Ron Paul on Morning Joe Discussing the "Keynesian Death Spiral" Befuddles Economic Pundits

Ron Paul’s message of economic liberty based upon the Austrian school is evidently too simple for the pundits on MSNBC’s Morning Joe TV program:

Watching this video, it occurs to me that those who hold a Keynesian view of economics are like immature little children unaware that their actions have consequences.

In response to Ron Paul’s rational, adult perspective on the economic crisis, towards the end, you can hear Mika (Zbignew’s daughter) saying:

I’m just not sure we are ready to accept that.

Little children do not often “want” to accept the consequences for their actions, but responsible parents make sure that they understand the link between cause and effect. If not, they grow up to be adults with an irresponsible child’s lack of understanding of the world and how it works.

How many of you wish to behave as responsible adults rather than spoiled little children? Responsibility brings freedom. Based on what they say, most political and economic pundits secretly live in the basement of their parents’ home, fearing the freedom that would certainly break out should this Keynesian death spiral come to its inevitable conclusion.

Watch it as many times as it takes to understand the argument of the mainstream media pundits. It is not one of countering Dr. Paul’s perspective on the merits, but rather an unwillingness to face the consequences of improper action.

Putting your fingers in your ears and stomping your feet has never been an effective method for thwarting the physics of karma. It does not work for your children, so it should not work for highly-paid talking heads in television news.

The irony is that until we become as little children, we may never see that the emperor has always been naked.

Ron Paul has always been right about this economy, it’s just that he was one of the first to point out that the followers of Keynesian economics have never worn any clothes. Eyes are opening, but if you look to the mainstream media for leadership, you will behave as the proverbial lemming and follow them right off the economic cliff.

What of the new president? Obama may be a “nice guy” but, thus far, there is no indication that he understands the true nature of the economic problem either. If he thinks that government can solve that which government facilitated, he is merely appealing to the foot stomping, ear-hole plugging masses who wish to stay in their parents’ basement.

When kids persist with such antics, eventually parents must lock the door and ignore them until they tire of such childish behavior. If we are to restore soundness to our economy and this republic, the same must be done with those in Big Government and Big Media.