Live from Curacao! Dr. Sunil Pai, Maureen Sutton, Universal Vaccines, Advanced Medicine, Dr. Rashid Buttar, Depression Cause, Cannabis Update, Fibromyalgia, Eating Right and MORE!

September 18th, 2017, 7-9PM EDT

Monday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Live on morning TV show New Day Curacao!

Live from Curacao with Dr. Sunil Pai and Maureen Sutton 




Robert broadcasts on Day two at the amazing Piai Institute on the healing island of Curacao! Manager of the Santa Barbara Resort, Melanie Klooster will stop by. Then Dr. Sunil Pai and Maureen Sutton join Robert to comment of the health news of the day:




One shot for all vaccines? Study holds promise  A simpler application would be to deliver one vaccine and its necessary booster shots at one time. In tests on mice, researchers were able to time the release of the booster doses to exactly nine, 20, and 41 days after the initial shot. The concept has not been tested in humans yet.

Cannabis Update!

Marijuana with ‘CBD’ may pose less risk to long-term users Marijuana with relatively high levels of a compound called cannabidiol may be less risky to smoke over the long term, because this ingredient may counteract some of the drug’s harmful effects, according to a new study in mice. The study found that adolescent mice injected with frequent doses of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) — the ingredient in marijuana that produces a “high” — showed signs of impaired memory and increased anxiety over the long term. But mice that received daily doses of THC combined with an equal amount of cannabidiol (CBD) did not experience these negative effects.

 Comment of The Day!

I was pleased to hear you say kind words of how the good in human nature comes out during catastrophes. I am a mom in the Muslim Girl Scouts group in Houston. We were at the local church volunteering handing out food and supplies to people with damaged homes. We are always ready to help. As usual, when Muslims do good there is no media attention. My local mosque also went to hard hit areas and took clothes, food and cleaning supplies when Harvey hit. We do this on a regular basis even when there’s no hurricane. I wanted to share this with you because you’re so right when you said the small organizations can pull together unlike any governmental agency. And it is so satisfying. But the camera is usually not there to capture all the good going on and highlights negativity to promote the division in society.


 What Is Fibromyalgia?

Lady Gaga’s chronic pain: What is fibromyalgia? Singer Lady Gaga recently revealed that she has fibromyalgia; the painful condition is often hard to diagnose, and its causes are still unclear. Yesterday, the singer said on Twitter that her upcoming Netflix documentary “Gaga: Five Foot Two” will touch on her struggles with chronic pain.


Eating Right – How and Why?

Eating Badly Is a Leading Cause of Death Worldwide, New Study Shows A long list of benefits is associated with maintaining a nutritious, well-balanced diet, including added energy, weight control and a lower risk of diabetes. While many of us are aware we should eat more greens and less processed food, the health risks of not doing so aren’t always so clear.



What A 70 Year Old Woman Who Went Sugar-Free 28 Years Ago, Looks Like Today Carolyn Hartz gave up eating processed sugar almost 30 years ago after years of being ‘addicted’ to sweets. Today she boasts a bikini body and glowing complexion that many people who are decades younger than her dream of having.

But she believes that in order to get what you want you need to take the appropriate action. She even thinks that 50 years is not that much, to start making a positive change for your life.


Hour 2 – Advanced Medicine Monday! 

Dr. Rashid Buttar joins us once again to tackle the health issues and challenges that are facing the nation and the world. Here’s what we have in store for you today:

More Doctors and Scientists Now Agree: Depression Is a Physical Illness  For those looking for a way out of depression, recent research offers a totally different approach than is what is being offered by most doctors and psychiatrists. It centers around the findings in a host of new research which suggests that many cases of depression may be physical in nature, rather than rooted in a chemical imbalance or psychological disturbance.


Can antidepressants given prophylactically prevent depression?  If you were at risk for developing depression, would you take a pill to prevent it? For years, physicians have prescribed antidepressants to treat people grappling with depression. Some people can benefit from taking these medications during an acute episode. Others with a history of recurrent depression may take antidepressants to help prevent relapses.


Question of The Day!

Dear Doctor Bell and Dr. Buttar,

My name is Vida Missaghian and I am a 67 year old woman living in Spain.

I have come to know of you through the series the search quest for cancer in which you talk together with other doctors about how to cure Cancer in a natural way.

I was diagnosed about 5 years ago of CLL (chronic Linfatic Leukemia) and up to now I have not had any treatments, just controls every 3/4 months with blood tests.

Now it seems that I might have to go through treatment and they want to give me a pill called clorambucil which is given here in Spain for CLL.

I am honestly not keen in taking these type of drugs as I know how bad they are for the body, so I wonder if you could be of help to me to have a natural treatment.

I could send you my blood tests and any other tests you wish me to send to you so that you can check and see what you can do for me.

I look forward to hearing back from you and thank you for your kind attention.

Sincerely yours,

Vida Missaghian

Neuroscience Helps Explain Severe Infection In Pregnancy Link To Autism  It is known that mothers who come down with severe infections that require hospitalization during pregnancy are at an elevated risk of having a child with autism. Two new studies from MIT and the University of Massachusetts Medical School investigate the phenomenon and pinpoint potential prevention pathways. In research on mice, the researchers discovered that the composition of bacterial populations in the mother’s digestive tract can influence whether maternal infection leads to autistic-like behaviors in offspring. They also discovered the specific brain changes that produce these behaviors.

Consuming artificial sweeteners, often substituted for sugar, may contribute to type 2 diabetes Artificial sweeteners,which many people with weight issues use as a substitute for sugar, may increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, according to research. The study was small and the detailed results have not yet been published, but experts said its findings fitted with previous research showing an association between artificial sweeteners and weight gain.


 Remember Friends, The Power to Heal is Yours!

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