as usual. Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, on April 30 announced that a vaccine could even be available by January 2021.Whether a vaccine can end this pandemic successfully, however, depends on more than its effectiveness at providing immunity against the virus, or how quickly it can be produced in mass quantities. Americans also must choose to receive the vaccine.According to some estimates, 50% to 70% of Americans would need to develop immunity to COVID-19 – either naturally, or via a vaccine – in order to thwart the spread of the virus. If these estimates are correct, that could mean that nearly twice as many Americans would need to elect to receive a COVID-19 vaccine than those who currently opt to be vaccinated against seasonal influenza. Just 37% of American adults did so in 2017-2018, even in the midst of a historically severe flu season.Making matters more complicated is the possibility that people who hold skeptical views about vaccine safety – sometimes referred to as “anti-vaxxers” – will not opt to receive the coronavirus vaccine. According to some estimates, about one fifth to two fifths of Americans express reservations about vaccine safety. If most of these individuals forego receiving a COVID-19 vaccine, they could potentially jeopardize the recovery process.

 More than 900 Missouri residents who ‘snitched’ on lockdown rule-breakers fear retaliation after their details are leaked online Hundreds of people have been exposed for reporting people who have flouted social distancing rules and some are now scared they could receive a backlash.The names and addresses of approximately 900 people in Missouri were released as part of a media request under the Sunshine Law, which allows for the release of information submitted to a public agency (except for wrongdoing and abuse tips).St. Louis County had urged the community to share details of anyone not following guidelines in response to the coronavirus pandemic and noted in the terms and conditions that information may be shared publicly.However some people may not have read the small print submitted tips via an online form and email from the end of March. Many had asked for their communications to remain private.Still the documents published online ended up being shared on social media and one man, Jared Totsch, helped it spread further as he posted in a Facebook group: ‘Here ya go. The gallery of snitches, busybodies, and employees who rat out their own neighbors and employers over the Panic-demic.’

Ector County SWAT team raids bar for protesting to reopen A SWAT team raided an open business, Big Daddy Zanes, in West Odessa on Monday.The business was open but also there were armed men carrying on a peaceful protest near the bar.Owner, Gabrielle Ellison, said she spoke with the Ector County Sheriff’s Office prior to the protest. According to Ellison, she was told everything would be fine as long as men with guns are not seen on the property. Out of respect for law enforcement, she said she confined the men to an area in the back, which is her private property.Per Governor Greg Abbott’s latest executive order, bars, gyms, and salons are not allowed to open yet.  Ellison opened up her doors despite Abbott’s latest order.“We can’t take it no more. We’re not going to make it,” said Ellison. “I am shocked. I had customers come through saying, ‘You know they have SWAT built up, they have SWAT built up.’  Why would you bring in SWAT on a peaceful situation?”Ellison said the risk of staying closed outweighs the risk of any virus — even if it means potentially getting in trouble.“The possibility of losing my license – heartbreaking. But they’ve already taken my income,” said Ellison.

Dallas salon owner jailed for reopening in violation of court order A Dallas salon owner will spend a week in jail after she was found in contempt of court Tuesday for violating an order to close her salon during the coronavirus pandemic.In addition, Shelley Luther was fined $7,000 for continuing to operate her business, Salon à la Mode, in violation of a judge’s temporary restraining order issued against the business.Luther was taken into custody immediately after the hearing and booked into the Dallas County jail just after 4:30 p.m.Like other businesses deemed nonessential, Luther’s Far North Dallas salon was forced to close March 22 after the county enacted its stay-at-home order. She reopened the salon April 24 despite that order, and tore up a cease-and-desist letter from County Judge Clay Jenkins at a demonstration the next day.The temporary restraining order was signed April 28 by state District Judge Eric Moyé, but Luther continued to operate the business In a hearing broadcast live on YouTube on Tuesday, Luther said she had no choice but to open her business.She said she hadn’t earned income since the county’s stay-at-home order was set in March. She applied for one of the federal loans aimed at helping small businesses but didn’t receive it until Sunday, she testified.

Question of The Day

Dr. Bell,

I recently had vaccinations for pneumococcal and tetanus. After watching “THE TRUTH ABOUT VACCINES” presented by Ty Bollinger I realized the mistake i made. I now have daily back pain, a just about constant ringing in my ears and pains in my head sometimes accompanied by headaches. What can i do or where can i go to DETOX myself to remove what has been injected into me. Iv’e looked up the ingredients that were put into these vaccinations and am now really starting to worry.
Thank You

More Questions of The Day!

Hi Robert and Don

Was watching your interview last night ( Trevor/Live Better Hydrogen Water Webinar)
about hydrogen water using the Echo machine and wanted to know if I am getting the benefit of hydrogen water using the older model echo 7 that I bought 5 years ago and also what ph level do you now recommend. When I bought it I believe the focus was more on PH instead of hydrogen.

Thanks for all your help

I wanted to clarify the Adult dose of your Silver-Aloe formula… it states “1 ounce of silver with one ounce (or more) of aloe” 3 times daily… yet, all other dosages (minus gastro health) are recommended in teaspoons. I’m asking as 1 ounce = 6 teaspoons which would bring the daily dosage of silver to 18 teaspoons a day. Is this correct? I just want to confirm that 1 ounce 3 times daily wasn’t a typo… if not, this just got fairly expensive!


Listening to the Marine reminded me of the “You can’t handle the truth.” movie. That is not the title but, it is the line that most people remember rom the movie. In my opinion, the most important line in the movie is very near the end. The private wants to know what he and the corporal did wrong. The corporal tells him, “We were suppose to protect people like (?, I forgot the name of the dead marine character)”. Hopefully, one day, police personnel will realize that their job is to “serve and protect”.

That you for your time and patience and all that you do to bring health and freedom to the people,

I recently started taking Sovereign Silver and wanted to encourage my adult children to take it to protect against the current virus and other diseases.
My son, his wife and grandson started taking it but stopped because they heard people turn blue. I tried explaining this was not a result of this product, but usually home made silver. Can you direct me to any other scientific information I can share with them?
My daughter is pregnant and says she cannot find any information to convince her silver is not going to affect the fetus in a negative manner. Is there anything published?
Thank you.

Hello hello, I have a question regarding candida die off rash. Could Silver Aloe Protocol combined with Silica challenge cause a spread out rash on stomach and thighs? I’m eating pretty clean, avoiding sugars, so I don’t think it’s from food, but ever since I started Alta silica I’ve noticed a ringworm like redness. On day 4 of silica challenge I also started Silver Aloe protocol. Then rash spread out. I’m applying silver gel and anti fungal lotion. Is there anything else I could do. Should I be worried? Could it be Herxheimer reaction?

HI Robert
I am friends with an 87 year old fellow. He is active and joins my husband and me for dinner often. He is complaining of stomach issues. He says he can’t burp and it is causing awful distress. I want to recommend Alta Can-Gest but wanted to ask you for your opinion. He is on low dose Glipizide for diabetes and Xelaltro. He also has a pacemaker. I have seen his latest CBC and it looks pretty normal and his vitamin d3 levels were at 70. What do you think?

Remember Friends, The Power to Heal is Yours!

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